Nioh 2 Tengu’s Disciple Minamoto no Yoshitsune Boss Guide

In this Nioh 2 Tengu’s Disciple Minamoto no Yoshitsune Boss guide, we’ll be walking you through the Minamoto no Yoshitsune boss fight in Tengu’s Disciple DLC.

Nioh 2 Minamoto no Yoshitsune Boss

Minamoto no Yoshitsune is a powerful Yokai type enemy in Nioh 2 that you’ll get to fight during the ‘Eternal Rivals’ main mission and the ‘Bond of the Blade’ side mission of the Tengu’s Disciple DLC.

Before we talk about the boss fight itself, let’s take a look at Minamoto no Yoshitsune’s weaknesses, resistances, immunities and his moveset.


Normal Moves

  • Kurama Sword Dance: He strikes twice with his sword, follows it up with a kick and then ends the move with another two strikes.
  • Sacred Bird Cry: Yoshitsune strikes four times with the Sohoyamaru, with each strike releasing a projectile that follows a straight path. When his HP drops to 50%, these attacks get Imbued with Purity.
  • Usumidori Burst Attack: He first strikes multiple times using the Usumidori and then follows it up with the aforementioned Burst Attack.
  • Usumidori Combo: He performs two strikes using the Usumidori and then jumps towards you, slashing at you with the Sohoyamaru. He then finishes the attack off by striking behind him.
  • Burst Attack: With this attack, he slams the ground, doing massive AoE Purity damage.

Dark Realm and Grounded Moves

  • Wing Burst Attack: He performs a combo attack using his sword and wings.
  • Boulder Breaker: Yoshitsune tosses his swords at you and then rushes straight towards you.

Dark Realm and Perched Moves

  • Ho Guardian Spirit Skill: Yoshitsune summons Ho to attack you from above and then he attacks you himself.
  • Sword Storm Burst Attack: He shoots out his swords while jumping from multiple different locations, then he uses a sword to charge into you.
  • Sword Projectile Swarm: If you’re close, he tosses his swords around himself. If you are at a distance, he throws them straight towards you.
  • Falling Attack: He performs a body slam by jumping off the perch.
  • Jumping Wing Projectiles: He leaps into the air and fires three projectiles from each of his wings.
  • Cyclone: Yoshi calls upon Kurama Tengu who spawns a cyclone. After the cyclone pulls you in, Yoshi performs a sword storm attack around him as he’s slamming the ground.
  • Eternal Rivals Exclusive Burst Move: Dashes all around the arena and then dashes straight into you.

Universal Grounded Moves

  • Gattling Swords: He surrounds himself with swords and then fires them at you; gattling-gun style.
  • Triple Kicks: He leaps into the air and kicks thrice as he’s gliding down. This attack deals significant Ki damage.
  • Grapple: He kicks you while doing a handstand and then grapples you.
  • Sword Projectile Swarm: If you’re close, he tosses his swords around himself. If you are at a distance, he throws them straight towards you.
  • Wing Projectiles: He leaps into the air and fires three sets of projectiles. Three from each wing and then six projectiles at once.



Minamoto no Yoshitsune is weak against the following two status effects:

  • Purity
  • Corruption


Minamoto no Yoshitsune has high resistance against the following damage types:

  • Poison
  • Paralysis
  • Water
  • Fire
  • Lightning


Minamoto no Yoshitsune is immune to the following three status effects:

  • Scorched
  • Shocked
  • Saturated

Minamoto no Yoshitsune Boss Fight

Now that you know all the information you need to know about this boss, let’s talk about how you should actually fight him.

Since Yoshitsune has Shock, Scorch and Saturation immunity and is also greatly resistant to Poison and Paralysis, the most effective status effects to use against him are Purity and Corruption. And when it comes to damage, Ki damage is the way to go.

This fight will start off by Yoshi performing his Sacred Bird Cry move. The thing about this move (and most of Yoshi’s other moves) is that the projectiles won’t track you.

This means that you can easily evade the projectiles as they’ll just be travelling in a straight line. They’re also not that fast, so evading them won’t be much of a problem at all.

However, he’ll follow this attack up immediately with the Sword Projectile Swarm attack, so don’t try to punish this attack just yet.

After Yoshitsune does that attack, he’ll be completely open, so you’ll be able to get some good damage on him.

Because of the fact that most of Yoshi’s attacks don’t have any sort of tracking, remember to keep moving and evading. If you do so, you’ll repeatedly be able to get behind Yoshi and attack him from the back.

When Yoshitsune enters his Perched phase, most of his attacks will become projectile-based, but he’ll still perform some melee attacks like the Eternal Rivals Exclusive Burst move.

During his Perched phase, Yoshi will take double damage from Ki attacks. If you empty out Yoshi’s Ki gauge, he’ll be forced to enter a grapple state.

This will allow you to use your Yokai Abilities and other attacks with high Ki damage on Yoshitsune; like Sword Ki and Crimson Flurry.

Another thing to note is that you should always Grapple when Yoshi gets tired to get rid of the Curse buff. This will also allow you to do greater Ki damage in the Dark Realm and also more damage to Yoshi from behind him.

Overall, this fight won’t be that difficult. This is largely due to the poor tracking of Yoshi’s attack. You can just keep moving around the attacking him from the back and he’ll be down in no time.


Minamoto no Yoshitsune will drop the following rewards:

  • Kurama Sword Dance
  • Sacred Bird Cry
  • Kurama Swordmaster Set
  • Usumidori