Nier Automata Side Quests Guide

Following Nier Automata Sub-quests guide will discuss how to complete sub-quests and where to start, and what benefits will you get after completion.

Besides the main quests, there are a handful of Nier Automata Side Quests you can tackle. You earn EXP and other rewards by completing these Nier Automata sub-quests so they’re definitely worth doing.

The side quests in the game are a decent way to level up your character. They are easy to complete and many of them don’t have anything to do with combat

Nier Automata Side Quests

The following Nier Automata Sub-quests guide will discuss how to complete sub-quests and where to start, and what rewards will you get after completion.

The Weapon Dealer’s Request
Reward: Beast Hide x5, Rusted Clump x5, Crystal x5, 5000G, and 50 EXP’

Your client is the weapon’s dealer in the resistance camp. He has a broken maintenance device so he is unable to perform repairs. You need to head to the center of the city ruins to find materials required to fix this device. Be careful of the machines in the area.

The Supply Trader’s Request
Reward: Warped Wire x3, Medium Recovery x2, Amber x2, 3000G, and 50 EXP

Talk to the Supply dealer in the resistance camp to start this quest. The shop is unable to create plugin chips because the machine has failed. Fetch the materials needed to fix this machine.

11B’s Momento
Reward:  YoRHa-issue Blade weapon, Melee Defense +6, Ranged Defense Up (L), Melee Defense Up (L), 5000G and 200 EXP.

11B died in the abandoned factory, head there to recover any Momento’s from the body. Speak with 16D to start the quest.

Improving Communications
Reward: Simple Gadget x5, Medium Recovery x3, 3000G, 320 EXP

You need to transport materials to the Resistance, successfully doing this will improve communications between Earth and the Bunker. Head to the surface after starting the quest and wait for the commander to arrive.

Robo Dojo-White Belt
Reward: Melee Attack Up (L), Weapon Attack Up Chip, Small Gear x3, Small Recovery x1, 3000G], and 600 EXP

Go to the machine city and train with Father Servo.

Robo Dojo-Brown Belt
Reward: Melee Defense Up (L) x1, Severed Cable x3, Medium Recovery x1, Melee Defense +1 Chip, 3,000G, 1,150 EXP

Go to the machine city and train with Father Servo.

Robo Dojo-Black Belt
Reward: Large Recovery, Broken Battery x3, Ranged Attack Up (L), Ranged Attack Up +2 Chip, 5,000 G, 1,280 EXP

Go to the machine city and train with Father Servo.

Robo Dojo-Red and White Belt
Reward: Stripped Screw x3, Ranged Defense Up (L) x1, Ranged Defense +3 Chip, Full Recovery x1, 5,000G, 1,500 EXP

Go to the machine city and train with Father Servo.

Robo Dojo-Red Belt
Reward: Memory Alloy x5, Powerup Part S x1, 10,000G, 2,000 EXP

Go to the machine city and train with Father Servo.

Sartre’s Melancholy 
Reward: Sartre’s Letter, and Beast Hide x5, Medium Recovery x2, EXP Gain Up +3 Chip, 5000G and 500 EXP

Sartre is at the Pascal’s Village but speaking to him is useless. Go talk to female admirers, speak with the one in the makeup near Sartre, one of the other two is desert while the other is at the Housing Complex.

The Wandering Couple
Reward: Pearl x5, Medium Recovery x3, 5000G, 200 EXP, Black Pearl x4, Moldavite x4, Full Recovery x1, Overlock +3 chip, Pod Program: A080: Wave, 10,000G, 750 EXP

Head to the abandoned factory and you can find that item you are looking for all over the place.

Half-Vit Inventor
Rewards: Alien Mask, 1000G (Copper Ore x1, Rusted Clump x1, Broken Circuit x1), 2000G (Down-Attack Up Chip, Silver Ore x1), 5000G (Medium Recovery x1), 10,000G (Reset +1 Chip, Meteorite x1), 20,000G (Impact Bracer (L) x1, Speed Salve (L) x1).

Lost Girl
Reward: Pink Ribbon, Blue Ribbon, 5000G, and 750 EXP

Your client is the big sister machine who asked you to locate the little sister machine. Head to the marked area on the map that takes you to Housing Complex.

Jackass’s Research
Rewards(Per Round): Medium Recovery x1, 1000G, and 100 EXP. E-Drug

Speak to the Jackass to start this quest, all you need to do is head to the desert and kill the marked machines.

Retrieve Confidential Information
Reward: Dented Plate x4, Large Recovery x1, Crushed Nut x3, Large G Luck+ x1, Skill Salve (L) x1, 5000G, and 800 EXP. Pro Program: A140: Gravity

Find the three plugins marked on your map to complete this quest.

Resistance Disappearance
Reward: Pearl x3, Medium Recovery x2, Pyrite x5, Max HP Up +3 Chip, 5000G, and 1200 EXP

Speak with the woman in the Resistance camp and help find her friends. Investigate the storage site and play Batman for some time.

The Manager’s Request
Reward: Tree Seed x5, Animal Bait x5, Medium Recovery x2, Anti-Chain Damage +3 Chip, 3000G, and 250 EXP. Unlocks back area of Resistance Camp

Find the music box for the Manager in the Resistance camp. Head to the amusement park to get the music box.

Parade Escort
Reward: Dented Plate x4, Dented Socket x3, Impact Bracer (L) x1, Reset +3 Chip, Large Recovery x1, 10,000G, 750 Exp


Protect the clown parade and do not allow the machines to ruin the festivities.

Reward: Amber x2, Medium Recovery x1, Charge Attack +3 Chip, Speed Salve (L) x1, 5,000G, 500 EXP


There is a girl at the resistance camp who lost her memories, she has three photos, visit the locations of these pictures (marked on your map) to help her recover her memories.

Investigating Communications
Reward: 320 EXP

Go to the access point Jackass hands to you and visit the location to see what is causing the disruption in communication.

Sorting Trouble
Reward: Rusted Clump x5, Skill Salve (L) x1, Evade Range Up +3 Chip, Medium Recovery x1, 3000G, and 350 EXP

Retrieve the items from the storage area after speaking with the resistance member.

Sorting Trouble 2
Reward: Small Recovery, Skill Salve (S), Elaborate Gadget x5, Drop Rate Up +3 Chip, Full Recovery x1, 1,600 EXP


Retrieve the items from the storage area after speaking with the resistance member.

Sorting Trouble 3
Reward: Complex Gadget x3, Machine Oil x3, 10,000G, 1,900 EXP, Archives: Jackass’s Bomb Recipe, Pod Program: A120: Repair


Retrieve the items from the storage area after speaking with the resistance member.

Stamp Collecting
Reward: Precious Earrings x1, Broken Circuit x5, Large Recovery x1, Fast Cooldown +3 Chip, 5000G, and 1150 EXP

Speak with the Machine Receptionist at the amusement park and complete the stamp card.

Family Squabble

Reward: Deadly Heal +3 Chip, Broken Battery x3, Impact Bracer (L) x1, Medium Recovery x1, 10000G, and 750 EXP

Speak with Mother Machine at the Pascal’s Village shortcut entrance. Go to the city ruins to find the missing child.

Machine Examination 1
Reward: 3000G, 500 EXP. Engels 110-B Record 0005 Archive

Go find the Goliath in the city ruins and find the repair items to fix the machine to complete part 1.

Machine Examination 1
Reward: 5000G, 750 EXP. Engels 110-B Record 0010 Archive, Fast Cooldown +6 Chip, Max HP Up +6 Chip, Archives: Engels 110-B Record 0020


Go find the Goliath in the city ruins and find the repair items to fix the machine and gain intel from the Goliath in the city ruins.

Terminal Repairs
Reward: Medium Recovery x2, Simple Gadget x3, 3000G, and 600 EXP

Operator 60 has asked you to repair an access point somewhere in the city. She reached out to you via email, read the details head to the city to repair.

Treasure Hunter at the Castle
Reward: Giant Egg x3, Large Recovery x1, Moldavite x2, 10000G, and 1280 EXP, Letter to the Forest King Archive

There are three chests in the castle and once you get them all you can form a key with the machine parts inside. Go to through the large room in the library and reach the big double doors. Open the doors and proceed to the end of the path interact with the grave to get the letter. Head back to the Weird-talking Machine to complete the quest.

Animal Care
Reward: Beast Hide x5, Quality Sachet x1, 3000G, and 600 Exp

You need to find a cure for a sick moose for the Animal-loving Machine, the cure is in a journal in the northeast corner of a mall before the Forest Zone.

Turf War
Reward: Animal Bait x5, Auto-Heal +5 Chip, 10,000G,1750 Exp, Full Recovery x1, Records of Bestial Machine Archive

The Animal-loving Machine has another job for you and this time around it needs to deal with a herd of animals that invaded its land.

Camp Development
Reward: Natural Rubber x5, Torn Book x5, Down-Attack Up +3 Chip, Medium Recovery x1, Large G Luck+ x1, 5000G, and 320 Exp, Unlocks Anemone’s Past quest and Culinary Researcher quest.

Go to the marked campsite and deal with the enemies to complete the quest given by Anemone.

Anemone’s Past
Reward: Powerup Part S x1, Simple Gadget x5, 10000G, and 430 Exp, Data Chip A, Data Chip B, Data Chip C, Data Chip D, Data Chip E.

Speak with Anemone for the quest; now speak with 9S for a location at the Abandoned Factory where you will see a destroyed Medium Biped. Pick up the data chips in the area and come back to complete the quest.

Find a Present
Reward: Amber x4, Type-40 Sword, A130: Bomb, 5000G, and 800 Exp

Speak with 60 and head to the marked area to find the Desert Rose in the sparkly item. Read 6O’s email to complete the quest.

Culinary Researcher
Reward: Large Recovery x2, Melee Attack Up (L) x2, Melee Defense Up (L) x2, Ranged Attack Up (L) x2, Ranged Defense Up (L) x2, 5000G, 600 Exp

All you need to do is kill a boar and moose and loot the meat. Now go back to Resistance Supply Trader to complete the quest.

Reward: Tanning Agent x5, Ranged Attack Up (L), Offensive Heal +3 Chip, Melee Attack Up (L), Pod Program: A090: Wire, 5,000G, 1,300 EXP

You have to go and talk to the Resistance Member in the city ruins. You have to thoroughly investigate the whole situation to complete this quest.

Data Analysis Freak
Reward: Tech Manual x3, Medium Recovery x2, 3,000G, 1,150 EXP

Go to the factory’s entrance access point. Upload your data retrieved from the terminal and wait for Operator 210’s response.

Data Analysis Freak 2
Reward: Type-4O Blade, Pod Program: A110: Slow, Black Pearl x4, 5,000G, 1,430 EXP

You will receive an email from Operator 210 after completing Data Analysis Freak side quest. You will be asked to gather some intel from the housing apartment Complex in the Desert.

Lord of the Valley
Reward: Vengeance +3 Chip, Clean Nut x6, Memory Alloy x4, Last Stand +3 Chip, Taunt Up +3 Chip, 5,000G, 1,500 EXP

You can find this quest in the forest zone. You have to go into the canyon and kill all the machines and come back to machine lifeform.

Vanquish the Bad Bot
Reward: Memory Alloy x2, Sturdy Socket x3, Medium Recovery x2, 3,000G, 1,600 EXP

You can find this quest in the Machine Village. You have to defeat the enhanced machine that is killing children.

Play With Us
Reward: Plant Seed x5, Silver Ore x5, 3,000G, 2,000 EXP

You can find this quest in the Machine Village. You have to collect Toys for children from amusement park and deliver them to the item shop

Storage Element
Reward: Full Recovery x1, Meteorite x1, Moldavite x2, Dye x3, 10,000G, 2,000 EXP

Find a part required from the abandoned factory in the Machine Village to heal a child

Idiot Savant
Reward: Hijack Boost +6 Chip, Machine Head x2, Machine Torso x2, Machine Leg x2, Machine Arm x2, Machine Core x1, 10,000G, 1,300 EXP

In the machine village, you have to hack a child machine and get to know the internal circuitry.

Game Development Machine Level 1
Reward: Rusted Clump x5, Melee Attack Up (L) x1, Small Gear x3, Ranged Attack Up (L) x1, Medium Recovery x1, 5,000G, 1,300 EXP

A machine in the Amusement Park needs Tri-color cable to create a game. You have to get this item for that machine by defeating machines at the park.

Game Development Machine Level 2
Reward: Pristine Cable x3, Ranged Defense Up (L) x1, Titanium Alloy x3, Severed Cable x3, Large Recovery x1, Melee Defense Up (L) x1, 10,000G, 1,430 EXP

Game Creator Machine in the Amusement Park requires the four-color cable to make more difficult game. You need to get that cable from the abandoned factory by defeating the soldier machines present there.

Game Development Machine Level 3
Reward: Rusty Bolt x3, Memory Alloy x3, New Bolt x3, Hijack Boost +4 Chop, Stun +4 Chip, Heal Drops Up +4 Chip, Combust +4 Chip, 10,000G, 1,900 EXP

After completing Game Development machine level 1 and 2, Game Creator Machine demands a five-color cable to make a game that is harder than the games before.

Speed Star
Reward: Speed Salve (L) x3, New Bolt x1, Dented Plate x4, Rusty Bolt x3, Moving Speed Up +3 Chip, 10,000G, 750 EXP

You will find a High-speed machine in the City Ruins that will challenge you to a race.

Emil’s Memories
Reward: Elevator Key x1, Lunar Tear x1, 1,550 EXP

Emil will ask you to look for lunar tears in every region as they might help him understand his feelings.

Emil’s Determination
Reward: N/A

You have to destroy the Emil Clones in this quest. You can find this quest in the abandoned shopping Centre in the City ruins.

Data on the Old World
Reward: 8,000G per archive, Nuclear Fission information given to Pascal, Heal Drops Up +6 Chip, Clean Nut x3, Skill Salve (L) x1, Large Recovery x1, 3,000G, 1,300 EXP

You have to gather intel about the old world in this quest. You can find this quest in the Machine Village.

Reconnaissance Squad
Reward: Titanium Alloy x5, 3,000 G, Large Battery x2, Pristine Cable x2, New Bolt x2, Sturdy Socket x2, Clean Nut x2, 7,000G, Elaborate Gadget x5, Meteorite x2, Cure All Heal All x1, 10,000G, 2,500 EXP

You have to gather intel about enemy and provide that information to the 4S which is at the Forest Castle

Devola’s Request
Reward: Mushroom x5, Large Recovery x1, Pure Water x5, Ranged Defense Up (L) x1, Melee Defense Up (L) x1, 3,000G, 1,670 EXP

You have to gather some supplies for Devola and Popola(present at Resistance Camp) from the abandoned factory.

Popola’s Errand
Reward: Gold Ore x2, Full Recovery x1, Meteorite x2, Meteorite Shard x2, 5,000G, 2,000 EXP

Gather Desert Rose for Devola and Popola.

The Twins’ Request
Reward: Dye x3, Black Pearl x2, Popola’s Booze x1, 10,000G, 1,050 EXP

Devola and Popola will ask you to get them 5 Tree Saps.

Heritage of the Past
Reward: Per relic turned in: Amber x1, 5,000G, 100 EXP, Final: Thick Dictionary x3, 10,000G, 750 EXP, Spear of the Usurper

A member of the resistance from the Desert Zone will ask you to find some relics from the old world using the dynamic scanner.

Gathering Keepsakes

Reward: Complex Gadget x2, Full Recovery x1, Meteorite x2, Max HP Up +6 Chip, 10,000G, 1,800 EXP

Help the man in the resistance camp to locate his comrades

The Recluse
Reward: Small Recovery x1, Machine Arm x2, Evade Range Up +3 Chip, Ranged Attack Up (S) x1, 3,000G, 1,300 EXP

In the Machine Village, help the Overprotective machine to bring his son out of the house.

The Recluse stays home
Reward: Medium Recovery x1, Resilience +3 Chop, Machine Leg x2, Ranged Attack Up (L), 5,000G, 1,650 EXP

The Overprotective machine’s son has again locked himself with stronger defenses this time. Try to bring his son out of the house.

The Permanent Recluse
Reward: Machine Head x2, Damage Absorb +3 Chip, Skill Salve (L) x1, Machine Torso x2, Large Recovery x1, 10,000G, 2,000 EXP

The Overprotective machine’s son has locked himself for the third time with even more stronger defenses this time. Help the machine get his son back.

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