What Are The Best Archetypes In NBA 2K23?

Every player plays a specific role (or position) on the court in NBA 2K23. Each position further falls under different...

Every player plays a specific role (or position) on the court in NBA 2K23. Each position further falls under different archetypes based on their stats and builds.

The following guide will tell you the best archetypes for each position in the game by highlighting the stats you need to invest in and the badges you need to unlock.

Best archetypes for every position in NBA 2K23

There are five different positions you can play in the game: Point Guard, Shooting Guard, Power Forward, Small Forward, and Center. Given the amount of flexibility of the stats you have, there are loads of different types of archetypes you can make for each position, and it can often be difficult to decide which one to go with.

Let’s look at Steph Curry, Magic Johnson, and Kyrie Irving to make things easier to understand. Each of these players is a point guard, but they play the role in a slightly different way.

The main role of a point guard is to control the offense by making effective passes and aiding with scoring. Magic Johnson was an excellent passer, for example, but you won’t see that in Steph’s case. If you look at Stephs’ stats, you’ll see that he’s barely making the minimum requirements for assists, but is one of the top players in scoring and 3-point shots. Similarly, Kyrie Irving is a mixture of both, but he tilts slightly towards mid-range shots and acrobatic layups rather than shooting 3s.

Keeping all that in mind, you have a lot of choices on what type of archetype to choose in NBA 2K23. We’ve done the job for you.

Point Guard – Scoring Machine

The best archetype for the Point Guard in NBA 2K23 is the Scoring Machine. The main role of a Point Guard is to help with scoring and to assist teammates as well for that matter. This archetype will maximize your scoring potential and keep on raining three-pointers and mid-range shots.

Body Setting

  • Height: 6’2”
  • Weight: 185 lbs
  • Wingspan: 6’3”
  • Body Type: Solid

Team Rating Boost – Pull-Up Precision

FinishingClose Shot: 25Driving Layup: 77Driving Dunk: 93Standing Dunk: 39Post Control: 62
Finish BadgesHeat Seeker (Silver)Pasteurizer (Hall of Fame)Slithery Finisher (Silver)
ShootingMid-Range Shot: 86Three-Point Shot: 93Free Throw: 67
Shooting BadgesBlinders (Gold)Deadeye (Hall of Fame)Hot Shot (Gold)
PlaymakingPass Accuracy: 85Ball Handle: 90Speed with Ball: 93
Playmaking BadgesAnkle Breaker (Gold)Bail Out (Bronze)Bullet Passer (Hall of Fame)
Defense/ReboundingInterior Defense: 25Perimeter Defense: 44Steal: 84Block: 25Offensive Rebound: 51Defensive Rebound: 76
Defense/Rebound BadgesInterceptor (Silver)Pick Pocket (Gold)Chase Down Artist (Bronze)
PhysicalsSpeed: 93Acceleration: 92Strength: 25Vertical: 93Stamina: 92

Shooting Guard – Scoring Machine

The best archetype for the Shooting Guard in NBA 2K23 is the Scoring Machine as well. As opposed to a Point Guard, the job of a shooting Guard is to get the ball in the basket at all cost, from anywhere on the court.

This can only be done with high stats in shooting like mid-range, free throw, and 3-pointer shots in NBA 2K23.

Provided that we have the same job of scoring and shooting, the Scoring Machine archetype would also go well with this position, but we can turn down a bit of the defensive stats and add them to offensive ones.

Body Setting

  • Height: 6’6”
  • Weight: 205 lbs
  • Wingspan: 6’11”
  • Body Type: Built

Spot-Up Precision – Limitless Range

FinishingClose Shot: 25Driving Layup: 71Driving Dunk: 92Standing Dunk: 50Post Control: 75
Finish BadgesGiant Slayer (Bronze)Posterizer (Hall of Fame)Lob City Finisher (Silver)
ShootingMid-Range Shot: 95Three-Point Shot: 95Free Throw: 90
Shooting BadgesCorner Specialist (Silver)Catch & Shoot (Hall of Fame)Hot Shot (Gold)
PlaymakingPass Accuracy: 70Ball Handle: 80Speed with Ball: 88
Playmaking BadgesUnpluckable (Silver)Quick First Step (Gold)Bullet Passer (Gold)
Defense/ReboundingInterior Defense: 25Perimeter Defense: 40Steal: 91Block: 25Offensive Rebound: 60Defensive Rebound: 82
Defense/Rebound BadgesBax (Bronze)Pick Pocket (Gold)Interceptor (Hall of Fame)
PhysicalsSpeed: 90Acceleration: 85Strength: 25Vertical: 67Stamina: 95

Small Forward – 3-Level Scorer

The best archetype for Small Forward in NBA 2K23 is the 3-Level Scorer. The Small Forward is perhaps the most important player on the team, aiding it in scoring as well as defense.

The 3-Level Scorer archetype build would allow for this position an ideal balance of defensive and offensive potential.

Body Setting

  • Height: 6’10”
  • Weight: 215 lbs
  • Wingspan: 7’4”
  • Body Type: Built

Spot-Up Precision – Finishing Moves

FinishingClose Shot: 80Driving Layup: 95Driving Dunk: 95Standing Dunk: 25Post Control: 25
Finish BadgesAcrobat (Gold)Fearless Finisher (Hall of Fame)Lob City Finisher (Gold)
ShootingMid-Range Shot: 90Three-Point Shot: 95Free Throw: 80
Shooting BadgesCorner Specialist (Hall of Fame)Blinders (Gold)Green Machine (Hall of Fame)
PlaymakingPass Accuracy: 71Ball Handle: 77Speed with Ball: 89
Playmaking BadgesDownhill (Hall of Fame)Quick First Step (Hall of Fame)Unpluckable (Gold)
Defense/ReboundingInterior Defense: 40Perimeter Defense: 40Steal: 50Block: 25Offensive Rebound: 25Defensive Rebound: 34
Defense/Rebound BadgesInterceptor (Bronze)Hear Crusher (Hall of Fame)Intimidator (Silver)
PhysicalsSpeed: 90Acceleration: 88Strength: 40Vertical: 80Stamina: 90

Power Forward – Post Facilitator

The best archetype for the Power Forward in NBA 2K23 is the Post Facilitator. The Power Forward would generally be the strongest man on your team, making a huge impact in defensive and offensive paint with well-timed blocks and fantastic dunks. The stats that come with the Post Facilitator Archetype would make the perfect Power Forward for your team.

Power forward player has playmaking and defensive attributes that can later be used if you are building best dunk build in 2k23.

Body Setting

  • Height: 6’9”
  • Weight: 260 lbs
  • Wingspan: 7’6”
  • Body Type: Built

LimitLess Range – BoxOut Wall

FinishingClose Shot: 55Driving Layup: 89Driving Dunk: 93Standing Dunk: 91Post Control: 25
Finish BadgesGiant Slayer (Bronze)Fearless Finisher (Gold)Rise Up (Hall of Fame)
ShootingMid-Range Shot: 76Three-Point Shot: 81Free Throw: 65
Shooting BadgesDeep Threes (Silver)Blinders (Silver)Corner Specialist (Silver)
PlaymakingPass Accuracy: 88Ball Handle: 51Speed with Ball: 66
Playmaking BadgesBreak Starter (Hall of Fame)Needle Threader (Hall of Fame)Quick First Step (Gold)
Defense/ReboundingInterior Defense: 79Perimeter Defense: 80Steal: 84Block: 90Offensive Rebound: 58Defensive Rebound: 84
Defense/Rebound BadgesInterceptor (Gold)Rebound Chaser (Hall of Fame)Clamps (Silver)
PhysicalsSpeed: 78Acceleration: 75Strength: 55Vertical: 69Stamina: 84

Power Forward – Glass Cleaning Lockdown

Body Setting

  • Height: 6’9”
  • Weight: 260 lbs
  • Wingspan: 7’6”
  • Body Type: Built

Paint Intimidation – Spot-Up Precision

FinishingClose Shot: 60Driving Layup: 75Driving Dunk: 75Standing Dunk: 80Post Control: 25
Finish BadgesHeat Seeker (Silver)Fearless Finisher (Bronze)Posterizer (Silver)
ShootingMid-Range Shot: 71Three-Point Shot: 77Free Throw: 73
Shooting BadgesCorner Specialist (Gold)Deadeye (Bronze)Catch & Shoot (Silver)
PlaymakingPass Accuracy: 75Ball Handle: 60Speed with Ball: 55
Playmaking BadgesFloor General (Hall of Fame)Bullet Passer (Gold)Break Starter (Gold)
Defense/ReboundingInterior Defense: 81Perimeter Defense: 25Steal: 79Block: 91Offensive Rebound: 91Defensive Rebound: 91
Defense/Rebound BadgesWarm (Silver)Rim Protector (Gold)Chase Down Artist (Bronze)
PhysicalsSpeed: 74Acceleration: 70Strength: 75Vertical: 75Stamina: 85

Center – Two-Way Stretch Five

The Center is usually the tallest man on the team, and often the most important one. The main job of a center is to dominate the paint, secure defensive and offensive rebounds, or make put-backs.

With this Center Build, you’ll have the best stats and the best takeovers to dominate the paint with ease.

The Two-Way Stretch Five is the popular pick for players these days after the three-point revolution.

Body Setting

  • Height: 6’11”
  • Weight: 220 lbs
  • Wingspan: 7’5”
  • Body Type: Defined

Takeovers: Limitless Range, Pull-Up Precision

FinishingFinishingClose Shot: 57Driving Layup: 72Driving Dunk: 84Standing Dunk: 67Post Control: default
BadgesPlaymaking: 13Defense/Rebounding: 24Finishing: 11Scoring: 25
ShootingMid-Range Shot: 99Three-Point Shot: 99Free Throw: 74
PlaymakingPass Accuracy: 72Ball Handle: 72Speed with Ball: 67
PhysicalsSpeed: 99Acceleration: 99Strength: 76Vertical: 84Stamina: 90
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