Outriders Tips and Tricks

In this guide, we have compiled some extremely useful tips and tricks in Outriders that will surely help you start your Outriders journey right and excel in it as you progress.

Outriders Tips and Tricks

There is a lot to know to get started in the right way in Outriders and to advance through the storyline in the most effective manner. Below are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind while playing the game

Choosing the Right Character

Out of the four classes, namely Devastator, Pyromancer, Trickster, and Technomancer, you can choose only one for the entire storyline. All of these classes have their unique strengths and weaknesses, which you can experience using multiple saves.

Once you save the game with one class, you can start over again with another and decide which class best suits your play style.

Choosing the world tier

The game’s difficulty level and the rewards you get as you complete the quests, in the form of loot and experience points, depend on your World Tier. By default, you will start in the 1st tier and will gradually make your way up to the 15th.

At some point in a certain tier, you might find it a bit too difficult, and that is where the unique tier selection method helps. Open the Menu and select the World Tier Option to choose the one where you are comfortable.

Swapping and Using Abilities

The game mechanics are built in such a way that it will encourage you to use your abilities instead of waiting for the right moment. Once used, the abilities refill your health and have a very low cooldown period and are ready to be used in a short span of time.

You can equip any abilities regardless of the character you have! You can also equip any 3 abilities at a time, so when you are finding the class that you suits your play style, you can also evaluate which abilities work the best. Furthermore, as the game progresses, you will have newer abilities to try out.

Don’t Hide, Take Cover Only

The enemies are very smart in this game and you can’t expect to simply hide from them as they will surely flank you with the element of surprise. Ensure that you are never idle on the battlefield; instead, keep moving and use your abilities to bring the enemies down and then go in the cover.

There is another catch here! If you think, while fighting a boss, you might want to pick up the loot, it drops even though it will kill you, but you will respawn with all the loot that you have collected! When you respawn, you will have a lot of loot and killing the boss will become extremely easy, especially in the Hunt Side quests.

Crafting everything

Make the best use of crafting ability! Enter mods into your gear by accessing the Crafting Station in the Menu. This will surely help you make your build right and choose the right perks which work perfectly with the skills and abilities that you are using!

The fact that it only costs 100 leather to change the perk in the crafting station, it is highly recommended that you do it without any hesitation! It will surely help you use your character in the most effective manner possible.

Rewinding the Game

You might come across an enemy in the game that will become impossible to beat given the loot you have, but there is no need to get frustrated.

From the start menu, you can choose the Storyline option and choose the point before where you are stuck so that you can focus on preparing for what’s causing trouble for you.

Do Hunt and Snipe missions before heading out to battle with a boss you’re having trouble bringing down. Gather all the loot you need, gear up and unleash hell on that boss and you will surely get past him.