Nioh Head of the Iga Ninja Armor Set Guide – How to Get the Best Armor Set

Nioh Head of the Iga Ninja Set Guide to help you farm the complete set worn by Hatori Hanzo which is arguably the best armor set in the game.

In Nioh, undoubtedly the best armor set is The Head of the Iga Ninja set which makes use of dual katanas and Kusarigama which means the armor set is designed for advanced players who can cope with the complicated moveset to fully utilize the potential of the armor.

The armor is worn in-game by a character called Hatori Hanzo and players need to defeat him to loot the armor set which includes Hachigane (head gear), Do (torso), Kote (arm), Hizayoroi (legs) and Suneate (feet).

Wearing all these armor pieces as well as equipping the weapons he drops, Oninamida Murasama Katana and Onikiba Kusarigama will activate the full set bonus for the players.

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Nioh Head of the Iga Ninja Set Guide

In our Nioh Head of the Iga Ninja Set Guide, we’ve detailed everything you need to know about farming this complete set.

Farming Hatori Hanzo

To find and defeat Hatori Hanzo, players need to have complete the main mission called The Iga Escape. Once they have done that, the Tokai Region of the game should be unlocked for them.

The Iga Escape is a level 70 mission so players need to be careful before they try to attempt acquiring this armor set.

After completing the main mission, players will unlock Training Mission The Way of the Ninja: Veteran. Players will need to fight Hatori Hanzo inside his dojo and defeat him for one piece of the gear. The mission can be repeated multiple times until players have completed the entire set.

Hatori is not technically difficult but he evades a lot so going all out on his would be a waste of Ki and will leave players vulnerable. The best way to defeat him is to use a Paralytic Poison to paralyze him, followed by a Grapple and then an all out attack. While paralyzed, Hatori will be complete defenseless making sure he is defeated quickly.

The stats of each piece of the Head of the Iga Ninja set are listed below:

  • Do: 171 Defense
  • Kote: 81 Defense
  • Suneate: 83 Defense
  • Hizayoroi: 123 Defense
  • Hachigane: 86 Defense
  • Onikiba Kusarigama: 491 Attack
  • Oninamida Murasama: 376 Attack

It is not guaranteed that Hatori will always drop a set piece or there won’t be any duplicates which means players have to stock up on Paralytic Poison and repeate the mission at least 7 times, possibly more than 10. The end result and the bonus provided by the set is however worth it.

This is all we hve on our Nioh Head of the Igna Ninja Set Guide. If there’s anything else you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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