Octopath Traveler Cait Farming Guide

Finding Caits is not an easy process in Octopath Traveler and if you want to capture one, you need the right member in your party.

In Octopath Traveler, Caits stand out as rare encounters offering many rewards. Defeating these cat-like creatures grants a hefty boost of experience, money, and job points, making them highly sought after for character development.

However, these monsters present a challenge. They are uncommon and tend to flee from battle quickly if you have not used the right attacks on them.

This guide includes all the necessary information for your hunt and details strategies to maximize your chances of encountering Caits, overcoming their defenses, and reaping their benefits.

How to find Caits in Octopath Traveler?

There is a rare chance of 6% to find a Cait in Octopath Traveler, and the chances of finding them are just by exploring different dungeons and open-world areas.

You can use items like Cait Powder to increase the chances of encountering a Cait. You will need just one member in your party to equip this item.

How to defeat Caits in Octopath Traveler?

Octopath Traveler Cait Farming

Caits are powerful enemies with high defense and evasion stats. One thing to note is that they tend to flee from the battle, so you’ll need to take it down quickly before they escape. You only need to know the right attacks to do with the right characters to defeat a Cait in Octopath Traveler.

Caits are weak against Daggers, Swords, Staves, and Axes. These weapons are the best way to take out a Cait’s shield. Just make sure that the character using these weapons can attack multiple times.


You can use items like Medium Soulstone to kill a Cait with a single attack, but this is an expensive and rare item. You can easily defeat them if you have a H’aanit with hunter job in your party. She merges Arrowstorm to land eight consecutive hits and Heightened Senses skill to attack first to take down a Cait.

Defeating different types of Caits

TypeHPHow to Defeat
Cultured Cait8/8Wind Soulstone (M), Shadow Step
Chubby Cait79/80Wind Soulstone (M), Attack + Guillotine, or Thunder Soulstone (L)

How to capture Caits in Octopath Traveler?

Having H’aanit gives you an edge while capturing Cait with her Beast Lore skill. Doing so lets you get your character the Luck of the Cait buff. This not only buffs your party members but also debuffs enemies in battle.

Once you have broken a Cait’s shield and have reduced its health pool to a capturable state, have H’aanit use a boosted Capture to guarantee a high capture chance.

Best locations for Cait farming in Octopath Traveler

Octopath Traveler Cait Farming

While they are random encounters in Octopath Traveler, certain regions and areas have a higher chance of spawning a Cait. These locations are the best for Cait farming in the game.

Captains’ Bane

What makes Captains’ Bane one of the best Cait farming locations is that it has the highest odds of finding them in Octopath Traveler. In addition, the Caits you will come across here have one of the lowest Danger Levels, meaning the Caits fights will be much easier.

Captain Bane is a cave; you must first travel to West Goldshore Coat to get there. Afterward, head towards the left area along the shipwreck, where you will find the entrance to Captain Bane.

Once inside the cavern, you will find Cultured Caits at the same location, as they sometimes spawn closely. Similarly, the Leviathan boss can be found in the same dungeon as Caits.

Tomb of Kings

Tomb of Kings is also a good location for Caits because of its high odds. Regarding Danger Level, Tomb of Kings has Caits with the lowest Danger Level, making the capturing process easier for players.

To get to Tomb of Kings, head towards the West Stonegard Pass. Once you are there, head to the lower level, where you will find the entrance to the dungeon. In addition to Caits, you will also come across Cultured Caits in Tomb of Kings.

Forest of No Return

Due to the high Caits Danger Level in Forest of No Return, this location ends the farming list in Octopath Traveler. Although, the odds of finding a Cait in Forest of No Return are the same as in the other two regions mentioned above.

Forest of No Return is located in Victor’s Hollow, and once you are there, you need to head towards the west end. Meanwhile, you can also find Cultured Caits along with Devourer of Men here as well.

Whistling Cavern

Another best spot to get Caits easily is the Whistling Caverns, located just outside the southeast of Primrose’s starting town, Sunshade. This is the most consistent spot for finding groups of five enemies, which increases your chances of spawning a Cait.

Cait spawning is a random process that replaces one of the enemies you’re fighting. The best way to increase your chances of spawning a Cait is to find battles with five enemies, the maximum number of enemies you can encounter simultaneously.

Remember that RNG (Random Number Generator) plays a significant role in Cait farming. Sometimes, you might spawn three Caits within 15 minutes, while other times, you might only spawn one within an hour. Once you find a Cait, you can capture it, roll for an XP or JP boost with Bewildering Grace, or do whatever you want.

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