Outriders Worldslayer Tips

In this guide, we have compiled some extremely useful tips and tricks in Outriders that will surely help you start your Outriders journey right!

If you’re returning to Outriders and are looking to get up to speed with the new features and mechanics introduced in Outriders Worldslayer, we’re here to help you out with our Outriders Worldslayer Tips guide where we’ll be showing you the most important tips and tricks you need to know about this new expansion.

Outriders Worldslayer Tips

Level Boost for New Character Builds

If you’re a returning player starting the Worldslayer expansion for the first time, the first thing you need to note is that the game allows you to start the expansion with your old characters and it also gives you a level boost option.

This level boost option gives you the ability to boost any new character you make directly to level 30. This means that when you start Worldslayer, you are free to make as many new character builds as you want and you’ll be able to play with them without having to grind out their levels.

Ascension Levels

One of the most important new mechanics in Outriders Worldslayer that you have to get yourself familiar with is the Ascension system.

Once you reach the level 30 cap in Outriders Worldslayer, the Ascension system will allow you to level up further, but in a more specialized way. These Ascension Levels are reminiscent of the Paragon Levels in the Diablo franchise.

Each time you get a higher Ascension Level, you’ll get an Ascension Point. These points can be allocated to the four Ascension Trees, which are named Anomaly, Endurance, Brutality and Prowess.

Each tree has its own theme, and the skills/buffs of that tree are based on that theme. Instead of trying to level up all trees equally, you should take a look at the skills they provide and level them up according to your own playstyle.

You can get up to 200 Ascension Levels in Outriders Worldslayer and each skill within the four trees can have 10 points allocated to it.

Apocalypse Tiers and Anomaly Extract

Instead of having World Tiers and Challenge Tiers, Outriders Worldslayer now has Apocalypse Tiers. Apocalypse Tiers function in the exact way same as the previous World/Challenge Tier system that you’re probably familiar with.

The only difference is that there are 40 Apocalypse Tiers. As you progress through the tiers, the difficulty of the game and the quality of items you acquire will incrementally increase.

With the introduction of the Apocalypse Tier system, a new type of gear has been introduced in Outriders Worldslayer, called Apocalypse Gear. Apocalypse Gear has an extra mod slot on it, which will allow you to make the gear significantly more powerful.

The Apocalypse Tier system and the new Apocalypse Gear go hand in hand. The higher your Apocalypse Tier, the higher the chances of you obtaining Apocalypse Gear.

Now once you’ve obtained the new Apocalypse Gear, you’ll be wondering how you can upgrade it. For that, you’ll need to use a brand new currency named “Anomaly Extract”.

Anomaly Extract drops from Elites and disassembled Apocalypse items. Whenever you find an Anomaly Gear piece that you don’t plan on using, disassemble it to get Anomaly Extract points and use them to level up your desired Apocalypse Gear.

New Worldslayer Campaign

A new campaign has been added to Outriders with the release of Worldslayer. However, this new campaign storyline serves as nothing more than an introduction to the new features of the game.

If you have a decently strong build, you’ll be able to easily speedrun through this new campaign, especially considering that it has no side missions.

The campaign is just there to get you ready for the new endgame activity in Outriders Worldslayer, the Trial of Tarya Gratar.

New Endgame Activity – Trial of Tarya Gratar

A new endgame activity has been added to Outrider Worldslayer. This activity is called the “Trial of Tarya Gratar”.

In the Trial of Tarya Gratar, you have to complete your tasks in one go – you won’t have the option to turn back. It works very similarly to the Gauntlet Mode.

You have three lives in the Trial of Tarya Gratar. If you die three times before completing the activity, you’ll have to start all over again from scratch.

There are side activities within the Trial of Tarya Gratar, so it’s not a completely linear activity. These side activities will allow you to farm even more rewards on top of the ones you’ll already be earning from completing the Trial.

An important thing to note is that the side activities have very specific gear rewards. Say you’re looking for some nice boots; you can complete a particular side activity in the Trial of Tarya Gratar to get them.

If you don’t get the boots you wanted, you can simply exit the Trial and do it again until you get the right ones.