Leaker Says Next Splinter Cell Game Is Open-World, In Early Development

A recent leak from a supposed insider claims that the next Splinter Cell game is in early development and will be an open-world game.

One of the many games that people have been hoping from Ubisoft for several years now is the release of a new Splinter Cell game. However, while there haven’t been many hints other than leaks and hearsay, leaker Tom Henderson has claimed on Twitter that the next Splinter Cell game is currently in development.

Splinter Cell is the story of Sam Fisher, a United States stealth expert who travels around the world undertaking various stealth missions against terrorists and other threats. However, since the last Splinter Cell game, Splinter Cell: Blacklist, came out in 2013, there hasn’t been another title in the series, though Fisher has made cameos and appearances in other Tom Clancy games.

Henderson’s leak claims that this Splinter Cell game is not only in early development, but will also be yet another open-world game from Ubisoft. This follows a trend that has been in many of Ubisoft’s games lately, placing them all, regardless of how well it fits, in open worlds rather than pre-created missions. These include not only the two The Division games, but also the last two Ghost Recon titles, Wildlands and Breakpoint.

Considering Splinter Cell is a stealth series, one wonders if Ubisoft is going to make the next Splinter Cell game into what is essentially Assassin’s Creed with guns, or some mixture of that and Ghost Recon. This might not work out well for Ubisoft either, as fans of its games have gotten increasingly sick of constant open-world games.

Henderson also cites the gameplay style of the newly-released Halo: Infinite as part of the game’s inspiration, as that game is a limited open-world style of gameplay that lets Master Chief drive from area to area in order to fulfill objectives. But at this point, if the next Splinter Cell game really is in development, hopefully despite the unconventional gameplay style it will signal a return to form for the series.

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