NBA 2K22 MyPlayer Builder Tips

With each NBA 2K game release, a new meta and playstyle is signaled for the players to adapt. This means most players will be spending a lot of time creating the perfect player. So, we have gathered these useful NBA 2K22 MyPlayer Builder tips to help you out.

NBA 2K22 MyPlayer Builder Tips

Things have changed a bit in NBA 2K22 with the balancing of different builds and playstyles, so it might take you a little while to get used to things.

Even veteran MyCareer players need to see these tips to better grasp the mechanics this time around and make full use of the MyPlayer Builder tool in NBA 2K22.

Figure out Player Roles

When creating a character, the first thing you need to figure out is what role you will be playing and how well does it complement your playstyle. Some positions are more overpowered in 2K22, and that’s up to you to figure out.

Create characters of varying height but do not make them close to IRL heights. Otherwise, enemy teams will easily beat you.

Make sure your character usually stays above 6.2-6.3 feet. And take your time while creating the build because this affects how your playstyle will mold with this game.

Make the Build Around your Strengths

Only you know which playstyle you are most comfortable with, so; you need to be honest with yourself while making a build.

Do not make shooting and finishing focused builds if you are not comfortable playing those positions and would rather be a playmaker.

Creating a comfortable build can mean the difference between winning and losing in NBA 2K22.

Study the Attribute Requirements

You should always figure out beforehand which skill requires how many attribute points to better plan your build.

For example, if you thought about having the Pro Dunk Package requires your Diving Dunk attribute to be at 84 potential to unlock and equip it.

Play all the Amateur Leagues

You should not act impatiently and go straight into the NBA. Rather, work your way up from college, g-league, Brickley, and then set into the NBA.

Doing so gives you ample time to experiment around with different players and find the best-suited character. If you jump straight into NBA, you are guaranteed to lose a lot of your earlier games.

Acquire the Gym Rat Badge

If you acquire the Gym Rat Badge, you will gain additional speed, wind, power, and quickness. And these attributes are extremely important even if your build relies more on the skill side.

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