How To Get True Ending In Octopath Traveler

Unlocking the true (and complete) ending in Octopath Traveler requires you to find and complete a secret dungeon. Here's what you do.

There are eight different characters in the game whose stories are loosely tied together. Depending on your characters, you are going to unlock quite a few different endings but how to get the true ending in Octopath Traveler?

There is a total of eight endings to Octopath Traveler but to unlock the secret ending, you have to complete several tasks. This is not going to be easy. You have to conclude each character’s story and then beat a secret dungeon with a secret boss.

There are also going to be several spoilers ahead, so be warned. Here is how you can get Octopath Traveler’s true ending.

True ending in Octopath Traveler

First, you need to complete two very specific side quests followed by the Ruins of Hornburg Dungeon where you’ll fight the final boss. The dungeon is key to getting the final ending and you must complete it in its entirety to be able to do so. 

To unlock this dungeon, there are two optional side quests that you need to complete. These two side quests are Daughter of the Dark God and In Search of the Father.

Complete the side quests

The first quest, Daughter of the Dark God, can be found by traveling to Ravus Manos in the Clifflands. Once you get there, you need to challenge a guard to a duel and the quest will begin. 

The second quest is known as In Search of the Father and that can be started by talking to Kit. This quest is found right at the start of the game. Once you are done with the first city of the game, head outside of it and Kit will appear to offer you this quest.

Unlock the Ruins of Hornburg dungeon

Once you have completed both of these side quests, you are ready to unlock the Ruins of Hornburg dungeon. For that, you need to travel to the West S’wark’ii Trail and talk to the Impresario.

Once you do that, the dungeon will be unlocked and you can head inside to battle the boss.

Fight the final boss

Remember that this dungeon is difficult to complete. However, once you get to the end of it, you will face a final boss and a secret ending will be unlocked when you defeat the boss. This ending is the true ending and will be a fun addition after you have completed all eight of the stories.

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