NBA 2K22 Best Badges Guide

Just like the previous additions in the NBA 2K series, badges in NBA 2K22 serve to provide various boosts. In...

Just like the previous additions in the NBA 2K series, badges in NBA 2K22 serve to provide various boosts. In this guide, we have listed down all the badges available in NBA 2K22, along with their respective boosts.

NBA 2K22 Badges

There is a total of 80 Badges in NBA 2K22, categorized under four different types of skills, namely Defense/Rebounding, Finishing, Shooting, and Playmaking.

You can invest in each one of these skills by your in-game performance, as a result of which you’ll earn badge points. Using these badge points, you’ll then be able to acquire the badges of your choosing.

It is worth mentioning that most of these badges are the same as in the previous iteration of the NBA. However, in 2K22, the cap for badge points has been greatly increased. Also, with the Badge Loadouts feature, you can now easily manage your badges.

So, without further ado, let’s dive straight into the entire list of badges in NBA 2k22.

Defense/Rebounding Badges

Ankle Braces – lessens the likelihood of getting crossed over and breaking the ankle from the opponent’s dribbles.

Box – Enhances your ability to effectively box out opponents.

Ball Stripper – Increase the likelihood of stripping an opponent when he goes for the basket.

Brick Wall – Raises the efficiency of screens and causes opponents to lose more energy than normal on physical hits.

Chase Down Artist – Improves the player’s ability to get a chase-down block.

Defensive Leader – Enhances the defensive prowess of your teammates. Furthermore, it allows you to see the possible shot percentages of opponents at the Hall of Fame level.

Clamps – Enhances your ability to stay ahead of the ball handler on the perimeter.

Hustler – A title given to a player who has a nose for the ball.

Menace – A title given to a player who, while on defense, harasses their match-up.

Intimidator – intimidates the offensive players of the opponent team such that they are more likely to miss the shots.

Interceptor – Raises your odds of getting steals in passing lanes.

Off-ball Pest – Enhances your ability to bump and harass the offensive players of the opponent off the ball.

Pick Pocket – Enhances your ability to steal the ball from a ball handler.

Pick Dodger – Boost your ability to move through screens on defense.

Post Lockdown – Increase the likelihood of a defender to defend against post moves.

Pogo Stick – Boosts your ability to carry out multiple blocks in sequence.

Rim Protector – Enhances your ability to block shots. Also, it boosts the Takeover meter for teammates.

Rebound Chaser – Boosts your ability to chase down rebounds.

Worm – When boxed out, rebounders can spin or swim more conveniently.

Tireless Defender – Reduces the loss of energy during exertion on defense.

Finishing Badges

Backdown Punisher – Raises your chances to successfully back down your opponent.

Dream Shake – Enhances your chances of stunning a defender when doing fakes in the post.

Dropstepper – Enhance your ability to make effective use of the doorsteps in the post.

Acrobat – Increases your ability to perform layups of high difficulty level, including euro-step, cradle, spin, and more.

Fearless Finisher – Boosts your ability to convert the contact layups.

Giant Slayer – Increases the usefulness of layups over taller defenders.

Hook Specialist – Heightens the percentage of post hook shots.

Grace Under Pressure – Makes the standing shots under or near the basket more effective.

Lob City Finisher – Raises your chances of carrying out a successful alley-oop layup.

Mouse in the House – You receive a boost on the layups, given that the opponent is much smaller.

Limitless Takeoff – Improves the effectiveness of dunks and layups from a long-distanced take-off range.

Posterizer – Raises your chances to posterize your opponent.

Post Spin Technician – Causes post spin or drive to work better.

Fast Twitch – Allows you to perform standing layups or dunks before the opponent defender blocks you.

Pro Touch – You receive a boost if you have good layup timing.

Putback Boss – After an offensive rebound, it enhances shot percentage for a putback.

Rise Up – When under the basket, dunking is made much easier.

Slithery Finisher – Boosts your ability to avoid contact when going for the rim.

Unstrippable – Provides protection to the ball when you’re attempting a layup or dunk.

Tear Dropper – Improves your chances of knocking down runners and floaters.

Shooting Badges

Chef – Enhances the range for off-the-dribble three-point shots.

Catch & Shoot – Increases your odds of hitting a jump shot right after the catch.

Blinders – You are not perturbed by the defenders from the side.

Clutch Shooter – Boosts your ability to complete successful shots in clutch situations.

Circus Threes – Stepback threes receive a boost.

Corner Specialist – Your corner shots receive a boost.

Difficult Shots – Enhances your ability to shoot difficult shots off the dribble.

Deadeye – Any defender who closes in on you becomes less impactful.

Green Machine – Enhances the bonus received for performing successive extraordinary releases.

Fade Ace – Boosts your ability to shoot post fades.

Limitless Spot-up ­– Increases the range for standing three-point shots.

Hot Zone Hunter – Enhances the shot percentage for the attempts that you take in your favorite spots.

Lucky # 7 – Early shot-clock jumpers receive a boost.

Rhythm Shooter – Shots taken after breaking down a defender are improved.

Mismatch Expert – Shooting over tall defenders receives only a minor penalty.

Set Shooter – Boosts shot rating when you take your time before shooting.

Slippery Off-ball – improves your ability to get open off the ball.

Sniper – Your good-aimed shots receive a boost.

Volume Shooter – As you make more shot attempts in-game, your shot percentage improves.

Stop & Pop – Strengthens your shot rating on standing three-point shoots after dribbling.

Playmaking Badges

Bail Out – Raises the odds of successful completion of a pass from mid-air.

Ankle Breaker – Increases your chances of freezing or dropping a defender while dribbling.

Break Starter – Boosts your ability to carry out effective outlet passes after catching a rebound.

Dimer – Increases the shot percentage of open teammates on jump shots after getting ahold of a pass.

Bullet Passer – Boosts your ability to pass the ball quickly.

Downhill – Enhances your movement speed during the transitional phase of the ball.

Glue Hands – Strengthens your ability to grab difficult passes and instantly put them down on the floor.

Floor General – When you are in-game, your teammates will receive an offensive attribute bonus.

Handles for Days – Reduces the loss of energy while dribbling.

Hyperdrive – Improves your dribbling ability while on the move.

Post Playmaker – Enhances the shot percentage on passes that are made to a shooter out of the post.

Needle Threader – Raises the chances of tough passes getting through the defense.

Quick First Step – First steps of triple threat and size-ups become more effective.

Quick Chain – Boosts your ability to chain up dribble moves together.

Space Creator – Strengthens your ability to create space amidst defenders.

Special Delivery – The passer and receiver’s takeover meter gets a boost if the shot goes in.

Tight Handles – Enhances your ability to break down a defender.

Stop & Go – Strengthens your ability to start and stop the ball.

Unpluckable – lowers the likelihood of you getting stripped by a defender.

Triple Threat Juke – Paces up the triple threat moves when you’re trying to rush past the defender.

NBA 2K22 Best Badges

Now that you’ve gone over the entire list of badges in 2k22, you might have got an idea of the best ones in each category.

If not, then fret not. Here are the best badges that you can opt for in each of the four categories:

Defense/Rebounding Badges

  • Defensive Leader
  • Pogo Stick

Finishing Badges

  • Acrobat
  • Grace Under Pressure
  • Unstrippable

Shooting Badges

  • Clutch Shooter
  • Deadeye

Playmaking Badges

  • Ankle Breaker
  • Bullet Passer
  • Floor General