How To Heal Operators In MW3 Zombies

During the game, you'll need to heal operators in MW3 Zombies, especially during the Guardian Angel mission. Here's how to do it.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Zombies comes with another heart-pounding challenge, “Guardian Angel,”. You’ll complete this during a mission of the same name during Act 2 Mother of Invention. You must heal operators 20 times using the Healing Aura field upgrade in MW3 Zombies to complete this challenge.

This guide contains the right strategy to complete this mission in a single playthrough. It will teach you all about using Healing Aura effectively while achieving the mission objective.  

Equip the Healing Aura Field Upgrade 

The Healing Aura Field Upgrade unlocks at level 19; before beginning the mission, make sure you’ve gained enough experience to unlock it.  

Once you begin the Guardian Angel, equip your gears with Healing Aura Field Upgrade in the loadout menu.  

Activating the Healing Aura 

This field upgrade can be activated near injured teammates to heal operators in MW3 Zombies. To use the field upgrade, use X for the keyboard, L1+R1 for PlayStation, and LB+RB for Xbox to initiate the healing process.  

However, keep an eye on the cooldown timer in the screen’s lower corner as the upgrade replenishes over time. 

Strategic Healing 

To maximize the effectiveness of your healing efforts, prioritize healing your team as soon as their health starts dwindling. Additionally, consider coordinating with other squads to speed up the process, especially at exfil sites. This helps you heal multiple operators at once that are in close proximity. 

Reduce Cooldown Through Zombies Kill 

To expedite the recharge of the Healing Aura, actively engage in zombie elimination. Each zombie you grind replenishes the upgrade meter, allowing you to heal more frequently. 

Use exfil zones as they are chaotic battlegrounds with many zombies swarming the area. Strategically use this opportunity to heal your team member, as the influx of zombies will quickly recharge the Healing Aura. 

Self-Healing Counts! 

Don’t forget that healing yourself also counts in the Guardian Angel’s mission objective. Whenever your health is low, activate the Healing Aura to regain your vitality and contribute to the mission’s progress. 

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