Octopath Traveler Bosses Guide – How To Defeat, All Bosses (Tips And Tricks)

In this Octopath Traveler Bosses Guide, we will guide you on details about all the bosses in the game Octopath Traveler. These bosses come in different character’s stories and they are tough to beat if you do not know their weaknesses and attack moves. Lucky for you we have detailed all this information below in our Octopath Traveler Bosses Guide.

Octopath Traveler is a turn-based JRPG, which is out, now exclusively for Nintendo Switch. In the game, you will play with a number of different characters each with their own unique stories and battles. Each of these characters will come across some really cool and tough bosses, which we have detailed below for your ease.

Octopath Traveler Bosses

Our Octopath Traveler Bosses Guide details everything that you need to know about bosses in Octopath Traveler. All eight bosses found in the game are detailed below:


When you reach the end of Brigand’s Den in the first chapter of Olberic’s Story, you will come across your first boss Gaston. Gaston is waiting for you at the end of Brigand’s Den where the Brigands are present along with Philip who has been captured.

During the boss fight, Gaston will be accompanied with two extra Brigands who will be assisting him. You will have to focus on all three enemies at the same time so this boss battle can become a little tedious at first.

Gaston’s HP depends on the number of characters in your team. Greater the characters, greater the amount of health that he has. If you have three characters in your party, his health will be 4,252. Gaston’s shield is also dependent on the number of travelers taking him on. Gaston is weak against lightning, short blades and staffs.

For a single traveler, he will have four shields, for three travelers he will have six shields and for four travelers, he will have seven shields, which is a lot. All members of the party will be required to focus on Gaston at the same time to break him since he has many shields if there is a full roster of travelers.

His normal physical attack is focused on a single target but he can unleash a devastating Level Slash attack, which will damage all targets in the area. Apart from this, he has Mighty Blow, which could be either a single spin or multiple spins. You will have to watch out for the number of hits that Gaston is going for with each attack.

When he is about to perform a special attack, he will grin and then whirl his blade which gives away easily that he is about to perform Mighty Blow. Apart from Gaston, the two accompanying brigands are equally annoying as the main boss.

Each brigand has 1660 HP and they are weak against swords, axes, fire, and poison. Their number of shields also depend on the number of travelers in the battle. For one traveler, they will have two shields; three travelers will come up against four shields while four travelers will also need to deal with brigands with four shields.

The best allies to take with you for this fight are Cyrus and Therion. Both of them can exploit the weaknesses of these enemies and will be of great help during the fight. If you do not have them at first, you can explore the world and venture out further to find them and add them to your party.


Russel is the boss encountered during the first chapter of Cyrus’ story. During Cyrus’ story, you will learn that Russell has stolen a valuable tome. After finding this out, you must head to find Russell and defeat him in a boss fight.

During this boss battle, Russel will be accompanied by two water wisps who will be assisting Russel. You will have to manage your attacks between the main boss and these two water wisps to survive in this boss fight. Tressa and Therion are excellent party members for this boss fight.

You will find Russel in Subterranean Study. He is weak against swords, short blades, and staffs. His number of shields are also dependent on the number of travelers attacking him. If there is only one traveler, Russel will have four shields. If the party count is four, his shield count will increase to eight.

He comes with a wide variety of moves. His normal attack will hit one target and his secondary attack, Tome Toss, also hits only one target. However, he can perform Wildfire, which deals fire damage and will hit all targets on the screen. He has special attacks of Fireball and Dragonsbreath.

Fireball deals fire damage as well while Dragonsbreath is also a fire attack. Dragonsbreath is only used when Russell is badly hurt. Russel will appear to be reading an incantation before performing both of these attacks so you will easily know when a special attack is coming.

Upon defeat, Russel will drop Refreshing Jam and Ice Soulstone. Coming to the Water Wisps, they are weak against fire, maces and lightning attacks. One Traveler will result in them having two shields.

They will perform Icicle, Icicle Storm and Icewind attacks. Icicle and Icicle Storm are meant for single targets while Icewind will aim for all targets on the screen. They will accompany the boss until you defeat them so it is vital that you get rid of these annoying enemies as quickly as possible.


You will encounter Ghisarma during H’annit’s story. During his first chapter, he will be assigned to kill a beast that has been slaughtering local merchants. This monster is Ghisarma. He is located at the end of The Whisperwood. For this boss battle, the best party members are Cyrus or Ophilia.

Ghirasma’s health varies with the number of travelers tackling him. Greater travelers will increase his health. He has five shields, which need to be removed before he can be broken. It is weak against swords, arrows, and lightning. Upon killing the monster, it will drop Healing Grape Bunch.


You will encounter Heathcote in the first chapter of Therion’s story. As you play Therion’s story, you will eventually find the treasure. When you do so, Heathcote will appear and will tell the real story behind the mansion theft leading to a boss battle with him.

During this boss fight, two guards summoned by him will accompany Heathcote. The additional enemies during the boss fight will be a nuisance so you must deal with them quickly and then focus on the boss himself. Adding H’aanit and Ophilia to your party greatly benefits during the boss fight.

You will encounter Therion at Ravus Manor level 2. He is weak against short blades, arrows, and fire. The Ravus Guards accompanying him are weak against swords and axes. If your party has two travelers, they will have four shields.


During Primrose’s story, you will encounter Helgenish in the first chapter. While her story, Primrose will emerge from Catacombs to an ambush set by Helgenish where he is also holding Yusufa prisoner.

Helgenish kills Yusufa and throws her off the ledge where Primrose engages in a brief conversation with her. After the conversation, the boss battle begins when Primrose stands defiant against Helgenish. For this boss battle, we recommend adding H’aanit and Ophilia to your party.

During the boss battle, two of his lackeys will accompany Helgenish. This makes a total of three enemies to focus on during the boss battle. Just like other boss battles, we recommend that you kill the lackeys first and then focus on the boss himself.

Helgenish’s health varies with the number of travelers. More travelers will result in greater boss’s HP. He is weak against short blades and arrows. If you have four party members, his shields will increase to eight.

His basic attack targets one character while he also performs a level slash, which targets all characters in the battle. Killing Helgenish will give you Heavy Coin Pouch. His lackeys are weak against swords, poison, and axes. Their shields increase to two with four travelers in the party.

Blotted Viper

Blotted Viper is the boss in Alfyn’s story. You encounter him during the first chapter of Alfyn’s story. When Alfyn goes to investigate the Cave of Rhiyo where Nina was bitten, Blotted Viper attacks Alfyn.

The boss is accompanied with two Mottled Asps right from the start of the boss fight. Finish them off before tacking the boss just like other bosses.

Blotted Viper is present inside the Cave of Rhiyo. For this battle, the best partners are Therion or Ophilia since they can exploit its weaknesses. Its HP varies with a number of travelers tackling it. More travelers mean more HP. It is weak against short blades, axes, and staffs.

If the party has four travelers, its shields will also increase to eight. It has a special attack Poison Breath that can poison all targets at the same time. Killing the Blotted Viper will give you Bottle of Poison Dust.

The Mottled Asps are weak against swords, short blades, arrows, and staffs. For four travelers in the party, their shields will increase to three.

Mikk and Makk

Mikk and Makk are two pirates who have plundered a village and are now sleeping with their loot. They can be encountered in the first chapter of Tressa’s story. Tressa will eventually stumble upon their looted treasure and while looting the treasure, Mikk and Makk wake up and attack her starting the boss fight.

For this boss fight, the recommended party members are Cyrus or H’aanit who can easily exploit their weaknesses. Both Mikk and Makk are located inside the Caves of Maiya. Mikk has a total HP of 1939 in case of two travelers. He is weak against axes, lightning, and poison. For one traveler, he has three shields but in the case of four travelers, he will have six shields.

His normal physical attack damages one target while his slice attack also damages a single target. His Mutiny attack is a spread attack and damages all targets in sight. His special attack is based on defense and he will only use it while his ally Makk is badly hurt.

Killing Mikk will give you 1000 money in case of one traveler or 1200 money in case of two travelers. He will also drop Ice Soulstone and Inspiriting Plum. He gives 30 XP and 20 JP. Makk, on the other hand, is the tougher one.

He will have 2,370 HP in case of two travelers. He is weak against arrows, staffs, fire, and poison. He has four shields when there is one traveler but they are increased to seven in the case of four travelers.

His normal attack and slice attack targets a single traveler while his mutiny attack will attack all targets on a screen. His special attack is also a defense one and only uses it when his ally Mikk is badly hurt.

Makk drops 1,000 or 1,200 money for one or two travelers respectively while lootable items include Ice Soulstone and Inspiriting Plum. He also gives 20 JP and 30 XP.

Guardian of the First Flame

This boss is encountered in the first chapter of Ophelia’s story. It is literally the Guardian of the First Flame and it tests all those who set out for Kindling. Ophilia finds it all out during her story when she reaches a certain point during the first chapter.

During the boss fight, the boss summons Dark Wisps depending on the number of travelers. If there are two travelers, the boss will summon only one Dark Wisp. If there are two travelers, the boss will summon two Dark Wisps. These Dark Wisps are very dangerous and they will explode after coming close to you.

You must kill these wisps as soon as they are summoned to make the boss fight more manageable. For this boss fight, the best travelers for your party are Cyrus or Therion. Adding them to your party will make the boss fight much easier as they can exploit the boss’s weakness.

Guardian of the First Flame is located in the Cave of Origin. His HP is 4325 if there are two travelers in the party. He is weak against swords, short blades, staffs, and poison. In the case of one traveler, he will have three shields. This is increased to four in the case of two travelers.

His normal attack sweep will damage all targets while Pyre attack does fire damage to all targets. His special attack is Flame of the Heavens, which does fire damage to all targets on the screen. If the Sacred Flame starts to gain strength, this is a sign of a special attack incoming.

Killing the boss will give you 1200 money, Inspiriting Plum Basket loot, 30 XP and 20 JP. Accompanying the boss are Dark Wisps. They are weak against arrows, staffs, and fire. Their attack is self-immolation, which happens after three turns, and it deals fire damage to all the targets. Killing them will drop Shadow Soulstone.

We will continue to add more information about these bosses in due time. Make sure to check back soon for more information added about these bosses.

This concludes our Octopath Traveler Bosses Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!

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