Outriders Best Pyromancer Builds Guide

Our Outriders Best Pyromancer Builds Guide takes a dig into the best builds of the fire-wielding Pyromancer class in Outriders perfect for those who like medium-range encounters and watching their enemies burn.

Outriders Best Pyromancer Builds

If you’re a fan of fire attacks, then playing as Pyromancer will be a whole lot of fun for you.

However, to make your experience in Enoch as successful as enjoyable, you need to have the best Pyromancer build equipped.

Below, we have curated two of the finest builds of Pyromancer that you can aim for. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Build # 1

Class Tree
For class skills, we recommend picking the skills on the top of the tree that are part of the Ash Breaker specialty.

Here are some of these skills that focus on volcanic rounds and hefty fire damage.

  • Ashes to Ashes: with every Ash affliction, there’s infliction on vulnerable status too.
  • Trial of the Ashes: there’s 30% more damage on enemies afflicted with Ash.
  • Trial of the Ashes: there’s 30% more damage on enemies afflicted with Ash.
  • Incinerate: there’s ash affliction the moment burns end on a foe.
  • Assault Master or Sniper Master: there’s a 20% boost in your weapon damage.

Of the eight skills available for Pyromancer in the game, you can pick only three at a time. These are the ones that we consider essential for this build:

  • Heat Wave
  • Volcanic Rounds
  • Ash Blast

Amongst these, Heat Wave deals fire damage and causes burn onto all enemies in the path.

If we talk about Volcanic Rounds, it causes your weapon to get filled up with incendiary bullets.

In addition to igniting the air around enemies and inflicting Burn onto them, if these bullets connect the target, they cause skill damage.

They also pierce through the target, damaging the other targets behind in the process.

Volcanic Rounds perishes once you reload or switch your weapons.

As for Ash Blast, it produces an Anomaly blast, inflicting Ash onto all foes within a sizeable radius around you.

For weapons, this build relies on something with a high ammo count due to the Volcanic Rounds skill. So, the weapon could be Light Machineguns, Assault Rifles, or double guns.

If you’re up against a boss, having an auto shotgun will massively improve your odds of victory as it dishes out a lot of damage.

Moreover, Ash Blast and Heatwave skills also significantly add to the enormous damage output of shotguns.

Armor Mods
For whichever armor you use, these are the armor mods you should equip:

  • Ride the Wave
  • Tidal Wave
  • Burnt-Out
  • Extra Mag
  • Ash Increase Range
  • Bullet Kindling

Ride the Wave, and Tidal Wave mods allow the Heatwave skill to be activated another time, and together, you can equip them to get three uses out of this skill.

Burn-Out acts as a damage booster as it allows to damage the damaged enemies 25% more for 8 seconds.

For the Volcanic Rounds, go with the Extra Mag mod. This mod doubles the time for which the Volcanic Rounds skill stays active.

Furthermore, if you use Ash blast, the Ash Increase Range mod is what will allow you to increase its range.

Burn is the most common effect that you can inflict upon your enemies in Outriders.

For a guaranteed 20% more damage against enemies that are suffering from Burn, always try to use the Bullet Kindling mod.

Build # 2

Class Tree
For this build, these are the class skills that you need to pay attention to:

  • Archmage: it increases your Anomaly Power by 6%.
  • Inferno Weapon: it increases your weapon damage by 8%.


  • Heatwave
  • Feed the Flames
  • Thermal Bomb

As mentioned above, Heatwave is pretty handy for dealing fire damage and causing burns.

Feed the Flames pulls a particular foe towards you, damages him, and inflicts Ash.

As for the Thermal Bomb skill, it selects an enemy and causes burn onto him as well as interrupts him.

If any enemy killed while still afflicted by this skill, he explodes, causing hefty damage to anything within a large radius.

When it comes to weapons, although Pyromancer’s strength lies in using the mid-range weapons, the assault rifle, LMGs, and SMGs work fine, too.

Unlike our first build, this build requires you to have a particular armor: The Reforged legendary armor.

This armor increases the damage dealt by Feed the Flames and Thermal Bomb damage by an impressive percentage of 50.

Armor Mods

  • Big Boom: enhances the explosion radius of Thermal Bomb by 20%.
  • Final Breath: enhances the health drain efficiency of Feed the Flames by 25%.
  • Burnt-Out: Heatwave-damaged enemies take 35% more damage for 8 seconds.
  • True Blast: Increases explosion damage of Heat Bomb.
  • Hellfire: if Heatwave damages at least three enemies, all other enemies are dealt an additional 25% damage.