New World Unable to Make Camp Bug Fix

In this guide, we'll be showing you the New World Unable to Make Camp Bug Fix in case you aren't able to make your camp any more

In New World, players use camping to set spawn points. However, it’s been reported by many players that they have been receiving the ‘Cant Make Camp’ error. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the New World Unable to Make Camp Bug Fix.

New World Unable to Make Camp Bug Fix

While playing the game New World, players can unlock camps and upgrade camps by participating in the main quest and completing its objective. Unlocking the camping feature becomes essential in New World as you’ll need it from time to time, and it will also help you craft and cook necessary resources to prepare yourself before a fight.

New World offers you a bunch of cool locations to pick and choose from. When you enter these locations, you’ll be able to participate in their quests and proceed further in the game.

In addition, having the camping feature unlocked will help you reside in these locations for a longer time and help you complete all of your quest objectives.

When you’re just starting with your main quest, you’ll be asked to set up a camp at a distance from the main town and stay there.

Here, you’ll automatically unlock the camping feature, and you can build a camp by collecting the material needed.

You can already tell that camping isn’t a hard thing to do, especially if you’re not encountering any bugs.

You’ll simply have to collect the materials for camping, which includes 5 Green Wood and 1 Flint, and then you can explore the location for a good spot. Once you’ve found a nice spot, simply interact with the ground to build your camp.

How to fix Unable to Make Camp Bug

Now, if you’re among the players who have been experiencing the bug, don’t worry, we’ve got you.

If you have collected all the materials and fulfilled all requirements to build a camp, simply try relogging into the game. Relogging will fix the problem instantly, and now you can camp anywhere free of worries and errors!

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