NieR Automata Endings Guide

Before the release of the game, developers made it clear that there are plenty of Nier Automata endings. In total, we have found 26 different conclusions to Nier Automata. The following Nier Automata Endings guide is Spoiler-Free and only tells you how to get a certain ending rather than what the ending entails.

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NieR Automata Endings

Ending A – One Battle Ends
Finish the game for the first time.

Ending B – Or Not to Be
After getting the ending 1, continue the game once again from your current save file.

Ending C – Meaningless Code
Select A2 in your final boss fight during the third playthrough and say not to POD’s request for credits.

Ending D – Childhoods End
Select 9S in the final boss fight and choose “I’ll go with you.”

Ending E – End of Yorha
Continue from ending 3 and 4 in the third playthrough and select 9S or A2 (wait for the credits), accept POD’s request and complete the mini game.

Ending F – Mission Failed
During ending B playthrough, hack the machine with attack units and wait until the time runs out.

Ending G – Hungry for Knowledge
Get ending A and fail the mission when you see 9S arrive at the crane.

Ending H – A Mountain Too High
Abandon the missing to fail the mission when the Goliath is in the city.

Ending I – No I in Team
In the first playthrough, take down the boss in the Copied City but run from 9S.

Ending J – Bad Judgement
Kill the pastor during chapter 09-01_3.

Ending K – aji wo Kutta
Eat Mackerel fish at the Desert Camp after meeting with Jackass.

Ending L – Lone Wolf
Run from the Sphere boss in chapter 10-02.

Ending M – Break Time
While playing as A2, do not enter Pascal’s Village.

Ending N – No Man’s Village
Kill villagers in Pascal’s village.

Ending O – Just You and Me
Run away from the final boss fight during Ending C.

Ending P – Corruption
Let 2B die during third playthrough C.

Ending Q – Questionable Actions
Lose 2B as 9S in playthrough C.

Ending R – Maverick
Take down friendly robots near Pascal in Chapter 14-05.

Ending S – City Escape
In the playthrough C, run away from Popola and Devola after the tower section begins.

Ending T – Fatal Error
Get rid of your OS chip.

Ending U – Debunked
Use self-destruct to blow up the bunker.

Ending V –  Reckless Bravery
In chapter 17-01, fight alongside Popola and Devola.

Ending W – Broken Wings
Die during the first mission of the game.

Ending X – Time to Relax
Do not help A2 and 2B meet when they meeting at the commercial center.

Ending Y – Heady Battle
Make Emil self-destruct during “Emil’s Determination”

Ending Z – Overzealous
Save Pascal and kill her.

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