Best Stats To Invest In Palworld

Spend wisely to avoid wasting stat points.

Stats play an important role in your character’s development in Palworld. Each of these stats can be accessed independently by pressing the Tab button to open your inventory first and then selecting the enhance stat option.

Among the six stats, you will be able to invest your points in improving five of these, namely HP, Stamina, Weight, Work Speed, and Attack. This way, you will be able to progress faster during your playthrough and deal with higher-level enemies with relative ease.

While you are free to invest your stat points however you want, since Palworld has a level 50 cap right now, you can’t waste your stat points and have to think carefully about upgrades. Every stat has its benefits for sure, but upgrading the wrong stat at the wrong time will just be a waste, and you will have to wait to level up again to upgrade something else.

Since you have a limited number of stat points available, you need to know the best way to use them and focus on the best stats to upgrade during the early hours of Palworld.

Best Stats to upgrade early in Palworld

You can invest points in upgrading all of your stats apart from the Defense stat as it is set to 100 by default at the start of Palworld. Defense can be increased by equipping higher-level armor so this leaves you room for spending points on other stats.

Keep in mind that some of these Stats in Palworld are worth more than others, and the best stats that you should consider first are your HP  and Weight. After you do that, you can choose to spend the rest of your points on the remaining four stats according to your personal preference.

However, I will be going over all these stats individually and explaining the best ones that you should consider investing your stat points in Palworld.

1. HP

Your HP goes up around 100 points each time you Level up in Palworld. By spending your points in the HP stat, you can benefit massively from it because the more health you have, the more your chances of survival increase.

Moreover, capturing higher level Pals is harder with less HP, as they can kill you by simply one-shotting in most cases. You will be able to tank in those incoming hits and still be able to capture those Pals in Palworld, especially at Hard difficulty settings.

Tip: You should use 2-3 points on enhancing the (HP) health stat as it will ensure that you don’t get one-shotted early by enemy Pals in Palworld.

2. Weight

The weight stat increases your carrying capacity by 50 lbs for each point you invest in it. Since you will be spending most of your time looting and collecting a lot of items, therefore, you will need to increase your carrying capacity.

Moreover, certain equipment and items weigh a lot, and having these in your inventory just slows you down significantly. That being said, you should definitely spend your points on the Weight stat, as having extra weight can be a massive game changer for you, especially in the endgame or hard settings in Palworld.

3. Stamina

Stamina is a crucial Stat if you plan on performing a lot of physical activities in Palworld. These will include sprinting, swimming, climbing, etc., and if you plan on doing these activities continuously without falling apart, then you should spend 2-3 points on upgrading your stamina to last longer.

Apart from that, the Stamina Stat is equally important when it comes to raids in Palworld, as you will need to rely on it most of the time to farm resources at certain places such as mountains.

4. Work Speed

At the beginning of the game, you will be spending your time capturing Pals and then assigning them to your base. However, Palworld doesn’t make this labor mechanic that easy for you, as you will still need to make use of your work speed stat to keep your base up and running.

Investing points in the Work Speed stat means that you will be able to build items on your base efficiently, cook food faster, etc. In short, this stat goes up by 50 each time you invest in it and helps you massively when you want your pals to automate those tedious tasks for you while you are working on other projects.

5. Attack

It is a low-priority stat that you should not be investing in early during your gameplay in Palworld. This is mainly because each time you upgrade the Attack stat, it only goes up by 2 points, which makes your damage negligible in the early combat sections of Palworld.

However, once you reach higher levels and craft/ find better weapons, your attack will increase as well, so until then, you should focus on upgrading other stats in Palworld.


If you think you have made a mistake with your stat distribution, you can reset your stats in Palworld by using a Memory Reset Drug.

How to check your Stats in Palworld

Investing your points into certain stats is a big deal when it comes to Palworld because it is not something that you can go back to and change. In order to check your Stats, you can simply open the inventory section and glance at the right corner of your screen.

There, you will notice all six stats under your level. These will comprise the following stats in Palworld.

HPThis stat focuses on your vitality factor and you should always keep it above zero.
StaminaThis stats prioritizes your actions such as running, climbing, etc. You should keep it above zero as it will cause fatigue, rendering you unable to move.
AttackThis stat is responsible for the amount of damage you deliver to your enemies.
DefenseThis stat is crucial in ensuring your survival chances and decreases the damage that you end up sustaining during your fights.
Work SpeedThis stat is directed more towards your efficiency in performing various work-related tasks at your Base areas.
WeightThese stats focus on your item carrying capacity. If you reach maximum capacity your movement will be affected so you need to keep this stat especially in check.

Below these stats, you can observe the Enhance Stats button that you can click to upgrade each of these stats individually. This way, when you level up during your playthrough, you can raise each of these character stats by investing your points in them.

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