Octopath Traveler 2 Captain Kaldena Boss Guide

The final piece of the puzzle to put in place to complete Chapter 4 of Temono’s story is to defeat a horrible-looking boss. The Octopath Traveler 2 Captain Kaldena waits for you inside the depths of a cave with its dark abilities.

You need to put down the boss by using the best team composition and exploit every Captain Kaldena’s weaknesses to do the most damage.

Captain Kaldena location

At the start of Chapter 4, you will arrive at the Nameless Village. You have to complete several objectives here to meet Captain Kaldena in combat. Getting lost in the Woods and moving toward the Rifted Rock area is essential to reach the target.

You will find the boss residing in the depts of the Rifted Rock. At the end of the cave, a small conversation will occur between Temonos and Kaldena before the start of the battle.

Captain Kaldena weaknesses

You can exploit the physical and elemental weakness of the boss to inflict severe damage. The boss shows apparent vulnerabilities against Polearm and Staves attacks. You should ensure your party members can utilize these weaknesses to break the boss quickly.

Moreover, Captain Kaldena is quite vulnerable when you bring Wind and Ice elemental attacks. Your every hit can drain the substantial health of the boss in Octopath 2. You must consider all the boss’s vulnerable points before making the combat strategy.

Captain Kaldena special attacks

The range of attacks of this boss is not that great, but the dark ailment effects make it very hard to survive even the primary hits of the boss. You must protect your party from these ailments using several skills and items.

Special AttacksWhat They Do
Waves of DarknessFast attack inflicts around 900 plus damage to every party member and initiates ailment effects.
ThrashAttack using the sword to deal substantial damage of around 1000 to every member of the party.
Depths of HellLightning attack that inflicts almost 1000 damage and puts one of your party members under ailments effects.
PulverizeDeals more than 1000 damage to a single target and takes away their BP charge.

How to defeat Captain Kaldena in Octopath Traveler 2

You can conquer the boss by focusing your physical attacks on breaking the boss’s Shield Points. The best way to do that is to utilize polearm and stave attacks using your party members. Temonos’s Sixfold Strike ability breaks down the boss and makes it more vulnerable to other attacks.

You can also utilize Partitio’s Polearm attacks to bring down the SP. It is essential to first take the massive SP of the boss down to zero before bringing out the highly damaging Elemental attacks.

Here the job of the Merchant becomes much more crucial as the character can donate BP. You should donate BP to characters like Ochette so she can deal high-damage physical attacks to Captain Kelden. You can also utilize Soulstones if your physical attacks lack the required power.

You have to keep repeating the process of breaking the enemy shield and then using Osvald’s elemental attacks to deal maximum damage.

It is also essential to understand that your healing potential decreases as the Boss changes its state during mid-fight. So you should use Temonos Latent Power to put down enemy SP without worrying much about its weakness.

Keep repeating this cycle of break and elemental attacks to eliminate the Octopath Traveler 2 Captain Keldena swiftly.

Best party for Captain Kaldena

You need to have a Merchant in your party at all costs. This class allows you to feed much-needed BP to your damage-dealing solid characters. Partitio is perfect for playing this role, and he can also use Polearm attacks to break the enemy.

Osvald is essential as the Scholar got all the power when it comes to elemental attacks. You can inflict maximum damage on the boss when it is broken. So utilize the latent power of Osvald in elemental attacks.

Temonos and Ochette perfectly balance our party. Ochette has the potential to exploit enemy weakness against physical attacks. You can take double benefits from Temonos as the protagonist has the ability to heal and break the SP of the enemy.

What else to bring to the fight?

You can bring Soulstones in case your physical damage is lacking the kick. Apart from that, you just have to exploit the enemy’s weakness. Remember to repeat the cycle of breaking enemy SP and then making the high-damage elemental attacks to receive the rewards at the end of the battle.

Captain Kaldena drops

  • 26,000 Leaves
  • Eclipse Edge
  • EXP 1440
  • JP 1200

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