How To Trigger And Complete Novigrad, Closed City Quest In The Witcher 3

The two parts quest can get confusing as it can trigger at different locations.

Novigrad, Closed City is a side quest that will involve you venturing into different sections of the Novigrad city in search of certain items. These will happen to be three keys that will unlock a secret treasure for you in The Witcher 3.

However, Closed City Quest will occur twice, and you will have different objectives each time but worry not, as it will be easy to complete. I have prepared all the details regarding this particular quest in this guide so you can read it to learn more about the locations of all the keys and the reward for completing Witcher 3 Novigrad, Closed City Quest.

How to trigger Novigrad, Closed City Quest in The Witcher 3

start closed city quest

In order to start the side quest called Novigrad, Closed City, you will need to complete a certain pre-requisite in The Witcher 3. In short, you will need to complete a specific quest, A Matter of Life and Death. Following the events of this particular quest, you may end up activating the Closed City Quest twice so don’t worry and get on with completing it.

The Closed City Quest is divided into two parts. The first part (in our case) will involve you finding magical contraband in The Witcher 3 by meeting and speaking with three bandits spread out in different parts of Novigrad. Meeting any of these three bandits will trigger the quest. Each bandit will involve taking you to the place where you will have to fight witch hunters and collect a total of three keys.

Once you are done with this part of the quest, you can then meet with the Fisstech Gang, which will basically be the second part of the Novigrad, Closed City quest in The Witcher 3.


The two parts of Novigrad, Closed City, although connected, can be completed in any order independently. You can also stumble upon any part first, so you shouldn’t worry about it, as our second part could be the first section of your quest.

Locating the Three Keys in Novigrad, Part 1

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Finding all three Keys will require you to meet with the three bandits who will be called Lussi, Fritz, and Walter in The Witcher 3. You can approach them in any order and after your interaction with them, you will receive the objective to find all three bandits mentioned in the note and get their keys in the Closed City Quest.

Obtaining Lussi’s Key

lussi's key

You can find Lussi on the North side of Novigrad city in The Witcher 3. She will be present near the St. Gregory Bridge and will be in a blue dress. Lussi will call out to you so you can approach her and inquire about her problem. She will tell you that her house is haunted and she fears for her life. Lussi will also say that she will reward you for getting rid of this trouble so you can simply follow her to her house.

However, once you enter Lussi’s house you will be greeted by two witch hunters who will attack you. You can take your time and kill both of these witch hunters in The Witcher 3. After you have eliminated the witch hunters you can confront Lussi again who will state that she is innocent.

Geralt will then question her about this trap and she will admit that she was a part of it. Then Lussi will hand you her key since she has no gold to pay you and tell you to find the remaining two keys to unlock a treasure.

Obtaining Walter’s Key

walter's key

Once your dialogue ends with Lussi she will flee and you can step out to find the other two bandits in The Witcher 3. This time, you will need to find Walter. He will be located on the south side of Novigrad city near an area called Putrid Grove.

There you will find Walter but he will be in a hurry as he will be pursued by some witch hunters. Walter will then enter a house and you will need to deal with the Witch hunters before you can interact with this specific bandit.

However, you will need to be quick in killing them because if you take too long to help Walter the guards present nearby will be alerted. This will complicate things for you further as they will grab Walter and execute this bandit in which case you will not be able to obtain his key in The Witcher 3. That being said once you have dealt with the witch hunters you will need to speak with Walter. He will be frightened and will hand over his key to you and then take his leave.

Obtaining Fritz’s Key

fritz's key

Now that you have two keys in your possession, you will need to get the final key to unlock the treasure and complete one part of the Closed City Quest in The Witcher 3. For that, you will need to find the bandit known as Fritz. He will be located in the central area of  Novigrad near Hierarch Square, so follow the stairs and enter his house.

Inside you will find Fritz’s dead body but the key won’t be present on it. Instead, you will need to follow the stairs and go to the second floor of his house. There, you will need to use the Witcher Sense to locate the key among the other items, and since this item won’t be present out in the open, you will need to inspect the torch on your left side.

You can press X to ignite that torch, and it will unlock a hidden door for you to access in The Witcher 3. Inside you will find the third key (Fritz’s key) resting on the table. You can look around the room to find items such as the Collected verse of Gonzal de Verceo, Kaedweni Stout, Olive, etc., and also discover a chest in that same room.

Rewards for unlocking the chest in the Closed City Quest

This particular chest can only be opened with all three keys that you collected earlier in The Witcher 3. Once you unlock the chest you can salvage the loot inside, which will consist of the following items:

  • Crowns (x6)
  • Iron Ore (x1)
  • Silver Ore (x1)
  • Pig Hide (x1)
  • Formula Nigredo
  • Steel ingot (x2)
  • Glowing ore (x1)

The Closed City quest will be completed after you unlock the treasure chest but this doesn’t mean that it has ended. You will need to complete the second part of this quest and it will include your meeting with the Fisstech Dealers in The Witcher 3.

Interacting with the Fisstech Dealers, Part 2

novigrad closed city part 2 location

In order to complete the second part of the Closed City side quest, you will need to make your way to the Golden Sturgeon area, which is located west of the Hierarch square in Novigrad. You can follow the path, and after crossing a tavern, you will hear three NPC characters called the Fisstech Dealers, yelling out the words “Witcher.” They will be calling out to you so you can meet with them in The Witcher 3.

During your conversation with these individuals, you will learn that they have lost a friend and require your assistance in finding him. This is going to be a trap, but you can opt to help them by using your Witcher Senses.

This way you can track down the boot marks of their lost friend, and it will take you directly to a wounded person. This person will be a witch hunter, and the bandits will want to kill him.

The wounded witch hunter will ask for your help. If you decide to help him and kill the bandits, you will not receive any reward for the Closed City quest in The Witcher 3. Moreover, it wouldn’t be too wise to spare the witch hunter as they have been hunting you throughout the city, so it is best to let the Bandits i.e., Fisstech Dealers, kill him. This way, you will receive a reward, and it will complete the Closed City quest successfully for you.

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