How to Upgrade Your Camp in New World

In this guide, we will be teaching you how to Upgrade Camps in New World to the maximum Tier. Camps...

In this guide, we will be teaching you how to Upgrade Camps in New World to the maximum Tier. Camps can be upgraded to higher Tiers, with each Tier offering better crafting opportunities. We will be explaining all the requirements you need to fulfill to Upgrade your Camp to Tier 5.

How to Make Camp in New World

Camps are an important part of New World as they allow you to do a lot of things remotely. Players can fast travel from their camps to any settlement. They can rest up before heading out, and most importantly, craft items from their camps.

You can set up your camp after you reach the first settlement and progress the story a bit. After that, simply press Y in any flat area to set up your camp there. Camp construction requires x5 Green Wood and x1 Flint.

How to Upgrade Camp

Upgrading your camp in New World is a very straightforward affair.  Your camp’s Tier determines what kind of items you can craft. Higher tier camps let the player craft better items.

There are 5 total tiers, and each Tier requires your character to be at a specific player level. In addition to the player level requirement, you also have to complete different quests to upgrade the camp.

We will be listing the player level requirement and the specific quest locations with each camp tier below.

Tier 2 Camp

To upgrade your camp to Tier 2, your character needs to be Level 15. Once you reach the required level, head to Monarch’s Bluff and complete the Friends in Fashion quest.

This quest requires you to collect pieces of tattered silk from skeletons located at Antares and Achernar in the Divine Rise and take them back to Survivalist Lee in the Everfall Settlement. Finally, talk to Odnell Lee to complete the quest.

Tier 3 Camp

The next camp upgrade requires you to be at Level 25. After that, you need to go to Cutlass keys Town and talk to Tosch. He will be helping you complete the Animal Instincts quest. Your camp will level up once you finish this quest.

The Animal Instinct quest basically requires you to collect 4 Sharpened Wildcat Claw from Sierra Wildcat and 4 Streaked Alligator Scales from Alligators.

Once you have collected the required items, take them to Tosch in Cutlass Keyes so that he is able to study how to tame them.

Tier 4 Camp

The Tier 4 camp upgrade in New World requires you to be Level 40 and complete the Lupine Observations quest at the Restless Shore settlement.

This quest will task you with beating Fangsnap in Fangsnap’s Den for Survivalist Wilson, located in the Restless Shores Settlement.

Tier 5 Camp

The final camp upgrade requires you to be Level 54. After which, you need to go to Eden Grove and talk to Derick Wardel. He will tell you to complete the Fading Lights quest, after which your camp will be upgraded to Tier 5.

In this quest, you’ll be inspecting the movements of Ancient Guardians in the Primal Lochan. While doing so, you’ll have to overcome 10 Ancient Guardians. After that, report back to Derick Wardell in Edengrove.

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