NBA 2K22 MyTeam Guide

In this guide, we'll be showing you everything you need to know about the NBA 2K22 MyTeam introduced in the newest addition to the NBA series

With the release of NBA 2K22, fans have been eager to play the most anticipated mode, NBA 2K22 MyTeam. There have been a few changes in the franchise with the addition of new modes that we’ll be discussing in this guide.

NBA 2K22 MyTeam

NBA 2K22 has added multiple new features and modes this year. Below we’ll be discussing the entire MyTeam in detail.

NBA 2K22 MyTeam Modes

Starting off with the modes that were introduced as a part of previous NBA Games and are fortunate enough to be a part of this year’s NBA 2K22: MyTeam Limited and MyTeam Unlimited.

MyTeam Limited

Not many changes have been made to the MyTeam Limited mode since its addition in NBA 2K21. The mode is available each Friday-Saturday and just like last year, there will be restrictions (line-ups) each week that will change the meta of the game.

MyTeam Limited is a standard 5v5 multiplayer mode where you’ll take on different MyTeam players to earn a Championship Ring.

There will be a new Championship Ring every week. A prize will be rewarded to you once you’ve scored a victory in a MyTeam game.

Now, it’s totally up to you to decide whether you want to keep your prize to yourself or trade it with multiple Mystery Prizes.

The Mystery Prizes can either contain a Championship Ring or you can get something even worse than what you originally got in your official prize. Therefore, choose wisely!

MyTeam Limited Rewards feature the likes of Aaron Gordon, Jaylen Brown, Ralph Sampson, Damon Stoudamire, Jimmy Butler, and the one and only LeBron James.

MyTeam Unlimited

MyTeam Unlimited is a feature that was first introduced in NBA 2K19. With that said, this year a total of $500,000 are at stake.

There are two tournaments being held with a total of 64 qualified teams and only two winners who take the $200,000 prize and two-runner ups being rewarded with a $50,000 prize.

It’s the same formula as last year, you enter a tournament and will have to make your way to the top of the league.

Those who’ll be participating in the $250,000 tournament, they’ll be given an opportunity to take part in the cross-progression.

This means that you’ll be qualifying for the Emerald Tier then moving forward to being a part of both console generations, opening an opportunity for you to become a double champion in 2K22 MyTeam.

Triple Threat Online

This mode can also be referred to as the 100-point mode. Triple Threat Online is a 3v3 mode that grants 100 points to players at the beginning of each run.

However, once the match has ended, the number of points your opponent scored will be at your expense since you’ll start losing points from your 100 points.

The number of deducted points depends upon the number of points your opponent scored against you, whether you won the match or lost it.

Pick-Up and Skills Challenges

With the newer additions in NBA 2K22, Pick-Up and Skills Challenges have been introduced into the game replacing the usual Weekly and Moment Challenges.

With this addition, instead of getting weekly challenges, you’ll take part in daily challenges against AI with almost the same stats as your team (for a fair play). Winning the game rewards you a gift once per day.

Basically, the difficulty of the game depends upon your own skills. If you’re a pro player then your opponents will be as good as you.

MyTeam Draft

Another Fresh addition to the NBA 2K22 list of additions.

MyTeam Draft is a newly added multiplayer mode in 2K22 that provides you with a full lineup of cards and seven packs from which you’ll select your 13 players along with a coach.

However, you’re only allowed to pick two players per position pack.

Additionally, the game also offers you a Featured Pack containing a total of three cards included in your drafted lineup.

Your main focus should be on the League Pack. As each Draft provides the player with a League pack along with a selection from the Draft-exclusive Ascension. More victories equal more Ascension picks.


Ascension is a feature that was added last year. This prize mechanism rewards you with exclusive prizes along with a Grand Prize Player at the very end of your season.

This year’s first season of MyTeam rewards you with the Legendary Big Dog, a Pink Diamond Glenn Robinson.

The gameplay is really simple. During each Draft run in MyTeam, either win 10 games or lose 3 to restart the draft and get rewarded with Ascension prizes all over again.

NBA 2K22 Best MyTeam Cards

There’s a 15-card mural on Day 1 to get a chance of earning a Luka Dončić’s NBA 2K22 cover. Simply complete the mural, collect all 15 Event cards to earn the cover.

Another great addition to the roster is the Holo cards. Though they don’t provide extra abilities, they still are rare cards that can come in handy in certain challenges. So, keep an eye on these rare cards.

With the introduction of a new card grading system, you can now send all your player cards to professionals who’ll grade them. Once they’re graded, you’ll get in-game coins as a reward.

Here is a list of the best Cards available currently in NBA 2K22

Wilt Chamberlain: Wilt Chamberlain excels at Pick and Roll as well as Blocking. Wilt can give or receive pick and rolls and blocks shots like a fly. Based on these facts, he’s a must-have.

Devin Booker: Devin Booker is a top NBA 2K22 My TEAM Player Card. In terms of offense, he is very dynamic. He has the ability to score from the post all the way up to three-pointers. As a result, he’s an absolute must-have.

Rajon Rondo: In terms of defense, Rajon Rondo is your go-to guy. When he’s defending, nothing can go wrong.

Carmelo Anthony: Carmelo Anthony is undoubtedly the best card to have right now in the game. Once you acquire Carmelo Anthony, you will have the top offense in the league. You will, however, have to grind a lot to unlock him.

Isaiah Rider: Rider is the highest-level emerald available, with an overall of 83. His dunking and three-point shooting are both precise. He poses a serious threat to the opposition in the court.

MyTeam Starter

You’ll be given a few cards to pick from at the start of the game in MyTeam. These cards are called the Starter Pack. Below we’ve given the best 2K22 MyTeam starters.

  • Trae Young (PG)
  • Donavan Mitchell (SG)
  • Jayson Tatum (SF)
  • Zion Williamson (PF)
  • Nikola Jokic (C)

This is probably the first time in the history of NBA 2K where you’re able to get all 5 of these starter cards for an All-Star Line-up.

To do so, start off with evolving a Starter Pack to the max which will eventually unlock a new Lifetime Agenda allowing you to get all the 5 starter packs.

Evolving the fifth starter to the max unlocks Emerald Phil Jackson, the first historic coach of the year.

NBA 2K22 MyTeam Locker Codes

Locker Codes make a return in NBA 2K22 and you can redeem them in the Community Hub section of the game. Keep in mind that locker codes are only available for a limited time before they expire.

MYTEAM-MOMENTS-CHRIS-DUARTE: Using this code you can unlock Sapphire Chris Duarte.

NBA-PRIMETIME-PACKS-MYTEAM: You can use this code to get the NBA Primetime Pack, Converse Shoe Pack, or 1 Token.

HUB-OPTION-PACK: This code can be used to unlock Diamond Mid-Range Shoe Boost, Diamond Jordan XXXI Shoe, Karl-Anthony Towns Signature, HOF Set Shooter Badge, or Diamond Defensive Rebound Shoe Boost

S1-CALL-TO-BALL-SUPER-PACK: You may use this code to get Colossal, Dunktober, Signature Series and either Flash 1 or Flash 2 Pack.

Leveling Up Rewards in MyTeam

Similar to last year, there are 40 XP levels with 40 different rewards. Below is a list of rewards you’ll get on each level of Season 1, along with some tips to level up fast in MyTeam.


  • Level 1: Call to Ball Tee
  • Level 2: Call to Ball Basketball
  • Level 3: New Player Indicator
  • Level 4: New Banner Options
  • Level 5: MyTEAM Intro Pack
  • Level 6: New Green Release Animation
  • Level 7: Battle Ready Emotes
  • Level 8: Skill Boosts (5 Games)
  • Level 9: 2XP Coin “30 Minutes”
  • Level 10: New Player Indicator Shape
  • Level 11: Gatorade Boosts (5 Games)
  • Level 12: New Dancing Emotes
  • Level 13: New Banner Background Options
  • Level 14: +1 Defensive Rebounds
  • Level 15: MyTEAM Team Customization Pack
  • Level 16: New Playful Emotes
  • Level 17: 2XP Coin “1 Hour”
  • Level 18: Gatorade Boosts (10 Games)
  • Level 19: New Banner Options
  • Level 20: New Crazy Emotes
  • Level 21: Call to Ball Jersey
  • Level 22: Skill Boosts (10 Games)
  • Level 23: New Breakthrough Gear
  • Level 24: MyTEAM Player Customization Pack
  • Level 25: New Party Emotes
  • Level 26: VIP Wheel Access
  • Level 27: New Banner Options
  • Level 28: 2XP “1 Hour”
  • Level 29: Call to Ball Backpack
  • Level 30: New Inline Skates
  • Level 31: New Breakthrough Gear
  • Level 32: 2XP Coin “2 Hours”
  • Level 33: Gatorade Boosts (10 Games)
  • Level 34: New Banner Options
  • Level 35: MyTEAM Promo Bundle
  • Level 36: Skill Boosts (10 Games)
  • Level 37: Call to Ball Custom Suit
  • Level 38: 2XP “2 Hours”
  • Level 39: +1 Badge Point
  • Level 40: New Go-kart

MyTeam Leveling Up Tips

In MyTeam, you’re given certain objectives to complete. These objectives are called Agendas. Completing these Agendas gives you a great number of XP.

There are season agendas and lifetime agendas in NBA 2k22. If you wish to level up quickly, lifetime agendas are not for you because they provide only a small amount of XP and slow down the leveling process.

Season agendas, on the other hand, should be your primary focus because they provide a lot of XP. Complete your daily challenges in particular because they will help you out a ton to level up.

Apart from that, these challenges are fairly simple and shouldn’t take long to complete, so you should prioritize them if you want to level up fast.

Once you’re close to ending the season, you’ll get tasked with several challenges which provide you with XP per minute.

Therefore, start off with finishing the easy challenges, this way you’ll complete the tasks on time and get rewarded with more XP.

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