Where to Find Iron Ore in New World

Iron is one of the starting resources in New World and as such is extremely important if you wish to craft some decent starting gear for yourself. In this guide, we will help you track down the best locations to find Iron Ore in New World so you can mine and craft a large number of iron ingots.

Where to Find Iron Ore in New World

To find Iron Ore, you must search for Iron Ore Vein deposits. Deposits can be found on the ground level of the map but they differ from regular boulders as they are relatively larger in size.

Finding and mining Iron can be time-consuming especially since you are competing with other players for the same iron ore sources.

To find Iron Ore Veins, you must head up high onto the area covered with trees and mountains as Iron Ores are mostly found atop mountains, inside caves, or uphill.

There are three early game locations where you’ll find Iron Ores once you start your game:

  • First Light
  • Monarch’s Bluffs
  • Everfall

First Light

If you’re looking forward to reaching a higher level in New World, then First Light is probably the best location to start off with.

In the First Light region, you’ll find a good amount of Iron in the southern section of the area. However, you will come across a wave of Lynx during your search for Iron Ores in this location. So, keep an eye on that.

If you’re willing to face level 14 monsters then head over to the Graymane Burrow area to find a bunch of Iron Ores to farm.

Monarch’s Bluffs

There are spots at Monarch’s Bluffs as well where you can find Iron Ores.

Iron Ores in Monarch’s Bluffs can be found at Nyhart’s Anchorage. Simply head over to the southern side of Monarch’s Bluffs near the Brigand Bastion to find several Iron Ores either inside or outside the mob zone with level 24 mobs roaming around.

Apart from these locations, you can also find Iron Ores at:

  • The northern side of Monarch’s Bluffs is near Lodestone Lair.
  • Mines De Miclot and Adamant Mine.
  • Traitor’s Hold (fishing spot).


Lastly, we have the location called Everfall where you can find Iron Ores both in the eastern as well as the northern side of the location.

On the northern side, you’ll find Iron Ores at the Meadow Lake Fishery. But be careful of the level 18 Lost mobs wandering around the area.

Whereas on the eastern side, you’ll find Iron Ores in the Midnight Den. This is probably the most recommended place to visit since it provides you with a mix of Iron, Gold, and Silver Ores to find inside the cave.

Furthermore, we have Canary Mine where you’ll also find a decent amount of Iron Ores surrounded by level 15 corrupted mobs.

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