Nintendo NX Has 12GB RAM, FIFA 17, Deus Ex Mankind Divided, Mass Effect Trilogy

Ever since the alleged new console of Nintendo has leaked, we have been living off of rumors for everything there is to know about it. In the past it was rumored that Nintendo NX has 8GB of RAM but new details suggest it is even better with 12GB of RAM!

Not only that, the new leaker has also listed a number of games that are going to be released on the console. There are some names in there that we already know, and some that will make you excited too.

Nintendo NX RAM, Games Leaked?

Yesterday it was speculated that there are going to be at least four Wii U ports releasing on the new console among a n even larger number of Wii U games being worked on for the console. This time, the leak suggests even more.

The guy in question originally posted a detailed story on Reddit, but deleted it soon after suggesting that he might have been asked to pull down the details. However, we have a screenshot of the story so nothing has been lost.

This new leak suggests that Battlefield 5, FIFA 17, Deus Ex Mankind Divided, Mass Effect Trilogy, Dragon Quest, Super Mario NX, Luigi’s Mansion, and Zelda Wii U port are confirmed.

Out of these, Luigi’s Mansion, and Zelda Wii U port are at least two games we have already heard of.


That being said, the leaker also claims that instead of the previously known 8GB RAM of Nintendo NX, the console has 12GB out of which 3GB will be reserved for the OS and the remaining 9GB will be open. This compared with the 6GB out of 8GB of Xbox One and PS4.

With the proverbial grains of salt – one for each pieces of rumors up there – we have also got our fingers crossed on that last one.

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