NBA 2K24 Inside The Arc Scorer Build

Inside-the-arc scorers in NBA 2K24 excel at scoring two pointers via dunks and alley oop by sacrificing their 3 points ability. This build will teach you how you can rule the arc in a basketball court.

Inside-the-arc scorer build in NBA 2K24 is primarily focused on scoring 2 pointers with the help of mid-range shots. In the world of basketball, inside-the-arc scorer is a player who can collect rebounds for driving dunks, hold his ground against the defenders and convert the passes into 2 pointers. They are sturdy and massive players with immense strength and inexhaustible stamina meter. 

Our goal in this guide is to create a scorer who is as good as Joel Embiid (one can wish) and can dominate inside-the-arc with their unmatched skills in NBA 2K24. To honor Embiid, we are going with a Center position and 7’0” height as our starters.

Body settings and attributes for NBA 2K24 Inside the Arc Scorer build

The following stats define a perfectly balanced inside-the-arc scorer in NBA 2K24 and match our desired build perfectly. We recommend that you don’t waver from these stats while creating this build. 

Height 7’0” 
Weight 238 lbs 
Wingspan 7’0” 
Close Shot 79 
Driving Layup 70 
Driving Dunk (focus) 83 
Standing Dunk 72 
Post Control 85 
Mid-Range Shot (focus) 91 
Three-point Shot 77 
Free Throw 68 
Pass Accuracy 72 
Ball Handle 69 
Speed with Ball 60 
Interior Defense 82 
Perimeter defense 50 
Steal 28 
Block (focus) 87 
Offensive Rebound 50 
Defensive Rebound 83 
Speed 69 
Acceleration 60 
Strength (focus) 96 
Vertical 75 
Stamina (focus) 98 

Dunks, mid-range 2-pointers, defense and surviving the onslaught of defenders is the primary focus of the inside-the-arc scorer build in NBA 2K24.

How to set up Inside the Arc scorer build

Inside-the-arc scorer in NBA 2K24 is basically a basket scorer who use their height and range to deliver 2 pointers from mid-range. They usually excel at dunks and ball release. However, this doesn’t make them any less of a defender. Due to their massive heights and overpowering strength, they also play the role of defenders inside their own paint. This archetype is best suited for center players.

Inside-the-arc players believe in offensive play and will do anything to basket those 2 pointers as soon as they can. For this reason, we have decided to put 83 points in Driving Dunk and 85 points in Post control abilities. 

Inside-the-arc scorer playstyle is not known for its playmaking or dribbles in 2K24. They are mainly focused on scoring goals rather than passing the ball around. 

The next part is defense. This is the second half of our inside-the-arc scorer build in 2K24. To achieve high defense against the attackers and converters, we have invested 82 points in Interior defense and 87 points in Block. This unlocks a lot of unique badges to hamper the opponent’s offensive. 

The final section is all about physical. Being a Center with an inside-the-arc archetype demands a heavily built player with an immense wingspan. To achieve this goal, we have 98 points in Stamina and 96 points in strength stats.

Best Badges for NBA 2K24 Inside the Arc Scorer build

Inside-the-arc scorer is basically an archetype in NBA 2K24 that will define the playstyle of the Center position we are going for. These archetypes are only attainable with the proper selection of badges in the game. For this build, we are going with the following badges and their variants.

S-Tier badges

  • Anchor (Silver): This badge improves your ability to defend the paint. 
  • Boxout Beast (Silver): You can now get a rebounding position in the paint with a successful challenge. 
  • Brickwall (Gold): This badge improves your screens and energy drain from opponents. 
  • Bulldozer (HoF): You can now easily overpower defenders. 
  • Catch and Shoot (Gold): This badge improves your chances of hitting a jump shot after a catch. 
  • Deadeye (Gold): One of the best shooting badges, Deadeye decreases the closing-out defender’s impact. 
  • Fearless Finisher (Silver): This badge allows you to successfully convert contact layups. 
  • Masher (Silver): You can now finish well around the rim against the small defenders. 
  • Rebound Chaser (Silver): You get better at chasing rebounds. 
  • Unpluckable (Silver): Defenders can’t strip you off the ball while using the Unpluckable playmaking badge. 

A-Tier badges for Inside-the-Arc scorer build in NBA 2K24

  • Aerial Wizard (Silver): This badge allows you to finish lobs at the rim. 
  • Big Driver (Gold): This badge improves the chances of a blown by when you are close to the opponent’s basket. 
  • Blinders (Gold): You no longer become fazed by defenders from the sides. 
  • Backdown Punisher (Gold): This badge allows you to back down your defender with ease. 
  • Dropstepper (Gold): This improves your dropsteps in the post. 
  • Green Machine (Gold): This badge increases your bonus for consecutive releases. 
  • Post Fade Phenom (HoF): This badge improves your ability to make post fades and hop shots. 
  • Post Lockdown (Silver): You can now successfully defend post moves. 
  • Post Spin Technician (Gold): This badge allows you to do a post-spin effectively. 
  • Slithery (Silver): This makes you impervious to defenders while navigating the lane. 
  • Work Horse (Gold): You can now get loose balls more easily. 

B-Tier badges

  • Bunny (Silver): This badge improves your ability to perform hop-step layups and dunks. 
  • Dream Shake (Gold): This improves your ability to perform post-fakes, resulting in successful shots. 
  • Guard Up (HoF): Your ability to perform jump shots increases after winning a contest against defenders. 
  • Hook Specialist (Silver): This badge improves your ability to make post hooks. 
  • Immovable Enforcer (HoF): This badge strengthens you against ball handlers and finishers. 
  • Open Looks (HoF): This allows you to perform successful wide-open jump shots. 
  • Precision Dunker (Silver): This allows you to perform skill dunks. 
  • Pro Touch (Gold): You are rewarded for having good layup timing. 
  • Two Step (Gold): This improves your ability to perform dunks. 

C-Tier badges

  • Comeback Kid (HoF): This badge improves your ability to perform shots when trailing. 
  • Float Game (Silver): This badge improves your ability to perform floaters. 
  • Giant Slayer (Gold): This badge improves your layups against tall defenders. 
  • Middy Magician (Gold): This badge boosts the effectiveness of pull-ups and spin shots from mid-range. 
  • Spin Cycle (Gold): This badge allows you to perform improved layups or dunks. 

Best animations

The following animations are recommended for our Inside-the-arc scorer build in 2K24. 

  • Joel Embiid 
  • DeMarcus Cousins 
  • Wendell Carter Jr 
  • A- height control 
  • A+ ball release 
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