How to Level Up Fast in New World

Playing New World is fun, and it only gets better as you level up. In this guide, you’ll get to know how to gain more XP and level up fast in New World.

How to Level Up Fast in New World

Playing New World at level 1 isn’t boring, but why not get to the 60th level to unlock a lot of new and interesting quests and regions.

Below are a few tips and tactics to power level your character in New World. It all begins by gaining as much XP as you can, and that too efficiently.

One of the best ways to level up quickly in the New World is to complete more and more quests. To make things easier for you, there are more than one kind of quest available.

Main Quests

These are the most challenging, yet the most rewarding quests out there. They’re a part of the main storyline. However, taking up the quest without considering your current level is not the best use of time.

Each main storyline quest has a level recommendation. If you’re three or more levels below the level recommendation of the quest, the quest will put you through some deep waters.

Taking on a quest that is way above your league will pitch you against enemies that can finish you off in a single blow.

It’s recommended that finish a few side quests beforehand and increase your level before beginning with the main quest. This will save you some time and effort.

Still, don’t invest so much time in other quests leaving the main quests unattended. New quests will eventually stop showing up if you don’t complete the main storyline quests.

Faction Quests

Faction quests are not only rewarding when it comes to experience, but they also help you level up so you can complete some of the difficult main storyline quests.

There are two kinds of faction quests available: the PvE quests and PvP quests. For PvP quests, you’ll have to activate PvP first.

However, PvE quests can be completed without activating anything. Finally, when it comes to PvE quests, you would want to complete the group quests first rather than the solo quests, since they’re more rewarding.

Each day you get to complete a certain number of faction quests. Go through the list of available quests and complete only the ones that are more rewarding in terms of XP.

Side Quests

You can get to them by following the golden yellow markers on the map. They can also help you level up and then complete the main storyline quests.

Town Board Projects

Lastly, there are town board quests that you can complete and earn XP to level up. They’re not the most rewarding quests out there, but you can complete up to 12 quests each day.

They can be viewed from the town board of any settlement. They’re also the least challenging quests that you can complete.

However, do not indulge yourself in them early on in the game as they won’t help you level up fast. However, if you’re looking for something that can bring easy XP, then they’re your go-to.

It is suggested that you grab a bunch of them in union with your main quests, faction quests and side quests. This is an efficient way to gain a lot of XP.

Rest Bonus Experience

This is one of the easiest ways of gaining XP and leveling up. Whenever you log off from the game, make sure that your character is safe and sound in a settlement. This will reward you with XP without putting in any effort.

Territory Standing Upgrades

Doing quests or other activities within a territory will unlock Territory Standing Upgrade cards. Pick a territory where you spend most of your time laying down enemies or doing quests, and pick an XP gain card for that territory.

However, selecting this card for every territory won’t help either. You need to be aware of what you’re using the territory for.

If you’re using a territory for smelting and gathering stuff, then you might want to pick a card that boosts your gathering and smelting speed.

Since these activities add to the experience as well, the more stuff you gather and smelt, the more XP you’ll gain. However, if you’re new to the game, then opt for the XP gain card as nothing can go wrong with getting more XP.

We have listed some territories in tandem with their recommended levels to help you get an idea of where to start leveling up:

  • Level 5: Everfall, Firstlight, Monarch’s Bluffs, Windsward
  • Level 25: Brightwood, Cutlass Keys
  • Level 30: Weaver’s Fen
  • Level 40: Great Cleave, Restless Shore
  • Level 45: Mourningdale
  • Level 50: Ebonscale, Edengrove
  • Level 60: Reekwater, Shattered Mountain

Prioritize spending your time in the highest-level territory that you can manage. Doing so will reward you with increased XP within that territory including Town Missions, Side Quests and Faction Missions etc.

It’s best that you gather your friends in case you want to tackle missions in these high-level territories.

Activate your PvP

Having your PvP activated at all times is extremely risky, but it’s also very rewarding at the same time.

You’ll get 5-10% more XP after completing the quests while your PvP is activated. And, you can also just start running when you come across another player.

Blue Pages

There’re several blue pages spread out across the map. You’ll find them lying around on barrels, tables, or racks.

You don’t necessarily have to read everything that’s written on them, just picking them up and having a look at them would grant you XP.

Explore More

The best thing you can do in an open-world game is, explore. Only, this time around, you’ll get XP for exploring regions that you haven’t been to before.

Unexplored regions can be seen on the map, they’re labeled with a question mark.

Killing a Boss

There’re several quests in the game that require you to kill a boss and gain XP. For quests like these, you need to fight the boss in a group.

If you try attacking the boss solo, chances are that your effort will go in vain. Someone else will take away the kill and the XP.

You’ll have a better chance at having the kill in a group. Either create an invite for the group yourself or accept someone else’s invite.

Fast Travel

Since quests bring in the bulk of the XP for leveling up, you’ll find yourself running across the map for quests quite often.

This can waste time, especially if you’re looking forward to leveling up fast. Therefore, use the fast-traveling options as much as you can to travel from quest to quest.


Whilst you are exploring make sure that you are gathering. Gathering increases your XP, skills of the specific gathering type and character XP.

You can harvest a myriad of resources for example wood, minerals and plants etc. You can also gain the same from hunting.

Make sure that you are accomplishing all of these tasks in a smart way because you can overnumbered yourself fairly easily. You can either sell the items and gain gold or simply store them for future use.


Dungeons are an excellent source for gaining XP. Not only will you get decent drops from the reward pool but there are repeatable quests available that grant you 4000XP alone

Uninvited Guest?

Be an uninvited guest in a battle that is already going on. If you find a fellow player attacking someone, go ahead and land a few blows of your own as well. This will reward you with XP as well.

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