Nioh Stats Guide

This Nioh Stats Guide will give you an overview of all the stats you can level up in the game, their benefits, and which stats you should focus on.

Stats in Nioh determine your combat, defense, and overall effectiveness in the game. Use Amrita to improve them and you’ll enhance your overall battle prowess. As you progress through the game, it becomes paramount that you increase your stats.

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Nioh Stats Guide

As you continue to level up your stats, the Amrita cost continues to increase as well. I don’t really have accurate numbers, but take it this way: suppose it takes 100 Amrita to increase a particular stat from Level 4 to Level 5, it might take 5,000 Amrita to level up the same stat from Level 14 to Level 15.

Due to this, it’s important that you’ve a clear game plan regarding the stats you want to increase.

However, you should never focus on 1 or 2 stats throughout the entirety of the game. Doing so would surely allow you to have a whole lot of health, but you won’t deal any considerable damage.

Moreover, as you continue to invest in one stat, the particular starts to get diminishing returns. Due to this, I recommend leveling up at least 4-5 stats simultaneously.

However, the stats you should upgrade primarily depends upon your character build and the weapon type at your disposal.

There are basically 8 stats to choose from. Each weapon type in the game scales with a particular stat which is something you need to be aware of.

Moreover, you unlock Skill Points as you level up different stats.

For example, leveling up ‘Body’ will reward you with Samurai Skill Points. We’ll discuss skills in detail a little later, but for now, here’s an overview of all the stats in the game.

Body Stat
This one increases your health and resistances. Spears scale with this stat and leveling it up will reward you with Samurai SPs.

Heart Stat
This one increases your Ki, HP, and life. Both the bows and swords scale with this stat.

Stamina Stat
This one increases your equipment load and life. Cannons in the game scale with this stat.

Strength Stat
This one increases your overall damage output and equipment load. Axes scale with this stat and leveling it up will reward you with Samurai SPs.

Skill Stat
This one increases your skills with weapons and your Ninjutsu skills. Both the dual-katanas and firearms scale with this stat and leveling it up will reward you with Samurai SPs.

Dexterity Stat
This one increases your overall damage output and leveling it up will reward you with Ninjutsu SPs.

Magic Stat
This one increases your defense against yokai and Onmyo magic and leveling it up will reward you with Onmyo SPs.

Spirit Stat
This final one also boosts your Onmyo magic and affects your Guardian Spirit.


As mentioned earlier, you unlock Skill Points as you level up different stats. There are basically three skills i.e. Samurai, Ninjutsu, and Onmyo. Each of these skills allows you to get different abilities and bonuses.

Ninjutsu allows you to get things like smoke bombs, kunai, shuriken, poison, etc. Onmyo allows you to get magical abilities and other bonuses.

Samurai, on the other hand, deals with skill trees of different weapon types. Each weapon type in the game has 45 skills that unlock different abilities and moves.

For example, there’s one ability that will notify you whenever an enemy is out of Ki so that you can charge in for a massive amount of damage.

Other than this, there’s another one which lets you land a kick at the end of a combo which depletes enemy’s Ki.

It’s important that you keep these things in mind while leveling up these stats and building your character.

Battle Stats

Battle Stats basically dictate things like your overall damage dealt, damage received, Ki consumption, and more. These are separate than stats mentioned above and are found on weapon/armor in the game.

  • ATK: Damage Dealt to Enemies
  • DEF: Damage Received from Enemies
  • Parry: Ki Lost When Blocking Enemy Attacks
  • Break: Determines How Effective You’re at Guard-Breaking

Status Effects

There are seven types of status effects in the game:

  • Fire Damage: Damage over time
  • Wind Damage: Decreases break-resistant and parry
  • Earth Damage: Increases KI cost
  • Water Damage: Decreases physical defense and stacks Elemental build-up
  • Poison Damage: Fast damage over time
  • Lighting Damage: Reduces movement and attacking speed
  • Paralysis Damage: Prevents action until effect wears off

Other than this, there are vs. stats which basically determine your resistance against all the status effects mentioned above.

Additional Stats

Ki Pulse
How much Ki is restored by performing a KI pulse.

How much you have used that weapon, means the longer you use it the stronger it becomes by time

Guardian Spirit Bond
It increases the rate your Amrita Gauge fills.

Samurai Skill Points
These skill points are used to learn additional skills which are as follows:

  • Katana Skills
  • Dual Katana Skills
  • Spear Skills
  • Axe Skills
  • Kusarigama Skills
  • Odachi Proficiency
  • Tonfa Proficiency

These skills are actually weapon based items including explosive powder and throwing shuriken. Dexterity Stat effects Ninjutsu. There are three main Ninjutsu Stats, which are:

  • Ninjutsu Power: Affects strength and power of your ninjutsu
  • Ninjutsu Skill Points: Points which are used to learn new ninjutsu skills
  • Ninjutsu Capacity: Number of ninjutsu skills which you can assign.

Onmyo Magic
these skills have various effects, from Ki recovery to weapon allures. Magic Stat effects Onmyo Magic.

  • Onmyo Magic Power: Affects the Strength/Power of your Onmyo Magic.
  • Onmyo Magic Skill Points: Points used to learn New Onmyo Magic Skills.
  • Onmyo Magic Capacity: Affects the amount of Onmyo Magic Skills you can have Equipped.

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