EA’s Instagram Teases Need for Speed 2022 Announcement

EA's Instagram account has asked fan to keep their eyes peeled upon being asked about Need for Speed 2022 related news.

Publishers often share information about their games on social channels. This time, EA seems to have teased some news regarding Need for Speed 2022. We know that Criterion and newly acquired Codemasters are working on the next Need for Speed title. We also know (via EA’s recent Earnings Call) that a Need for Speed game is in plans for release before December 31st. However, the is no official Need for Speed reveal so far from EA.

The Instagram post was originally made for Grid Legends where a fan asked if we will be hearing news related to Need for Speed 2022. The answer was, “Keep your eyes peeled”. Now since we already into 6th month of 2022 and the game is expect to release this year (unless it gets delayed), we must expect an announcement about the game soon.

EA has confirmed that there won’t be an EA Play event in 2022 so Need for Speed 2022 reveal would have to be an individual one. There were rumors of its reveal during Summer Games Fest however, we didn’t see anything Need for Speed related during that event.

A couple of months back, Need for Speed 2022 Map, screenshot and UI were apparently leaked and the map showed a Chicago like setting for the game. Codemasters Cheshire is reportedly helping Criterion Games for Need for Speed 2022 so it could be a refreshing different experience for the fans. The release of next Need for Speed game in 2022 would great for the franchise as not other mainline racing game is releasing this fall.

The next Need for Speed has reportedly dropped Xbox One and PS4 platforms so we can expect a true next-gen experience with the next game. So stay tuned for any further updates.

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