The Witcher 3 Secret Treasures Locations Guide

The Witcher 3 Secret Treasures locations to help you find secret treasures that are difficult to locate in the game.

The endless number of loot sources in The Witcher 3 consists of a number of secret treasures, that can be quite hard to find. Unlike hidden treasures, a secret treasure isn’t marked on the map so you won’t know the treasure exists unless you actually go to that place.

If you’re having trouble finding any of the secret treasures located in the game, then we have you covered. This guide will provide you with in-depth information regarding the location of all the hidden treasures in The Witcher 3.

The Witcher 3 secret treasure locations

Typically, secret treasures in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt are located in secluded, hard-to-find areas, requiring Geralt to explore quite a bit much. Thankfully, we have compiled all the locations where you can find these secret treasures in TW3 so you don’t have to struggle with exploration.

White Orchard

Nilfgaardian Outpost #1

Head over to the Nilfgaardian Outpost and head upstairs to see the Nilfgaardian Commander. Instead of going through the gate, turn left and jump over the gap to reach the next platform and open up the chest on the left-hand side.

Nilfgaardian Outpost #2

Head over to the Nilfgaardian Outpost and head upstairs to see the Nilfgaardian Commander.

Go through the gate on the right-hand side and you’ll see a locked gate on the far side. Head towards the right-hand side from the gate and leap through a broken window to come on the other side.

Use your Aard Sign to destroy the wall where the locked gate led to and leap through the area to reach secret chests and a key to unlock the gate back towards the outpost.

Underwater Secret Treasure

Dive into the river on the North White Orchard near the wooden bridge and head south. Use your Witcher’s Senses to find the first secret chest near a large boulder.

Head a little south-east to find the second secret chest in the middle of the river. Head east from your last position and you’ll see the third secret chest near the shore.

Cackler Bridge Secret Treasure

There is a small waterfall near the upper-side of the bridge near the Cackler Bridge Signpost. Keep on following the stream towards the bottom of the bridge and you’ll reach the waterfall with some secret goodies.


Mulbrydale Secret Treasure

Head towards the southern edge of the Mulbrydale Village and you’ll come across a small wooden hut with a breakable door. Use your Aard Sign to break in and loot all the secret goodies.

Moreover, make sure to check the cellar for some more chests and books. There is another similar shack near the western edge which is also accessible using the Aard Sign.

Abandoned Tower Secret Treasure

Head towards the Abandoned Tower and start climbing from the side where the collapsing wall is.

Once you reach a broken window on your right-hand side, push and jump onto the ledge above. From there, make another jump and reach the platform above to find a couple of secret chests.

Crow’s Perch Secret Treasure Chests

Head to the left-hand side from the Quartermaster and go up the ravel. Head over to the top of the building and leap to head inside the room on the top floor. You’ll find signs of a murder here along with some secret goods.

From here, head over to the stables near the Fallen Tower and head inside using the ladder. Once there, loot the secret chests and head back.

Head inside the garden where you meet Baron. Once you get there, use the ladder near the well to drop down into the cave containing loads of goodies. Just make sure to use your Witcher’s Senses to find everything!

Oxenfurt Secret Treasure

There are a total of four chests that the Geralt can find in this area.

To find the first chest, travel to the main bridge of Oxenfurt, from the shore, opposite of the city, and head to the first pillar. On the right side, you will come to find your first chest.

After that, staying near the pillar swim down, and you will find another chest that is submerged under the water.

The third pillar is located, right underneath the bridge of Oxenfurt, which is located on its south side. Dive under this bridge and you will find a chest submerged under the water here.

The last chest that you will come across is found after you swim towards the shoreline of this small island, and the chest will be waiting for you right ahead.

Novigrad Docks Secret Treasure

To find this treasure, head to the south side of Novigard, to the docks. Here, you will find a signpost, from which you’ll be required to head west from this location. Eventually, you will come across a warehouse door, that you can open and go inside.

Once inside, you’ll find a shelf that you can climb. Climb up and turn around and you’ll come across the chest.

Jump down from this area, and travel towards the other side of the warehouse, with a wooden wall on the right. Behind this wall, you will find another hidden chest. Move back to this wooden wall, and climb up onto it from the left side, and eventually, you will come across another chest.

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