Best Cait Farming Location In Octopath Traveler

Cait is a unique cat-like creature that is incredibly rare to find in Octopath Traveler. Caits appear randomly in the open world but if you manage to find one, you need to quickly defeat it for a ton of rewards.

The XP, gold, and JP you get are why you will want to invest time into some Cait farming to improve your characters in the game. The only problem is that even if you find a Cait, defeating it is not easy.

If you do not have enough damage or the right attacks, Caits will quickly flee from battle and you will have to randomly find them all over again in Octopath Traveler.

How to find Caits in Octopath Traveler

In Octopath Traveler, you will encounter Caits while doing Path Actions and Story Events. These encounters will however happen as you pass through dungeons and open-world areas that come in between towns.

The encounters in which you will find Caits are very rare with a maximum possibility of 6%. That said, the odds can be increased by staying longer in the open world. Meanwhile, you can further increase the odds of encountering Caits by dashing.

How to defeat Caits in Octopath Traveler

Caits have high defense and evasion stats, making it incredibly difficult to not only do enough damage per attack but also land those attacks.


Furthermore, Caits can quickly flee from a battle. You have to try to defeat it in one turn or else there is a chance that the cat-like creature will flee.

The good thing is that Caits have a small health pool. You only need to know the right attacks to do with the right characters to defeat a Cait in Octopath Traveler.

Caits are weak against Daggers, Swords, Staves, and Axes. These weapons are the best way to take out a Cait’s shields. Just make sure that the character using these weapons can attack multiple times.

If you have a Medium Soulstone, you can easily kill a Cait in a single attack in Octopath Traveler. The only thing to note is that Medium Soulstones are expensive and rare. You are likely to be saving them for a difficult boss battle.

Defeating a Cait is going to be easy if you have H’aanit with a Hunter job in your party. She can learn an attack called Arrowstorm that hits up to eight times in a single turn. She also has a support skill called Heightened Senses that increases her chance to attack first in battle. Combining both skills means that H’aanit can pretty much one-shot a Cait in Octopath Traveler.

How to capture Caits in Octopath Traveler

Another advantage of having H’aanit in your party is her Beast Lore skill. You can use this skill to capture a Cait in Octopath Traveler to give your characters the Luck of the Cait buff. This not only buffs your party members but also debuffs enemies in battle.

Once you have broken a Cait’s shield and have reduced its health pool to a capturable state, have H’aanit use a boosted Capture to guarantee a high capture chance.

Best locations for Cait farming in Octopath Traveler

While they are purely random encounters in Octopath Traveler, there are certain regions and areas that have a higher chance of spawning a Cait. These locations are the best for Cait farming in the game.

Captains’ Bane

What makes Captains’ Bane one of the best Cait farming locations in Octopath Traveler is that it has the highest odds of finding the Cait. In addition, the Caits that you will come across here have one of the lowest Danger Levels meaning the Caits fights are going to be a lot easier.

Captains’ Bane is a cave and to get there, you first need to travel to West Goldshore Coat. Afterward, head towards the left area along the shipwreck where you will find the entrance to the Captains’ Bane.

Once you are inside the cavern, you will also find Cultured Caits at the same location as they both sometimes spawn closely. Similarly, the Leviathan boss can be found in the same dungeon as Caits.

Tomb of Kings

In Octopath Traveler, Tomb of Kings is also a good location where you will find Caits because of its high odds. As far as Danger Level goes, Tomb of Kings has Caits with the lowest Danger Level making the capturing process easier on players.

To get to Tomb of Kings, you need to head towards the West Stonegard Pass. Once you are there, head to the lower level where you will find the entrance to the dungeon. In addition to Caits, you will also come across Cultured Caits in Tomb of Kings.

Forest of No Return

Due to the high Caits Danger Level in Forest of No Return, this location makes the end of the list. Although, the odds of finding a Cait in Forest of No Return are the same as in the other two regions mentioned above.

In Octopath Traveler, Forest of No Return is located in Victors Hollow and once you are there, you need to head towards the west end. Meanwhile, you can also find Cultured Caits along with Devourer of Men here as well.

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