Nioh Mimic Chest Locations Guide

This Nioh Mimic Chest Locations Guide will help you discover all the monster chests in the game that contains valuable loot and goodies inside.

Similar to Dark Souls games, Nioh also has mimic chests that appear to be regular loot chests but are actually monsters that attack players once they try to open them. In Nioh, these mimic chests actually make a mirror image of the player which then performs a gesture.

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Nioh Mimic Chest Locations

This guide should help players avoid that fight by not only listing the location of those mimic chests but also their corresponding gesture.

An easy way to recognize a mimic chest is through the gold decoration on them. A normal loot chest has two golden fittings while a mimic has three.

If players are able to match that gesture with their own, they earn a new emote and also get some extra loot. If they fail to accurately ‘mimic’ the gesture performed by the mirror image, players have to fight the image.

Mimic Chest #1
Mission: A Request from Ginchyo

The mimic chest is located in this side mission inside a building to the left of the temple stairs. An axe-wielding enemy guards the entrance to this building so that should narrow things down.

The mimic chest is located right at the back of the building so they need to enter from the main entrance. Once the open the chest, players will need to perform the Red gesture: That’s Not Good

Mimic Chest #2
Mission: A Request from Ginchyo

There is another mimic chest located in this side mission. Upon reaching the temple at the top of the stairs, after opening the temple door players need to proceed to the left of the altar into another area where the chest is located.

To safely get the loot and emote from this chest, players need to perform the Blue emote: Clap

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