Octopath Traveler Advanced Jobs Guide

Octopath traveler has 4 Advanced Jobs, other than the 8 secondary jobs you can get for your characters to increase their abilities. You need to find the respective shrines to unlock advanced jobs in Octopath Traveler. Here, we will look at all the Advanced Jobs Octopath Traveler offers and how to get them.

How to unlock advanced jobs in Octopath Traveler

Advanced Jobs are not available by default to the players. These jobs must be unlocked in the game through their respective secret shrines. All of the advanced job shrines act as dungeons as well, and to get to the shrine, you need to make your way through the entire dungeon first.

As soon as you interact with the shrines, you come face-to-face with the dungeon boss. You unlock the job after you defeat the boss of the shrine.

Octopath Traveler advanced jobs

Advanced Jobs are different from secondary/sub-jobs in Octopath Traveler. While there are 8 sub-jobs in the game so you can give one to each character, there are only 4 advanced jobs which means you need to decide carefully which job would be ideal for which character.


Starseer’s job specializes in buffing you and your teammates. The job works similarly to Dancer, but where the dancer’s ability provides a single buff to a single ability, Starseer’s ability allows you to buff physical defense, elemental defense, speed, evasion, and attack simultaneously.

With this, you can use your remaining SP to buff your teammates’ remaining skills and abilities, providing the ultimate support. 

Shooting Stars

SP Cost: 35

Skill deals Wind, Light, and Dark elemental to all enemies simultaneously.

BP Boost

SP Cost: 25

The targeted ally recovers 2 BP per turn for the next 2 turns. 


SP Cost: 25

The chances of your allies making a critical hit for the next two turns will increase.


SP Cost: 25

This will boost your ally’s evasion, speed and defense for two turns.

Celestial Intervention

SP Cost: 25

You can either target an enemy and keep him from receiving any stat boost or make one of your allies immune to debuffs for the next two turns. 

Ethereal Healing

SP Cost: 30

For the next two turn all allies will regenerate their HP.

Moon’s Reflection

SP Cost: 30

Targeted allies will be able to fully deflect physical damage once.

Steorra’s Prophecy

SP Cost: 50

Unleash an elemental attack. The damage dealt by the attack is proportional to your party’s BP.


Runelords buff your attacks by using Runes. These runes add a follow-up attack to all your attacks, and the follow-up attack has the element of the rune. The damage of this follow-up attack is determined by the character’s elemental attack stat and the damage of the weapon used.

All attacks that are supposed to target a single enemy will only hit a single follow-up attack, even if the attack was a multi-hit attack. All AoE attacks get a follow-up attack to all the enemies damaged by the initial AoE attack. 

Fire Rune

SP Cost: 15

For three turns, it will deal fire damage to the opponents.

Ice Rune

SP Cost: 15

It deals additional ice damage for three turns.

Thunder Rune

SP Cost: 15

Deals additional thunder damage for 3 turns.

Wind Rune

SP Cost: 15

This attack will deal extra wind damage for three turns in Octopath Traveler.

Dark Rune

SP Cost: 15

Deals additional dark damage for 3 turns.

Light Rune

SP Cost: 15

Deals additional light damage for 3 turns.

Transform Rune

SP Cost: 25

All skills that target the user will also target the user’s allies for three turns.

Balogar’s Rune

SP Cost: 50

Allows a user to simultaneously deal damage from all six elements to the targeted enemy.


Warmaster is a purely offensive advanced job. Unlike other jobs, Warmaster can use all the weapon types, i.e., Staves, Daggers, Bows etc. All their skills are directed to improve their experience with each weapon in Octopath Traveler. 

Guardian Loindog

SP Cost: 35

The user unleashes 5-10 sword attacks against random enemies. 

Tiger Rage

SP Cost: 35

Use an axe attack to hit all the enemies.

Qilin’s Horn

SP Cost: 35

In this a powerful attack will attack a single enemy.


SP Cost: 35

In this you use a dagger to hit all opponents.

Fox Spirit

SP Cost: 35

A staff attack that will hit all enemies at once.

Phoenix Storm

SP Cost: 35

This will target single enemy with a powerful bow attack.

Nightmare Chimera

SP Cost: 35

Use a powerful attack against a single enemy. You can use any weapon for this, but the gun is destroyed.

Winnehild’s Battle Cry

SP Cost: 50

Use all six weapon types in your possession to attack all enemies.


Sorcerer is the superior version of the scholar job in Octopath Traveler. Sorcerers can use all six elemental attacks to cast AoE attacks. All Sorcerer attacks deal three hits instead of two-hit attacks from Scholars. Sorcerers get Staves and Bows to use as weapons.

Ignis Ardere

SP Cost: 36

This attack will deal fire damage to opponents in its range.

Glacies Claudere

SP Cost: 36

It deals ice damage to all enemies in the AoE range.

Tonitrus Canere

SP Cost: 36

In AoE it will deal lightning damage to all the enemies.

Ventus Saltare

SP Cost: 36

In the AoE it will deal wind damage to the enemies.

Lux Congerere

SP Cost: 36

It deals light damage to all enemies in the AoE range.

Tenebrae Operiere

SP Cost: 36

This attack will deal dark damage to all enemies in the AoE range.

Elemental Break

SP Cost: 20

With this you can reduce the enemies elemental defense for next 2 turns.

Dreisang’s Spell

SP Cost: 50

Targeted allies, all elemental attacks will deal guaranteed critical hits for the next three turns. 

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