NBA 2K23 Contact Dunk Requirements: How To Contact Dunk

In NBA 2K23, a Dunk is a move to dodge the ball from the incoming defender that is not very...

In NBA 2K23, a Dunk is a move to dodge the ball from the incoming defender that is not very good. We will first block the ball and then dunk in either direction to successfully get away with the ball to the net.

There are many types of dunks in NBA 2K23 such as Two Hand Dunks, Flashy Dunk, and offhand Dunk. Among all the dunk types, there is a type called Contact dunk that is very difficult to execute.

Read this guide to learn about all the requirements that are needed to execute the Contact Dunk in NBA 2K23 as well as how to do the Contact Dunks.

How to do contact dunks in NBA 2K23

Contact dunks are contested dunks a player makes when a defender is guarding them. Performing contact dunks can be quite tricky and need a lot of practice to perfect, as you need to keep a good eye on the dunk meter.

To make a contact dunk, you first need to hold the R2/RT button while driving toward the rim, and then hold the X/A Shoot button. Do remember that you need to keep an eye on the dunk meter and release the buttons right as it turns green to make a perfect Contact Dunk.

There is another thing that you need to look for while performing Contact Dunk is the Dunk Meter. It can be displayed once you hold the right stick down when the ball is in range.

The Dunk Meter is a circle that appears initially as yellow but once you make corrections, it will turn green. Your aim is to target the ball in the green part of the circle.

If you are not getting the Contact Dunk. Just attack the side of the defender and dunk using the right stick instead of the shoot X button. If another team player is directly underneath the basket, you will 100% get the contact Dunk.

You will never get the Contact Dunk if there are one or two people in the paint. The game mechanics of the NBA 2K23 does not allow you to have the Contact Dunk if there is anyone in the paint.

Contact dunk requirements in NBA 2K23

Your contact dunk requirements for NBA 2K23 are pretty much the same as they were in the previous NBA 2K22 installment. That should not be surprising since the new iteration only introduces a few changes. It is still the same game more or less.

For newcomers though, if you want to do a Contact Dunk more often, you should get yourself a Content Dunk package. When you are finishing the purchase, select the Contact Finisher badge as well as Posterizer from the finishing badges.

Below we have listed all the Contact Dunks available to assign your player in NBA 2K23 along with the different stat requirements needed in order to be able to assign them.

The Elite Contact and Elite Bigman Standing Contact dunks in particular are the best options you can go for.

  • Pro Contact Dunks: Should have 84+ Driving Dunk, 70+ Vertical
  • Pro Alley-Oop: Should have 70+ Driving Dunk, 60+ Vertical
  • Elite Contact Dunks: Should have 92+ Driving Dunk, 80+ Vertical
  • Elite Alley-Oop: Should have 85+ Driving Dunk, 60+ Vertical
  • Small Contact Dunks: Should have 86+ Driving Dunk, 85+ Vertical, Height under 6’5″
  • Pro Bigman Contact Dunks: Should have 80+ Standing Dunk, 65+ Vertical, height 6’10” or above.
  • Elite Bigman Standing Contact Dunks:90+ Standing Dunk, 75+ Vertical, height 6’10” or above.

To Contact Dunk in NBA 2K23, you need to have all the required ratings mentioned above. The bare minimum ratings to have are 92+ rating of Driving Dunk, 90+ rating of Driving Dunk, 80+ rating of Vertical, and at least 6’10” in height. You can get away with only the 6’5” height if you have fulfilled all the above ratings.

Contact Dunk badges

Below is the list of Finishing badges that are required to have the Contact Dunk in the NBA 2K23.

  • Limitless Takeoff (HOF)
  • Posterizer (HOF)
  • Slithery Finish (HOF)
  • Contact Finisher (HOF)

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