How Long Will it Take to Beat Halo Infinite’s Campaign?

If you’re one of the many players wondering how long it’ll take you to beat the campaign of Halo Infinite...

If you’re one of the many players wondering how long it’ll take you to beat the campaign of Halo Infinite in its entirety, we’ve got you covered with this guide where we’ll be showing you details about Halo Infinite campaign length and how long will it take to beat the game.

Halo Infinite Campaign Length

The open-world in Halo Infinite is the biggest yet in the beloved Halo franchise. But in spite of that, there are only 14 main missions in the entire Halo Infinite campaign.

However, on top of that, you have side missions that provide you with a lot of content to play through. You also have an open world that is completely explorable and contains all kinds of objectives and collectibles to find.

But of course, these side missions, objectives and collectibles are completely optional and aren’t part of the campaign. Considering how big the open world in Halo Infinite is, it’s rather underwhelming how few main missions it has.

If you choose to only play through the main missions of Halo Infinite’s campaign, it will take you around 9 hours of playtime to complete these main missions.

This means that the length of the Halo Infinite campaign is surprisingly similar to that of its predecessors.

Now, if you’re planning on playing through all of the content in the game, including main missions and side missions, then Halo Infinite will take you around 16-20 hours of playtime to complete in its entirety.

Do note that these time estimations are for the Normal difficulty. If you’re playing at a higher difficulty, the campaign will surely take much longer to complete.

An interesting thing to note is that there is an achievement in Halo Infinite named “Forza Veloce” which is unlocked when you complete the main story in less than eight hours.

So, according to the developers, it is possible for the story of Halo Infinite to be completed within 8 hours. Of course, this doesn’t mean that the campaign is eight hours long. It merely suggests that the campaign can be completed within eight hours.