Octopath Traveler Miguel Boss Guide

What makes Miguel a challenging boss fight in Octopath Traveler is that he changes his set of weaknesses four times during the fight.

Miguel is the final boss you will face in the second chapter of Alfyn’s storyline in Octopath Traveler. He is naturally no pushover. If you jump into the fight without any prior knowledge of his attacks and weaknesses, your party is likely to be wiped out in a couple of turns.

What makes Miguel a challenging boss fight in Octopath Traveler is that he changes his set of weaknesses four times during the fight. You need to have all of his weaknesses covered in your party to stand a chance.

Miguel location

Alfyn’s Chapter 2 starts in Saintsbridge. Here Alfyn will find Miguel lying injured and in need of medicine. Later in the chapter, Miguel will be stealing from someone and will run off to Rivira Woods. Here in Rivira Woods, you will have to find Miguel.

The people of Saintsbridge will tell Alfyn that Miguel is a thief and he should be dead. This is why no one helped him at the start of Chapter 2.

Miguel weaknesses

Many bosses will summon multiple lackeys to aid in battle, but Miguel does things differently by changing his weaknesses each time he recovers from being broken.

With different weaknesses after each recovery, you cannot plan which types of physical and Elemental weapons you can bring to the fight. The weaknesses are as follows.

Rotation / PhaseWeaknesses
First RotationBlade, Bow, Wind, and Light
Second RotationSpear, Dagger, Fire, and Light
Third RotationAxe, Staff, Ice, and Lightening
Fourth RotationBlade, Axe, Fire, and Lightening

Miguel special attacks

Miguel fights alone and deals a lot of damage to your characters. In addition to attacks, he can rotate his weaknesses and bring a twist to the fight. Most of his damages are physical.

Special AttacksWhat They Do
Friad you picked a fight with the wrong man…Used at the beginning of the battle and increases the number of turns of Miguel by 2.
Miguel shifts his defensesChanges his weaknesses after recovering from the break.
Cross SpearDeals damage 2 times to the whole team. Miguel will surely use it after “Miguel Shifts his defenses”
Hurl SpearMiguel will use his “A Spear Rains Down…” attack unless you break him in the next turn.
A Spear rains down on you from aboveDeals physical damage to random characters 4 to 6 times.
Twin SpearsDeals Physical damage two times to a single character. Chance of inflicting Physical Defence debuff for 3 turns
Sorry, kid…but I can’t let ye liveMiguel gets 5 actions per turn upon reaching 50% health. This buff can be removed by breaking him.
I surrender! Have mercy!Used once health is 25% and previous skill is used. Will give 5 actions per turn, removed when broken.Unlocked new skills when used.Buffs up Cross Spear with more physical damage dealt.
Storm of SpearsUnlocks after” I surrender! Have mercy!” Miguel rains down spears on your team if not broken until the next turn. In the next turn “Innumerable spears rain down on you from the heavens” will be used.
Innumerable spears rain down on you from the heavensUsed after Storm of Spears. Deals physical damage to random characters and hits 8 to 10 times.
Drink MedicineUnlocks after” I surrender! Have mercy!” Recovers 10% of Miguel’s health

How to defeat Miguel in Octopath Traveler

Miguel fights alone and deals only physical damage to your team. In the fight, he will switch his weaknesses multiple times thus making your weakness-oriented builds useless against him. He will also increase his number of actions by 5 and thus bring havoc to your team.

He increases his number of actions to 5 two times in the fight and in the end, he will become very difficult to bring down. Although he is a difficult boss with a lot of buffs and skills, there is a workaround.

Miguel has 7 shields, and these can be easily broken with BPs on your attacks. When broken you can deal heavy damage to Miguel. With all his heavy-hitting special attacks, breaking him as soon as possible will cancel the attack or buff sequence he initiates.

You can use Therion’s Shackle Foe to stun Miguel, buff your team’s Physical defenses, or Blind Miguel so that his hits get missed. You can also use Alfyn to inflict Poison on Miguel and given that he has at least 2 actions per turn, this will deal a lot of damage over time.

Miguel’s fight has the biggest problem of changing his weaknesses but if you figure out 1 or 2 weaknesses, the fight becomes a walk in the park.

Best party for Miguel

In this fight, a balanced team is important because Miguel changes his weaknesses after every recovery from a break. Here you can have Ha’anit in your team to deal break shields quickly using Bow and Axes.

You can also have Ophelia with you and use her Divine skill of Aelfric Auspices on Ha’anit. This divine skill will allow Ha’anit to use her skills more than once. Ophilia can also deal Light damage which will help in the early fight.

Lastly, Cyrus is the best option as he can deal with three different elementals, Fire, Ice, and lightning. Miguel is weak against all of them in three later rotations of weaknesses. Miguel is also weak against Cyrus’ staff. Having Cyrus is a massive help to your team.

Alfyn will be in your team by default and he is an integral part of the fight against Miguel. Alfyn can heal his teammates by concocting while inflicting poison on Miguel.

What else to bring to the fight?

In the fight against Miguel, you will need health potions or Healing Grapes as much as possible. Have Olive of Life with you too so that downed characters can be easily revived. You can also summon Beast Lore to help in the fight.

Miguel drops

  • 5000 leaves
  • Miguel’s Spear
  • 600 EXP
  • 300 JP
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