NBA 2K23 Best Teams For PF (Power Forward)

If your gameplay style is a mix of defense and offense, we have the perfect teams for you to join as a PF in NBA 2K23.

Power Forwards (PF) play the crucial role of being the offensive frontline for the team in NBA 2K23 and basketball. This guide will cover all the best possible teams you can join as a Power Forward in NBA 2K23.

Power Forwards (PF) have to keep an offensive stance constantly while not forgetting about the defense, so once you have mastered all of that and are now looking for a team that will cover your shortcomings, we have just the list for you.

Below, we’ve discussed the best teams where your potential as a Power Forward will shine in NBA 2K23. We’ve also given the best team roster for the rest of the positions, so your abilities and talents are further complemented.

Chicago Bulls

The first team on our list for the PF position from NBA 2K23 is the Chicago Bulls with Demar Derozan, Zach Lavine, and Lonzo Ball, which, in my opinion, is a very solid lineup of players.

Chicago Bulls has tons of promising players; all they lack is you as their Power Forward.

If you want your presence to make a big impact on the team, then open up myPlayer and create a big-man build that has good rebound handling. When playing for the Chicago Bulls, use the following lineup.

Center (C)Nikola Vuvcevic83
Shooting Guard (SG)Zach Lavine88
Point Guard (PG)Lonzo Ball82
Small Forward (SF)Demar Derozan89

Charlotte Hornets

The second team for the Power Forward position is the Charlotte Hornets, who recently just drafted the basketball legend – Mark Williams.

Mark Williams is one the most shining players in the game with 7’2’’ height, he will dunk over your head like it is nothing. You don’t want to go up against such a beast of a player, so why not play alongside him? The massive 7’2” height of Charlotte Hornet can also be used for your best dunk build.

Along with Mark Williams, this team also has LaMelo Ball, and all this team needs right now is an undersized Power Forward.

By undersized, we mean 6’8’’ or 6’9’’ power forwards with a good ability to score and keep the defensive line strong. Consider the following lineup when plying for the Hornets.

Center (C)Mark Williams72
Shooting Guard (SG)Terry Rozier III82
Point Guard (PG)LaMelo Ball87
Small Forward (SF)Gordon Hayward80

Sacramento Kings

If you are looking for a team with a solid combination of attack and defense with no compromise on anything, and with players like De’Aaron Fox and Davion Mitchell, they lack nothing except for a Power Forward.

Their current Power Forward – Harrison Barnes, is new and hasn’t shown much promise. With his 80 OVR, it shouldn’t be too hard to take his place in the team and make this team unbeatable throughout the season. Use the following lineup when playing for the Kings:

Center (C)Domantas Sabonis86
Shooting Guard (SG)Malik Monk76
Point Guard (PG)De’Aron Fox84
Small Forward (SF)Harrison Barnes80

Denver Nuggets

Aaron Gordon is the team’s current Power Forward, but with just 79 OVR and an average performance in the recent season, this team is seriously lacking a strong power forward.

Bring a strong power forward and team up with the all-star Jamal Murray and the other top players, and you can take this team to the finals.

If you join this team, you have a chance of being the team’s MVP, and with very little competition, it will be easy enough to take the spot. Use the following lineup when playing for the Nuggets.

Center (C)Nikola Jokic96
Shooting Guard (SG)Kentavious Caldwell-Pope76
Point Guard (PG)Jamal Murray84
Small Forward (SF)Jeff Green76

Los Angeles Clippers

If you want to make things happen while having people like Norman Powell, Paul George, and many more covering for you, then the LA Clippers is the stage where you can show your talents to the world.

This team has everything except a strong power forward. This team loves to shoot, which will give you tons of chances for rebound, and if you like to score points and cash on that rebound opportunity, then this is the team for you. When playing for the Clippers, consider using the following lineup:

Center (C)Ivica Zubac77
Shooting Guard (SG)Norman Powell80
Point Guard (PG)Reggie Jackson77
Small Forward (SF)Nicolas Batum76

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