New World Territory Standing Rewards and Upgrades Guide

New World’s gameplay relies on much more than just doing quests and killing monsters. There is also a reputation system in place that alters the gameplay in each region. In this guide, we will be covering some of the best Territory Standing Upgrades for you in the New World as you gain reputation in these regions.

New World Territory Standing Rewards and Upgrades

Territory Standing works like the Level Up mechanism in the game. You can get it by crafting, beating enemies, and completing different quests in the game.

You will get a small reputation by doing any tasks in the area and when you reach a certain level of reputation your Territory standing will increase.

Best Standing Rewards for PvP and PvE

Not all of the standing rewards are equal, and vary a lot in how important they are depending on how you are playing.

In case you are engaging in the PvP and PvE portion of the game, you will need to focus on the territory Standing rewards that aid your objective.

These are the best Standing Rewards for PvP and PvE

  • Faction Tokens: This allows you to earn more reputation when you compete in Faction Quests.
  • Standing Gain: This allows you to earn much more reputation by doing almost anything in your territory, such as killing enemies and even crafting items.
  • XP Gain: It provides additional XP to all tasks done in the area.
  • House Ownership: Using houses as Inns can allow for free places for storage and spending time as well as earning money and XP.

Best Standing Rewards for Crafting and Trading

If you are focusing on Crafting and Trading component of the game, you need different Standing Rewards to make things easier for you.

Here are the Standing Rewards that will aid your goal of focusing on Crafting and Trading

  • Storage: As you are hoarding your product, you of course need massive storage.
  • Trade Tax Reduction: Reducing taxes will increase traffic through your trading posts, and increase business for you.
  • Standing Gain: As said before you get additional XP for any activity performed and that includes crafting and trading. This allows you to amass massive rewards for doing mundane tasks.
  • Station Fee Reduction: This is very important for players involved in heavy crafting.
  • Property Tax Reduction: this is important for trading posts in territories you don’t control, as it allows your settlements to grow and be better trading hubs.

All Territory Standing Rewards

Below are all the major territory upgrades you can get at different levels of standing and what each upgrade means for you in the region.

Gathering Speed

This bonus is what the name suggests. It will increase your gathering speed but not to a much higher degree. It will help you in making gathering a bit faster before getting the steel tools.

Early on in the game you may not get much Sand Flux or find Iron ore. In this situation, gathering speed upgrades can prove very beneficial for you. It can also help you in the latter part of the game where you will be mining.

The mining of Starmetal or Orichalcum Ores can take a long time if you don’t have this upgrade.

Storage Space

The only upgrade which you should be doing whenever getting a chance is Storage Space Upgrade. This upgrade doesn’t disappear and it is very valuable at any level in the game.

The increased storage will give you a 1600 weight capacity on the shed as well. In this way, you can house more materials and heavy armor than your thoughts.

Station Fee Reduction

This is the best upgrade to have if you are going for heavy crafting of any kind. The base crafting fee is not much but if you are going to do much of the crafting this can rise quickly.

For bulk refining or crafting the fee can be a bit much. This upgrade work with both crafting and refining and you can get up to a 5% reduced Station fee with this upgrade. So it is worth trying if you are planning bulk crafting or refining.

Standing Gain

This upgrade will increase the reputation you gain from crafting or killing enemies etc. This is also a good upgrade to have early on for the leveling up quickly. This will become less useful when you are close to your standing cap.

XP Gain

Just like the name suggests it will give you an XP bonus. It will give you about a 3% Bonus XP. This is a good investment for your start and very first investment in the game.

Just grab this at first and then don’t think about it since you can’t re-spec or re-allocate your territory standing bonus at any point.

Faction Token Gain

This will increase the amount of Faction Tokens you get from completing the Faction PvP and PvE missions. This can help you in having few items with a high value much quicker.

This is usually used for merchanting and crafting in the game. These are ruins of faction gear and holding so you can sell them early on.

House Ownership

Within any settlement that has housing, this upgrade is exclusive to Standing Rank 10. This upgrade lets you buy a house in the territory so this is a must-have upgrade in the New World.

House can be used for multiple things like it can be a free recall on a timer and can function like Inns. You can also make them great for storing them by spending some Azoth.

You can make this upgrade fall into an earlier spot by waiting till you hit the rank 10 and not allocating your 9th point to it. With this trick, you can get an extra 25 storage which can be very handy moving forward.

Housing Items

As you know having more space is always good. This is for the people who want to decorate their houses but it didn’t have any other value. This will help you in providing more storage space and your decor abilities will not be limited as well.

This will help in increasing the maximum storage in a town based on the basis of what tier your house is and what chests you have.

Property Tax Reduction

If your company is not controlling territory then this upgrade is for you.  This will decrease the weekly tax of property you have in the settlement. This is very important for controlling the property tax in territories you don’t control.

This can help you in having more houses in the territory you don’t control. So you can either control territory or use that upgrade for a territory you don’t control.

Trade Tax Reduction

This upgrade is very important if you are trading and selling things via trading posts. This will reduce the tax of trades you make through the trading posts.

This is going to help you in buying and selling items with reduce tax. Even if you are not trading you can still have it and use this for general sale and purchase.

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