NBA 2K24 Best 2-Way Interior Scorer Build For Center

2-Way Interior Scorer builds in NBA 2K24 suffer in dribbling but make up for it with great dunking and defense resulting in amazing scoring chances.

Interior Scorers rank quite high as solid 1v1 builds, capable of pulling the rug on all manner of opponents. As a 2-Way Interior Scorer in NBA 2K24, your dribbling capabilities are taken out of the equation. In exchange, however, you become a specialist when it comes to scoring in the post. This NBA 2K24 2-Way Interior Scorer build pushes great Dunking strength with solid defense attributes to make you a force to be reckoned with on the offensive and defensive.

Body settings and attributes for NBA 2k24 2-way Interior Scorer build

For a 2-way interior scorer build to be effective, you need to pump many attributes into dunks and defense in NBA 2K24. The following are the recommended stats we have settled on:

Weight255 lbs
Close Shot97
Driving Layup38
Driving Dunk58
Standing Dunk90
Post Control95
Mid-Range Shot57
Three-Point Shot
Free Throw57
Pass Accuracy
Ball Handle45
Speed with Ball
Interior Defense90
Perimeter Defense44
Offensive Rebound57
Defensive Rebound92

How to set up a 2-way Interior Scorer build for Center

Centers play an essential role for any successful team in the major leagues, and that holds true in NBA 2K24. They are responsible for defending the basket during defense and pulling a complete 180 and scoring on the basket during offense. In this build, true to that straightforward nature, we are aiming for stats and badges that improve our dunking and defensive capabilities.

We are going to put 97 points in Close Shot, 95 points in Post Control, and 90 points in Standing Dunk. This allocation greatly improves your post-hooking capabilities and unlocks helpful badges such as Hook Specialist and Dropstepper to further boost your scoring capabilities.

Being a Center, alongside scoring on the post, we are expected to defend our post when the ball switches hands. To that end, we have 90 points in Interior Defense and 92 points in Defensive Rebound. This stat distribution unlocks some helpful badges such as Boxout Beast, Rebound Chaser and Post Lockdown for better post-defense.

For the physical section, 96 points go into Strength, primarily to unlock Bulldozer to overpower defenders when its time to score and 91 points into Stamina for the Work Horse badge to get more successful Loose balls.

Best Badges for NBA 2K24 2-way Interior Scorer build

Badges can make your character shine in more areas than you may initially have envisioned. The badges we selected here were chosen after careful deliberation to create this specialized 2-way interior scorer build in NBA 2K24.

S-Tier badges

  • Fast Twitch (Gold): Increases the speed of performing successful dunks and layups, allowing you to capitalize on them before defenders have time to initiate a contest.
  • Fearless Finisher (Hall of Fame): You can capitalize on incoming passes into successful contact layups more efficiently.
  • Masher (Hall of Fame): Improves player’s ability to score at the rim, especially when faced with shorter defenders.
  • Rise Up (Gold): While standing in the paint, dunking over defenders becomes easier.
  • Dropstepper (Hall of Fame): Your ability to perform drop steps in the post is greatly improved.
  • Unpluckable (Gold): The Unpluckable playmaking badge boosts your ball control capabilities, making it harder for the enemy defense to seize control of the ball for themselves.
  • Post Lockdown (Gold): Improves your chances at stealing the ball from the opponent in the post, as well as shutting down their shots.
  • Boxout Beast (Gold): Higher chance to obstruct the path of players on defense so you can capitalize on a stronger position to go for rebounds and score.
  • Rebound Chaser (Gold): Allows you to grab rebounds from further distances.
  • Brick Wall (Gold): Screens become more of a threat and drain energy from opponents upon touch.
  • Bulldozer (Hall of Fame): While in control of the ball, gives you a boost to your strength so you can overpower defenders trying to steal the ball from you.

A-tier badges

  • Hook Specialist (Hall of Fame): Hook shots gain a great increase in being successfully carried out from all ranges.
  • Post Fade Phenom (Hall of Fame): Improves ability to make fadeaway shots and hop shots outside of the post with greater success.
  • Aerial Wizard (Gold): When a teammate’s shot misses the post, your ability to capitalize and turn the rebound into a score via a dunk or alley-oop is greatly improved.
  • Backdown Punisher (Hall of Fame): While in the paint, a boost to your ability to force defenders to retreat further in, giving you more room to operate in.
  • Post Spin Technician (Hall of Fame): Spins and drives in the post have a higher success rating and maintain solid control of the ball, preventing it from being stolen.
  • Work Horse (Bronze): Loose balls can be passed over opponents with greater ease. It also boosts your speed attribute, allowing for easier disengagements from stronger defenders.
  • Pogo Stick (Silver): Removes end lag after you land, allowing you to take new actions more quickly.

B- Tier badges

  • Dream Shake (Hall of Fame): Bait/decoy motions in the post have a higher chance of stunning defenders. Also, shots taken after a successful bait will have increased accuracy.
  • Pro Touch (Hall of Fame): Gives an additional boost on your shots for timing your layups properly.
  • Whistle (Gold): Increases chances to get more free throws when creating contact at the rim or during jump shots.
  • Precision Dunker (Gold): Can apply successful skill dunks with greater ease.
  • Open Looks (Bronze): Your ability to shoot accurate wide open jump shots greatly increases.
  • Immovable Enforcer (Hall of Fame): Improves your strength while on defense to deny opposing ball handlers and finishers.

C-Tier badges

  • Spin Cycle (Bronze): Improves ability to make higher level spin layups and dunks.

Best animations

For our 2-Way Interior Scorer Build, instead of custom animation we are going to stick with the default Post Hook animation of Joel Embiid.

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