Where to Find Hemp Plants for Fiber and Linen in New World

The island of Aeternum is vast and foreboding for anyone who knows not what to expect from their first foray into its lush jungles. This guide will tell you where to find Hemp Plants for Fiber and craft Linen from it in New World.

Where to Find Hemp Plants for Fiber and Linen in New World

Before we jump in, how is Hemp going to give you Linen? To create Linen, you need Fibers that can be extracted from the Hemp plant.

Hemp is often a tall leafy plant with blooming purple flowers. It is easily distinguishable from afar due to its height and vibrant blooms. It, literally, stands out from the other herbs and bushes in the vicinity.

Make sure you have your sickle equipped before going out to find this plant.

New World Hemp

Now, as for the areas. You need to focus on the starting area First light. Along with the regions, it shares borders with Windswards and Monarch’s Bluffs. Now let’s dig a little deeper by looking at these three regions individually.

First Light Hemp Locations

You must have started here as a new player! First Light is one of the lovely introductory regions for new players. So, you are bound to spot some basic resources here.

But just to focus your search, we are going to travel North East of the First Light Village. Around the vicinity of Dayspring Mills and around the Saircor bridge, you will find Hemp plants aplenty.

They are scattered about this area so expect unwelcoming enemies of level 15 and above. Tread carefully and lightly. Just cross the Saircor bridge to reach Elder’s bluff. The forest on the North of Elder’s bluff holds a concentrated number of Hemp, so you can always go there before moving on from the region.

First Light Hemp

Monarch’s Bluffs Hemp Locations

If you are traveling to Monarch’s Bluffs from First Light, take a detour to Milberry Hills and Homely Hills to find Hemp scattered all over these regions.

These hilly areas sit on the apex of First Light’s borders, so it’s not that hard to miss.

Hemp can be found in abundance in Monarch’s Bluffs, but there is a catch. This region is crawling with enemies that are level 20 and above. So be very careful, fellow scavengers.

Narrowing your search down for your safety and ease, travel to the east of the town of Monarch’s Bluff. By following the road, you will reach Devil’s Quarry nestled within a forest.

It’s best that you set up camp nearby in case you want to rest up.

Monarch’s Bluffs Hemp

Windsward Hemp Locations

From Monarch’s bluff, if you take a hemp pilgrimage to Windsward, you will find a large quantity of Hemp along the roads.

But if we just talk about Windsward, look to the stretching grasslands for your plant. Starting from the West of the region, you will find clusters of Hemp near Fisherman’s Bend and Primrose.

Your main quest will take you to this region so you can just explore after that. In the middle of the region, Green Ville and Green Haven will have whole fields of Hemp scattered about the area.

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