Mortal Kombat 11 Beginners Guide – Get Flawless Victories With These Tips

MK11 is not a simple fighting game. There’re different complex system that you need to master. Our Mortal Kombat 11 Beginners Guide will give you some tips.

The most anticipated fighting game, Mortal Kombat 11, is finally here with its promising characters and new features that will leave you waiting for more and will give you the most thrilling and heart-pounding experience in this fighting game. It’s in no way an easy game with its little intricacies and complex systems. If you’re just starting the game and don’t know your way around, our MKXI Beginners Guide will put you right on track and ensure that you start racking those sweet, sweet Flawless Victories against your friends and Offline Mode in no time.

Mortal Kombat 11 Beginners Guide

If we start from the beginning, there’re three game modes in MK11 and these can be chosen from the Main Menu. The Modes include:

1. Tutorial Mode

As the name suggests, the mode is related to tutoring oneself about the game. When you use this mode, it’ll give you information about the game’s basic gameplay and how to use the game mechanics and you can practice the game’s Fatality.

You can also use the mode to get information on a specific character and its gameplay. After you get down with this mode, you’ll have an idea on how to take the game further.

2. Practice Mode

Practice Mode will bring you a platform where you can try your character’s moves. If you’re looking for a practice fight where you’ll be able to have a fight without getting hit or dying then it will not be possible and you do your practice on a dummy.

It’ll stay stationary while you hit it with your moves and understand your characters and the points and damage you’re going to have on the dummy but you won’t be able to know about your enemy’s retaliatory hits.

3. Story Mode

This mode is of a total of five hours, will take you to stand in front of different characters, and you are going to fight them off with all the character’s moves that you have yet learned.

This will give you a fight and you have to fight your enemy and use all your strategic moves to win from the enemies.

4. Character Customization

After you’ve selected a character for yourself, you can start with customizing his/her abilities and gear pieces. Once you’ve gotten new abilities, you can change the abilities with the older ones.

You’ll also be leveling up the slots to put in new gear for your character when you unlock the Augmentation Slots and spend coins to get slots for your Augmented Items.

In Krypt, you can use coins to unlock your gears and the chests will also reward you with more gears. Initially, you can only have 3 gear i.e. one for headpiece and 2 for weapons but as I said, the slots can be augmented later.

5. Fatalities

Your different characters will have different fatalities and if you aren’t sure about your character’s fatalities, you can use the game’s tutorial mode to practice the fatalities.

In Krypt, the chests with higher requirements will be rewarding you with new fatalities in the game. You essentially use Fatalities at the end of a round that allows your character to perform a brutal finishing attack on the opposing character. Be sure to check out our Fatalities Guide attached above for more info.

As a contrast to Fatalities, there’s a new system called the Mercy System. What it does is that it allows you to show “Mercy” to your opponent that grants them with 15% HP as a second fighting chance.

However, as opposed to Fatalities, performing Mercy is universal for *all the characters* in the game. You can learn more about how the Mercy System works in our separate guide.

6. Combat Skills

Every character in the game consists of basic combat skills and special moves. All can be found in the game’s menu option.

You can practice these moves in the Practice Mode where you will be placed in front of a dummy and after you’ve checked your moves in the menu options, you can practice your moves on that dummy.

You need to have a good idea which moves you want to use and should know how to apply your special moves on your enemies.

Other than the moves, you should be able to block the retaliatory attacks from your enemies, as they will cause you serious damage.

There are new factors in the game like Fatal Blows and Krushing Blows that will deal with higher damage on your enemy.

The Krushing Blows have some special conditions before you use them but the blows will modify your simple attack into something more damage dealing.

The fatal blows are activated only when you have 30% of your HP left. The blows are similar to the X-Ray moves in MKX.

Other than that, there’s a Flawless Block mechanic and like the name, it decreases the stun of a block from an attack and will help you recover faster with a low damage deal.

Then there is Anti Air skill where you can stop your opponent in the air and block his attack. The condition is that he should be in the air while attacking.

These are some of the points of our Mortal Kombat 11 Beginners Guide that will help you in the gameplay. Later the guide will be updated when we discover more factors that will help you in the game.