Nier Automata Into the Depths Walkthrough

Nier Automata Walkthrough guide to Into The Depths mission with tips and strategy to defeat the Eve Boss and the best path to grab a lot of loot.

Nier Automata Into the Depths walkthrough will guide players through this mission and the side quests which lead up to the main quest and the eventual boss fight against Eve.

Into the Depths mission in Nier Automata takes place after players have visited the Machine Village and tasks them with investigating the flooded area for alien readings. The section also has some side quests which the players can complete.

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Nier Automata Into the Depths

While doing the side quests, players will end up in the Desert Zone. A red area on the southwest corner, marked on the player’s map will lead them to a buried Pod in the sand. Excavating this will allow players to switch between Pod Programs on the fly instead of having to go into the menu.

This new Pod also has a different attack and instead of machine gun, it uses homing missiles to target enemies.

After completing as many side quests as they can, players can head towards the nearby crater where the objective marker is. Inside the crater, players will encounter a new enemy type, Linked-sphere.

This is enemy resembles a worm and has a sphere in the middle of it which is also its only weak spot so players should focus on damaging that. Once the worm is dead, players can jump down the hole in the crater.

This hole will lead players on two different paths. The one on the left is a dead end with a locked chest while the one on the right leads players to fight against some Small Stubbies and a Medium Biped.

This is a very dark area so players should use their light to see their surroundings. Continuing along this path will lead players to encounter a new enemy, Small Sphere which doesn’t really pose any threat.

Further on, players will come up on yet another fork. The path on the left leads to a chest with Ranged Defense Up and a locked elevator.

The path on the right leads to a room with two Small Spheres and a chest on the southern side which contains Titanium Alloy.

After killing the enemies and looting the chest, players can continue further on the path until the reach some doors.

Passing through these will eventually trigger a cutscene and start the boss fight against Eve.

Eve Boss Fight
This fight plays out very different from other boss fights in the game. Instead of an arena style combat encounter, the Eve boss fight actually works as a side scrolling fighting game.

Eve is not really a challenging boss despite being level 16 so as long as players keep his moves in mind, they should be prepared.

Eve occasionally transforms into a worm-like ring form that attacks the player but can be easily dodged by moving left and right.

When players get close, Eve uses his Double kick attack which doesn’t have a lot of range just like his Upper kick attack so both can be easily dodged.

Similar to Adam, Eve uses a barrier to block the player’s physical and ranged attacks and then releases the energy which players should dodge.

Just like Adam, Eve also creates energy pillars on the ground but since players can see them shining before the pillars pop up, dodging them shouldn’t be a problem.

Once Eve has been defeated, players will earn the “Creation and Insurrection” trophy and will need to return to the Bunker via an Access Point which finally unlocks the fast travel feature in the game.

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