MW3 Zombies: All Field Upgrades 

Field Upgrades are useful supernatural items in MW3 Zombies that will make your job dispatching the undead easier. Here's how to get them.

Call of Duty is back with another installment of the Zombies mode in Modern Warfare 3. With the dead roaming around, it’s still challenging for the players to survive. But field upgrades in MW3 Zombies make the battlefield easier to cross and remove the undead. 

Field upgrades give players a paranormal enhancement to fight back and defend themselves. This guide will cover all the field upgrades in MW3 and how to unlock them. 

MW3 Zombies Field Upgrades Unlock 

If you have played the Black Ops Cold War Zombies, you must be familiar with “field upgrades”. These provide players with temporary supernatural ability to power up. Out of the six field upgrades, you will get Energy mine from the outset. The rest are obtained as you progress through the game, leveling up your military rank.

Here’s a list of field upgrades and the levels you need to reach to unlock them: 

  • Energy Mine: Will be given at the beginning 
  • Frenzie Guard: Unlocked at Level 9 
  • Healing Aura: Unlocked at Level 19 
  • Frost Blast: Unlocked at Level 29 
  • Aether Shroud: Unlocked at Level 39 
  • Tesla Storm: Unlocked Level 50 

MW3 Zombie Field Upgrades 

Let’s dive into the damage these upgrades cause and their recharge speed. 

  1. Energy Mine: An explosive mine that damages any zombie contacts it. 
    • Recharge Speed: Medium 
  2. Frenzie Guard: Repair armor by attracting all the zombies on the battlefield to target you for 10 seconds. Each kill will repair the armor. 
    • Recharge Speed: Slow 
  3. Healing Aura: Heals every player in your team on their last stand. 
    • Recharge Speed: Slow 
  4. Frost Blast: Gives good damage to targeted zombies with freeze blast and slows down the one that enter the affected area. 
    • Recharge Speed: Medium 
  5. Aether Shroud: This makes the player invisible to the zombies. 
    • Recharge Speed: Medium 
  6. Tesla Storm: Lightning connects with players for 10 seconds stunning and damaging zombies.
    • Recharge Speed: Slow 


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