Best Way To Farm Apocalypse Gear In Outriders Worldslayer

Outriders has introduced a new tier of gear called Apocalypse gear with its Worldslayer expansion. Apocalypse gear is now the...

Outriders has introduced a new tier of gear called Apocalypse gear with its Worldslayer expansion. Apocalypse gear is now the most powerful gear you can obtain in the game and hence, what you will naturally be looking to farm as much as possible to endure the new endgame content.

The following guide will explain what Apocalypse gear is, what makes them so special, and where to farm them in Outriders Worldslayer.

What Are Apocalypse Gear

You can think of Apocalypse gear as an additional sub-rarity of the legendary and epic rarity tiers in the game.

Apocalypse weapons and armor feature an extra, third mod that increases their efficiency. This new mod comes in various types for various benefits. However, the mod you get in your Apocalypse gear is completely dependent on chance. The mod is also fixed, meaning that it cannot be changed through crafting.

You are left with two choices. You can firstly build your entire character around the random Apocalypse gear you find in Outriders Worldslayer.

Either that or farm Apocalypse gear to get the desired mod for the desired item. This is going to be a long and grueling farming process.

You can unlock the mod for yourself by dismantling the weapon. To get your desired mod for an item, you’ll need duplicates of the same item since you cannot change it. Therefore, you might want to farm for Apocalypse Gear to get the item with the mod you want.

How To Farm Apocalypse Gear

Since Apocalypse gear is tailored towards the endgame, you will naturally be farming them in the new endgame activities.

Complete Trials of Tarya Gratar

You can get Apocalypse gear by completing Expeditions, mainly the Trials of Tarya Gratar.

The Trials of Tarya Gratar is an endgame gauntlet that has two pathways; the main and the side ones. After each successful main Trial, you are able to open up a chest at the end as a reward. These chests offer you loot based on the Tier of Apocalypse Gear that you currently have and might also contain Apocalypse gear themselves.

You can complete the side Troves to get your desired item since they offer specific pieces of gear as a reward at the end.

Each Trial of Tarya Gratar specifies what kind of items they will provide as loot, you can check what those are for each trial by hovering over the trial on the map. You can then select the items that you want most and complete the respective trial.

Farm The Final Boss

At the end of the Trials of Tarya Gratar, there is a boss fight in which you have to defeat the Arbiter of Descent at the Father’s Sanctum. Upon being defeated, the boss will drop a bunch of loot, including three legendary tier-3 Apocalypse gear items.

You can only choose one of the three Apocalypse items though, so make your choice wisely.

Next up comes the farming part. But before moving on to that, it is important to know that you can only use this farming method a maximum of four times, as it uses one of your lives every time you do.

To carry out the farm, all you have to do is to collect the loot dropped by the boss at the end, then go to your menu and select the “Return To Lobby” option.

Clicking on that option will bring you back to your lobby, from here, you can select the “Continue Game” which brings you back into the boss fight if you have an Attempt left.

In this way, you get to keep the loot that you gained from defeating him previously, and also allows you to get new items by defeating him again.

How To Upgrade Apocalypse Gear

Upgrading Apocalypse Gear is quite simple. To level up/upgrade your Apocalypse Gear, head back to your Crafting Table at your base. You can then select which pieces of gear you want to upgrade from the Crafting Menu.

Each piece of Apocalypse Gear requires a specific amount of Resources. They will often require Anomaly Extract(s) and Drop Pod Resources. So, whenever you want to upgrade your Gear, make sure you divide up the Resources and plan out which upgrade you want to carry out first.

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