Octopath Traveler 2 Captain Stenvar Boss Guide

The Octopath Traveler 2 Captain Stenvar boss is another enemy you must defeat to progress with Osvald’s story. You will encounter your enemy as the last piece of Osvald’s Chapter 3 in Octopath 2.

Your hate for the Captain goes back five years as he was involved in Osvald’s arrest, making you suffer the horrific scenes of the prison. You have to defeat the character to proceed to Chapter 4.

However, Captain Stevnar is a strong foe, so you should know everything about this character before throwing yourself into the battle.

Captain Stevnar location

In Osvald’s story, you will gather information by scrutinizing the Conning Creek people. The information will point you toward the Guard Post located in the town. You will find Captain Stevnar inside, where the battle takes place.

Captain Stevnar weaknesses

The main weakness of the Captain is his vulnerability to physical attacks. You can use Sword, Polearm, or Bow to break down his five Shield Points.

Elemental damage can also be inflicted by using the Dark and Lightning abilities. The Captain shows great weakness against this kind of attack, so you must exploit this opportunity to win the battle against Captain Stevnar in Octopath Traveler 2.

Captain Stevnar special attacks

You will face this boss’s true power during your fights. The captain attacks are powerful and deal massive AOE damage.

Special AttacksWhat They Do
Massive PunishmentInflicts around 400 damage to every party member.
Downward SwingDeals 670 damage to a single member of the party.
Summon GuardsEach guard has 3 Shield points.
Basic AttackSwing his axe to deal around 500 physical damage.
Wild CutThe Stevnar’s Footman performs bouncing attacks inflicting around 1000 damage, shared by two of your allies.
Destroy EvidenceAn attack that hits one of your party members, dealing around 550 damage.
SuppressionAll your party members are suppressed.

How to defeat Captain Stevnar in Octopath Traveler 2

The annoying thing about this boss is the guards he can summon at the start and middle of the fight. You need to take care of these guards before concentrating your attacks on the boss. You can take them out in a few turns as they only have around 3000 HP and three shield points.

You should make use of their weakness against the sword and bow attacks. Eliminate them from your path and focus all your attacks toward the main boss in the combat.

Before the battle, gather the items that restore HP and SP. Each attack from the boss and his footman deal substantial damage, so you are required to utilize these items during the battle to stay ahead of your enemies.

It is also crucial to break down the guards that the Captain summons. He tries to keep his Shield Points up by forcing you to attack those puppets, making you waste your SP and BP. You need to use your party member’s AOE damage abilities and Latent Power to destroy the shield points and finish them off.

You should use Osvald and Castti’s healing abilities to keep your party members alive and feed your most powerful attacks on Captain Stenvar. It is also beneficial to use Soulstones to deal maximum damage and break down the Shield Points of the boss in Octopath 2.

After breaking the shield points, your enemy will be stunned, and you can use the most destructive attacks of your party members to wipe out the fight. Your party selection matters here, and you need to utilize each character’s strengths to win the battle.

Best party for Captain Stenvar

The best party to defeat Captain Stenvar in Octopath 2 includes Throne, Castti, Partitio, and Osvald. All these members ultimately utilize the boss’s weak spots and provide each other with much-needed support.

These characters have the ability to restore the health of party members. Making it very tough for the enemies to keep your characters down in combat. The Medical Concoction abilities allow Castti to restore the health of each party member by around 500.

Throne can use the Darkest Night ability to inflict severe elemental damage, and Osvald can even use Olive of Life to respawn the dead allies. You can use Osvald’s Elemental Barrage to break down the Shield points of the Captain.

The inclusion of Partito is justified as its Discipline abilities allow you to hire help against the boss and deal massive damage.

All the features, along with some other abilities of each member, make this party the most ideal against Captain Stenvar in Octopath Traveler 2.

What else to bring to the fight?

You do not require much while fighting the boss and his footman. However, it is recommended to have items that help you restore your health and much-needed SP.

The death of the Captain will reward you with the Axe of Avarice, and you can also steal Silver-Filled Pouch.

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