How to Craft Gunpowder and Bullets in New World

We know that Gunpowder is a precious resource needed to craft cartridges or bullets. Crafting it is fairly easy, but one of the resources required is difficult to find. This guide will help you in finding one of the rarest resources needed to craft Gunpowder and Bullets in New World.

How to Craft Gunpowder and Bullets in New World

Crafting and refining raw material is a great way to gain experience in Engineering and Smelting. Useful right? Let’s start the guide by giving you an overview of the recipe.

To make Gunpowder, you need 5x Charcoal, 2x Flint, and 1x Saltpeter. 

Moving on to the resources, how can you acquire them?


Charcoal is created by burning wood in the smelter. Smelters can be found in any of the region’s major settlements. You can acquire wood by cutting down any tree or bushes in the world of Aeternum.


Flint can be found in abundance in any region. During your travels, make it a habit to look on the ground for large rocks. Sometimes near patches of dry grass or near fallen trees, these rocks, when observed, have the designation ‘Flint’ floating above them. You can also mine boulders to obtain Flint.

Finding Saltpeter in New World

To obtain Saltpeter, narrow your search to the caves of Aeternum. It is recognizable by the white streaks running across its surface that make it easier to find in the darkness of the caves. Here are some specific caves that you can find on the map:

Caves In Monarch Bluffs

  • South of Monarch Bluffs Town, Bayhowl Burrow
  • Southeast of Monarch Bluffs Town, Hurtfang Hole
  • North of Antares, Offal Grotto

Caves in Windsward

  • East of Windsward Town, Inkwell Cave
  • South of Windsward Town, Dankfur Hollow
  • East of Buccaneer Falls, Scratchrock Burrow

Now that you have everything let’s head to a settlement. Remember to refine the wood into charcoal by visiting the smelter first. After that, interact with a workshop to craft Gunpowder!

Crafting Bullets

Now that you have your Gunpowder, it’s time to make cartridges (the bullets) for your musket. To create an iron cartridge in New World, you would need 4x Iron Ingots, 1x Gunpowder, and 1x Linen.

Since you already have Gunpowder, just smelt your Iron ore. Iron ores can be found in caves or the mountainous regions of the World of Aeternum. Linen can be crafted by using Fiber on a Loom.

Finally, with all your resources in hand, pay a visit to the workshop once more. Look under ammunition to find and craft your Iron Cartridges!

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