NBA 2K24 Best 3-Level Scorer Build For PF

This NBA 2K24 3-Level Scorer PF build will allow you to dominate both ends of the court with your superior attributes.

Power Forwards serves one of the crucial roles in the basketball game. Being a PF, you will be the player having the most responsibility at both ends of the Court. Either it is the protection of your own side or bullying your opponents. The PF must be good in their stature and have good physical attributes to create fear among their opponents.

Building up a player good at offense along with the basic defensive and rebounding skills is a challenging task. With this NBA 2K24 3-Level Scorer build, we will make up a player perfect for the aforementioned roles along with scoring from the perimeter.

Body Settings and Attributes for NBA 2K24 3-Level Scorer build

Following are all the stats attributes associated with our build. Making up a Power Forward build with these attributes will not only be lethal from the three-point line but will also help you knock down the mid-range shots and finish the rim as well.

Weight240 lbs
Close Shot84
Driving Layup60
Driving Dunk80
Standing Dunk90
Post Control90
Mid-Range Shot88
Three-Point Shot87
Free Throw63
Pass Accuracy40
Ball Handle70
Speed with Ball70
Interior Defense80
Perimeter Defense40
Offensive Rebound84
Defensive Rebound85

How to setup 3-Level Scorer build for Power Forward

With this 3-Level Scorer build for PF in NBA 2K24, we are going to make a player capable of both defending followed by rebounding, and assisting the offense as well. With more investment in Finishing and Shooting along with the Defense attributes, the player becomes pretty much the jack of all trades.

Putting low consideration in the dribbling and the playmaking moves, the player will be strong at both ends of the court except for the center part. For the said purpose moving back and forth again and again in the court requires some additional stamina as well.

Investing in finishing attributes will allow the player to attempt the complex dunk shots. Even the shots attempted from the three-point lines can be beneficial to score points.

Best Badges for NBA 2K24 3-Level Scorer build

Attributes are just one-half of the equation when it comes to making the best builds in NBA 2K24. Badges play an important role in building up any player. We have prepared a list of all the important badges for the 3-Level Scorer Build.

Following up on these badges will help you make a versatile character with a very strong Power Forward base role. The badges are ranked under different categories but you just try to reach the highest (HoF) one for your build.

Tier S

Fearless Finisher (Silver): This badge helps you tackle energy losses upon getting in contact with the opponents.

Posterizer (Bronze): This badge helps in improving the dunk shot especially against the defenders

Slithery (Bronze): This badge provides a narrow escape route to the player carrying the ball successfully from your side near the rim.

Deadeye (Silver): The Deadye shooting badge helps you tackle a closing-out defender

Tier A

Masher (Gold): This provides an upper hand on the defenders especially the ones having a short height.

Precision Dunker (Gold): As evident by the badge name, it helps in improving the dunk shots.

Green Machine (Gold): This badge helps you get a bonus for some continuous releases

Corner Specialist (Gold): This badge assists you while playing for the long-range shots, especially from the corners.

Spot Finder (Bronze): This badge allows you to receive a speed boost to reach an open spot free of players.

Tier B

Fast Twitch (Silver): This badge allows the player to score quickly halting the defense reflexes

Aerial Wizard (Gold): With this badge, your put-back finishes are improved on a rebound.

Rise Up (Gold): This badge significantly improves your chances of dunking while standing in the paint.

Tier C

Hook Specialist (Gold): With this badge in your build, your hooks from the post are improved significantly.

Post Fade Phenom (HoF): This badge helps you improve the hop shots along with post fades as well.

Whistle (Silver): This badge helps you draw some fouls especially when attempting to score some points.

Spin Cycle (Gold): This badge allows you to improve your dunks along with the spin layups as well.

Two Step (Gold): With this badge in your build, you can improve your dunks and euro step.

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