NBA 2K23 Best Bronze Badges (Next-Gen/Current-Gen)

NBA 2K23 offers a ton of badges for players to unlock by completing challenges. These badges are not only for...

NBA 2K23 offers a ton of badges for players to unlock by completing challenges. These badges are not only for bragging rights but also grant the player passive skills on equipping.

Taking these badges into consideration is very important when building your character as you get access to different badges to unlock depending on your build.

All these badges have four tiers: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Hall of Fame. The bronze tier is the easiest to unlock as it has the lowest requirements.

In this guide, we will recommend you the best badges to unlock in the bronze tier for each of the badge types below.


Limitless Takeoff

Requirement: 65 points in Diving Dunks
This badge allows you to perform diving dunks from much further away than other players. This alow allows you to get breathtaking highlights while contributing to your victory.


Requirement: 72 points in Diving Dunks
Equipping this badge will help you deal with defending players as it allows you to throw down a dunk on them. Equip this badge if you are having trouble against the defense of the opponent team.

Using posterizer and Limitless Takeoff together will help you make the best dunk build in NBA 2k23

Rise Up

Requirement: None
This badge greatly boosts the possibility of dunking on opponents in the painted area of the court. This badge pairs up ideally with Posterizer badge to make you a menace against defenders.



Requirement: 59 scores in Mid-Range Shots or 75 Three-pointers
This badge will assist in making multiple shots in a short time as it reduces the effect of fatigue on the player’s shot-making capability. Equip this badge if you like to move all over the court while making multiple shots.

Green Machine

Requirement: 60 scores in Mid-Range Shots or 60 Three-pointers
It rewards the player for perfect shot releases as it grants an extra boost on each flawless release.


Ankle Breaker

Requirement: None
This badge will make your opponent look like an amateur. It increases the chances of the defender falling if they are biting in the wrong direction.

Clamp Breaker

Requirements: 64 Ball Handles
This badge allows you to secure the ball. Your ability to shrug off contacting while handling the ball gets a sizable boost.

Quick First Step

Requirements: 70 Ball Handle or 80 Post Control or 66 Speed with Ball
When exiting triple threat or size-up, you can launch the ball faster and more effectively.



Requirements: 58 Steals
The badge buffs up your defense game as your ability to intercept attacks greatly increases.

Chase Down Artist

Requirement: None
This badge will increase your leaping distance and speed when chasing down an attacker who is handling the ball.

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