Nioh 2 Eternal Rivals Walkthrough

In this Nioh 2 Eternal Rivals walkthrough, we will help get through the entire main mission called the Eternal Rivals from Tengu’s Discple DLC. We will detail every enemy encounter and list the rewards for completing the mission.

Nioh 2 Tengu’s Discple Eternal Rivals

Eternal Rivals is the last mission of Nioh 2’s The Tengu’s disciple DLC and features a tough boss fight against Lord Minamoto no Yoshitsune himself. Let’s get right into it.

Starting Kodama shrine
At the starting point in Mutsu Province (Hiraizumi), you’ll find a Kodama Shrine near your starting place next to some bamboo.

Left to the Golden garden, you’ll come across a samurai; you’ll find more of them in the garden area near the temple.

Kill them and head upstairs through the door to head inside the temple. Once inside, you’ll come across a ronin, kill it and find a hanging body right to the outside of the balcony. Loot it and unlock the remaining door for a shortcut to the starting place.

Make your way through the cave towards the Golden Hall and loot the body left to the soldiers and go down the wooden bridge to come across a Dweller. Keep moving down till the point where you’re blocked by the yokai mist.


The yokai known as Rokurokubi, kill it by targeting its head and landing a critical strike.

Head down the bamboo bridge to the lower level of the cave and you’ll face 2 Aberrant Soldier, a Dweller, a new yokai enemy and the Nuppeppo.

Second Kodama Shrine
Once you’ve Killed the 2 Aberrant Soldier, a Dweller, a new yokai enemy, the Nuppeppo, head up the ladder to make your way to the mid-section where you’ll find the second Kodama shrine.

Now, head down the level to the east part of the scaffolding, through a path that leads you towards the Ippon-Datara along with a Dark Realm that has been spread across the cave.

Unblock the entrance for a shortcut towards the second Shrine, then head inside the dark realm.

Near the entrance., you’ll find three soldiers, shoot them with arrows, which will make them move out of the field, thus deactivating their buffs. Head back to the scaffolding near the entrance you unlocked and come across a Kiryoki on the second floor.

Head up a level to encounter the source of the dark realm. A Nuppeppo followed by an Aberrant Soldier.

Kill them to put out the dark realm, head down a level where you encountered the Kiryoki, to open a large chest.

Once opened, exit the tunnel and reach the outer part of the Golden Hall. Head up to face two Bakegani, from here, move across the broken wall towards the Third Kodama Shrine on the right side.

Third Kodama Shrine
Encounter a ronin guarding a chest inside of the Monk’s shrine next to the Kodama shrine.

Take him down and loot the chest. Make your way towards the west from the garden area, where you’ll find many yokai near small shrines and houses containing a good amount of loot.

Once at the marked objective, you’ll come across two yokai fighting none other than Minamoto no Yoshitsune.

You must assist him in his fight against 2 Aberrant Soldiers and continue going forward till you reach a yokai mist in your path. Defeat the Kiryoki yokai within to continue moving forward towards the fourth Kodama Shrine.

Fourth Kodama Shrine
Climb the ladder near the Shrine to find a chest to loot at the top.

Head down, make your way up the path towards the right, where you’ll find a cave guarded by 2 Bakegani yokai along with 2 lootable bodies. Take the yokai down, loot the bodies and head up do reach a Kiryoki and Aberrant Soldier.

Once in the open, you’ll face two Namahage. Target the horns to cause damage.

Once it’s down, head through the forest area and go around the tree trunk there to find a bamboo bridge leading you towards the top of the tree.

Here you’ll find another Namahage along with a Soldier. Kill them, reach the bridge which is now blocked by the Karasu Tengu yokai within, defeat it to cross the bridge.

Head left, move the ladder to reveal a shortcut back to the Fourth Kodama Shrine.

Head east from the bridge and find a chest along with a Kodama near some bamboo trees. Head to the purple chrysanthemums, find Mezuki yokai, kill it, then loot the body left to the flowers to find Saigyo’s Poem II.

Final Kodama Shrine

After killing the Mezuki Yokai, head straight from the path to find the final Kodama Shrine. The path from the shrine leads you to your main objective.

Minamoto no Yoshitsune Boss Fight

Minamoto no Yoshitsune is by far the quickest boss you’ll come across in the game.

As soon as the fight starts, the boss shoots his projectiles directly at you, there’s a high possibility that you’re going to be caught in them but be aware and try not to get caught.

Secondly, if the boss has multiple swords behind him, that’s an indication to get prepared for dodging the swords as they drop on top of you.

Make sure to counter his burst attack and start a series of your own attacks once he’s trying to recover himself.

Once he’s within his dark realm, he’ll throw swords at you with an amazing speed which may damage your health. All you can do is try to dodge every move he makes to eventually see an opening to strike him.

Repeat this process and defeat him to end the main mission and get rewarded with The Art of Combat: Sacred Bird Cry, and a new Guardian Spirit, Ho.

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