Octopath Traveler 2 Best Latent Powers

Every character in Octopath Traveler 2 has access to special skills called Latent Powers that are purely designed to deal damage in combat.

Latent Power is a new feature that has been introduced this time around in Octopath Traveler 2. These are special skills that are unique to a character. This allows you to build your characters in a certain way that makes them useful in particular circumstances.

Latent Powers run in synergy with a character’s main job and can affect it drastically. It is therefore important to know which are the best Latent Powers in Octopath Traveler 2 for each character, how to use them, and how you can charge them up.

How to fill the Latent Power Gauge fast

Your Octopath Traveler 2 Latent Powers are represented by a power gauge. The gauge is empty as the battle begins but fills up as the fight goes on. The only way you can fill up your Latent Power gauge is by taking or dealing as much damage as possible or breaking enemies.

Dealing damage will give you fewer Latent Gauge points than if you take heavy damage. But this tactic is not suitable every time, especially if you have low HP characters in your team such as Throne. The best way to get the most is by breaking enemies by exploiting their weaknesses.

When you have your Latent Power Gauge filled, you can then use it to unleash a powerful ability. To do so, you must press the triangle key on the controller or ‘X’ on the keyboard.

Keep in mind that the Latent Power is not permanent, the gauge drops to zero when you are incapacitated. So, pay close attention to your health bar in battle.

Best Latent Powers for every character in Octopath Traveler 2

In Octopath Traveler 2, every character has their own Latent Power. Some only enhance the character’s attack damage while others allow you to use different additional skills with these Latent Powers. The best Octopath Taveler 2 Latent Powers are as follows.

Partitio (Hoot and Holler)

In Octopath Traveler 2, combat consists of using as many boost points to maximize the output from your character’s turn. These bonus points or BPs are challenging to acquire and they get used up quite easily. Here Hoot and Holler comes into play which refills all Partitio’s BP.

This power, when used with Donate BP skill, will also give BP to your team members as well. Thus, this Power makes Partitio a pretty useful character to have in the game.

Temenos (Judgment)

The Judgment skill is a very helpful power when used against extremely powerful enemies with multiple shields. In any battle, when you break a foe, you can then deal more damage to the enemy while being safe from its attacks.

Temenos’ Latent Power lowers the enemy’s shield points with each attack irrespective of its weaknesses. This power when paired with the Elemental Barrage of the Scholar Secondary Job can make breaking an enemy without much effort a trivial task.

Agnea (All Together Now)

Agnea’s All Together Now Latent Power converts skills that are usable by only a single character apply to the whole team.

This means that defense or attack buffs which previously you could only give to one character can now be applied to the whole team in Octopath Traveler 2.

This power is also useful for crowd control where you can use offensive skills against groups of weaker enemies, severely damaging them if not taking them out.

Throne (Leave No Trace)

Leave No Trace is simple yet powerful when used. This power gives two consecutive turns. As Throne will be mostly acting at the start of any turn, she can break the foe or give debuffs as needed.

The best thing is that you can use two different skills in these turns when used, making this one of the most useful Octopath Traveler 2 Latent Powers to have.

If you have Throne with a secondary job, such as Dancer, you can use it to increase your physical attack and decrease the defense of the enemy.

Ochette (Animal Instinct)

This Latent Power, unlike the ones we have discussed before, only affects Ochette and cannot be shared with the team. With this Latent Power, Ochette gains three new skills which she can use every time she uses the power. These skills are quite powerful but you cannot pair them with any job and they are character specific.

The skills are Beastly Fangs which deals a heavy physical attack on a single enemy, Beastly Howl which reduces all of the enemies’ shield points and debuffs them for three turns, and Beastly Claws which deals powerful physical attack on all foes.

Hikari (Shadow’s Hold)

Hikari’s Latent Power is similar to Ochette’s Latent Power in a way that when this power is used, you will get three skills to use. These skills like Ochette’s Latent Power Skills are very powerful but are only available when you have activated his Latent Power.

The three skills are Tenretsuzan which deals strong sword damage to a single enemy, Hienka which deals damage to a single foe 2 times and then acts again at the end of the turn, and Sougetsusen which deals spear and sword damage to all enemies.

Osvald (Concentrate Spells) 

Osvald’s fighting strategy is to deal damage to multiple foes. This strategy is good against mobs since they don’t have much health, and are easily defeated with some hits. But with some bosses which do not summon backup, Osvald’s strategy becomes useless. 

This has now been solved with his Latent Power. Osvald’s Latent Power concentrates all his spells on one character. If you’re using a healing spell, using this latent power will give health to only one friend. 

Castti (Every Drop Counts)

Castti, being an Apothecary, acts as a supporting character, which heals team members in Temenos’ stead. She can also Concoct and combine potions from the inventory, and increase the potency of the potions when used. 

The problem is that the items are not cheap. This is solved with Castti’s Latent Power. With this latent power, you can use potions and items from your inventory without using up those ingredients. Thus, you can reuse the potions again and again with the same ingredients. 

It goes without saying that unlocking Castti’s Latent Power becomes important over the course of your progression in Octopath Traveler 2.

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