Octopath Traveler Best Jobs For Each Character

With the help of our Octopath Traveler Jobs Guide, you will be able to learn all about different jobs/classes and which class to start.

Each character in Octopath Traveler has its unique class or job in which they are specialized. But other than the primary job, there are secondary jobs that you can also equip to your character in Octopath Traveler. This Octopath Traveler best jobs guide will cover the best jobs and which job is best for each character.

How to unlock jobs

You can unlock secondary job classes if you want by progressing through the second chapter of the story. Members of your party will be able to take on a second job class and gain new attribute bonuses and unique skills.

There are certain restrictions such as two characters cannot have the same job class and secondary jobs do not have Path Actions and Talents.

Octopath Traveler best jobs for each character

Now that we know of all the jobs and what abilities they offer, let us look at the best possible choices of secondary jobs for your characters in Octopath Traveler. 

Olberic Eisenberg – Apothecary

Olberic Eisenburg’s main job is Warrior. Being a knight exiled from his country, the best secondary job for Olberic Eisenberg is Apothecary. Being an Apothecary, Olberic gets free access to an Axe and the ability to heal himself, increase damage, increase defense, increase change of critical attacks, and get additional total HP, building upon the already tanky character. 

Cyrus Albright – Merchant

Cyrus’s main job is Scholar. He already has access to several elemental attacks and can learn enemy weak points. For him, we recommend picking Merchant as the secondary job. You get access to more ranged attacks from bows and spears.


As a merchant, Cyrus can purchase supplies at a lower cost and stay ready for anything coming his way from a safe distance. Cyrus also gets access to the rest ability, allowing him to restore his HP and SP points freely.

Tressa Colzione – Thief

Tressa’s main job is Merchant. She is well-versed in trading and ranged weaponry. Tressa’s best secondary job is Thief, allowing her to use Daggers and Swords and her Bow and Spear and providing her quick reflexes and the ability to dodge attacks quickly. As a thief, Tressa can steal items from enemies and use them effectively in battle.

Ophilia Clement – Dancer

Ophilia is a Cleric, and her healing ability is precious to the players. Most players keep her back, so she stays safe and keeps her teammates healthy. When she is healing her teammates, why not buff them as well?

This makes the dancer the best choice for Ophilia’s secondary job. It does seem contradictory to her job as a cleric, but she doesn’t mind as long as it keeps her teammates healthy and robust. 

Primrose Azelhart – Scholar

Primrose is a Dancer by her original profession and can buff her teammates and herself, allowing them to deal additional damage and increased defense.

As such, the best choice for Primrose’s secondary job is Scholar. Scholar’s job lets her use elemental attacks. She can use these elemental attacks better and stronger when she is buffing everyone, including herself.

Alfyn Greengrass – Cleric

Alfyn is an Apothecary, traveling the world in search of new ingredients and potion recipes. He can buff his teammates by making potions for himself and his teammates. For this, the best secondary job you can pick for Alfyn is Cleric. The choice follows the same ideology as Ophilia.

When you can buff your teammates, why not go for skills that allow you to heal them better and use the resources of Apothecary to focus on your teammate’s other skills?

Therion – Hunter

Therion is a thief. He has access to swords and daggers and can inflict debuffs on his enemies. The best choice for Therion’s secondary job is Hunter, as it allows him to use an axe and a bow. It allows Therion to further benefit from the debuffs and cause further chaos on the battlefield. 

H’aanit – Warrior

H’aanit’s default profession is Hunter, taking advantage of the terrain, staying entirely, and hitting from afar. H’aanit has no magic abilities and purely depends on her Bows and axes to attack.

So the Warrior secondary job allows H’aanit to get the necessary HP and defense boost while also allowing her to use swords and spears to widen her arsenal.

All jobs details

Let us go ahead and look at each of the job classes individually to see how they are different from one another. We will first look at a brief description of the class followed by the skills.


A thief can use physical attacks and skills to weaken enemies. Theron takes his start as a thief and you will have swords and daggers to equip with this class. You can steal items from enemies but if you are caught, you suffer a loss in reputation. However, anything that you manage to steal is free for you to keep.

SP Cost: x
You can steal an item from the enemy.

SP Cost: 7
You do a lot of damage to an enemy.

Shackle Foe
SP Cost: 4
An enemy’s physical attack strength is reduced by 2.

Armor Corrosive
SP Cost: 4
You reduce the defense strength for 2 turns of an enemy.

Steal SP
SP Cost: 6
Attack an enemy 2 times with a dagger and get 5% of the damage dealt as SP.

Share SP
SP Cost: 0
Give half your SP to an ally.

Aeber’s Reckoning
SP Cost: 30
This Divine skill attacks all enemies with the dagger and deals damage relative to your speed.


Clerics use magic to support their allies. Ophilia is the default cleric and the weapon used by them is the Stave. Clerics can also be used to recruit townspeople who will help you in battle. Clerics will be great if you manage to recruit the right people in your party to help you in battles.

Heal Wounds
SP Cost: 8
All allies are given HP.

Holy Light
SP Cost: 6
Small amount of damage is inflicted on an enemy.

Sheltering Veil
SP Cost: 6
Buffs 1 ally’s elemental defense for 2 turns.

SP Cost: 9
Small amount of damage to all enemies.

Heal More
SP Cost: 25
HP restoration to all allies.

Reflective Veil
SP Cost: 22
An ally can reflect one elemental attack.

SP Cost: 50
All incapacitated allies are revived.

Aelfric’s Auspices
SP Cost: 30
This divine skill gives one ally to trigger each skill twice for the next 3 turns.


Hunters can use Bows and Axes to deal damage. H’aanit will start as the Hunter class. Hunters can also allow you to challenge other creatures in combat using your own creatures that the Hunter class is able to hunt. Think of this like a Pokemon mini-game. You can tame creatures who you can then use to fight others.

Rain of Arrows
SP Cost: 8
5-8 attacks are unleashed at random enemies using the bow.

True Strike
SP Cost: 10
A lot of damage is dealt to a single enemy with the bow.

SP Cost: 7
Lots of damage to a single enemy.

Leghold Trap
SP Cost: 6
A single enemy will act at the end of your turn for 2 turns.

SP Cost: 24
Attack all of the enemies 5-8 times using your bow.

Take Aim
SP Cost: 8
Critical rate and accuracy of all allies increases for 2 turns.

Draefendi’s Rage
SP Cost: 30
A very powerful bow attack is performed on all enemies.


Warriors use swords and polearms to deal their damage. Olberic is the default warrior and his main purpose is to take damage for the team. Warrior can challenge anyone in town to get XP and unique items.

Level Slash
SP Cost: 9
All foes are attacked with a sword.

SP Cost: 4
Attack strength increases for 3 turns.

SP Cost: 4
You are attacked more often for 3 days.

Stout Wall
SP Cost: 4
You have better physical defense for 3 turns.

Thousand Spears
SP Cost: 20
Random enemies are attacked by the polearm between 5 to 10 times.

Brand’s Thunder
SP Cost: 30
Very powerful attack on a single enemy is performed.


Dancers use dark magic attacks to help their team. Primrose is the default dancer and Daggers are used for this job. Dancers can also allow you to recruit players to fight for you in battle. However, if you do end up losing then your reputation with the people of the town will suffer a fair bit, so you need to be quite careful.

Lion Dance
SP Cost: 4
Your ally becomes more powerful with physical attacks for 2 turns.

Moonlight Waltz
SP Cost: 7
Dark damage is dealt to a single enemy.

Peacock Strut
SP Cost: 4
Elemental attacks of an ally are buffed for 2 turns.

Night Ode
SP Cost: 10
Dark damage is dealt to all enemies.

Panther Dance
SP Cost: 4
Ally has an increase in speed for 2 turns.

Bewildering Grace
SP Cost: 25
A Curious effect occurs one time.

Sealticge’s Seduction
SP Cost: 30
Single enemy skills will target all enemies (effect is applied to 1 ally for 3 turns).


Scholars use Staves to deal damage to multiple enemies at once. Cyrus is the default Scholar. This class can also talk to people in the towns to get more information that you need.

You will also get to know the vulnerability of an enemy before the game begins.

SP Cost: 8
All enemies are dealt fire damage.

SP Cost: 8
All enemies are dealt Ice damages.

Lightning Bolt
SP Cost: 8
All enemies are dealt lightning damage.

SP Cost: 1
HP and weakness of a particular enemy is revealed.

Fire Storm
SP Cost: 22
Fire damage is dealt to all enemies twice.

SP Cost: 22
Ice damage is dealt to all enemies twice.

Lightning Blast
SP Cost: Lightning damage is dealt to all enemies twice

Alephan’s Enlightenment
SP Cost: 30
This skill gives an ally the chance to deal intense single target damage instead of damage to all foes using its skills for 3 turns.


Merchants are used to getting money. Bows and Polearms do their attacks. The default merchant in the game is Tressa. Merchants can also force any person in a town to sell you their entire inventory for a price.

This means that you will have more options on what you can use to stock up for the fights and you will be able to find items and materials much more easily than you could before.

SP Cost: 2
Get money from an enemy.

SP Cost: 7
Intense wind damage is dealt to an enemy.

Trade Tempest
SP Cost: 10
Wind damage is dealt to all foes.

Donate BP
SP Cost: 3
1 BP is given to an ally.

SP Cost: 10
You can dodge a single physical attack.

Hired Help
SP Cost: 0
Hired help comes into the field, but you have to pay it.

Bifelgan’s Bounty
SP Cost: 30
A non-elemental attack on an enemy is performed and you receive money equivalent to the amount of damage dealt.


The main purpose of the Apothecary is to support their teammates using the right ingredients. The only weapon they have at their disposal are Axes and the default character who is an Apothecary is Alfyn. You can also use inquire to get a lot of information from the people who are in the towns.

This can be used for a multitude of actions and the class is perfect for people who like to wander around the towns and get information from the people.

First Aid
SP Cost: 4
Single Ally gets an HP boost.

SP Cost: 7
Ice damage is dealt to a single enemy.

SP Cost: 10
Cures all ailments of an ally and makes them immune for 2 turns.

SP Cost: 8
You attack an enemy with your axe.

SP Cost: 6
An enemy is poisoned for 2 turns.

SP Cost: 16
An ally is revived.

Last Stand
SP Cost: 16
All foes are damaged with your ax. The amount is inversely proportional to the amount of health you have.

Dohter’s Charity
SP Cost: 30
Any item used by a chosen will affect everyone for 3 turns.

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