Mortal Kombat 11 Krypt Walkthrough Guide – Key Item Locations, Area Unlocks, Open Chests, Forge

In our Mortal Kombat 11 Krypt Guide, we take a look at all the secret pathways that will lead you towards all the desired rewards including Skins, Fatalities, Icons, Taunts, and more. The Krypt Walkthrough Guide will help you save time and make the whole affair seem less grind-y.

Mortal Kombat 11 Krypt

Unlike the previous entries, MK11 adopts a third-person perspective for roaming around and exploring the Krypt.

As you progress, you’ll be introduced to new areas by Shang Tsung as well as be directed towards different Key Items, but not all the treasures in that particular area.

It’s important to note that your progress will only be saved if you’re connected online to your PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, or Steam account.

The Krypt is an expansive region divided into areas that you’ll know the name of in the bottom-left corner of the screen. The map of discovered locations can also be viewed from the Pause Menu.

It’s advisable to hold R2/RT to sprint so to cover distances quickly. Interact with Treasure Chests using X/A and check items in your inventory with L2/LT. Lastly, to use weapons or attack, press Square/X on your controller.

Within the Krypt, you’ll need to gather Key Items for opening doors for access to different areas.

You’ll also need to solve puzzles, activate levers for elevators to take you to a higher or lower level, and Gongs to smash through barriers opening up new pathways.

The different chests in MKXI’s Krypt require different resources to be unlocked.

Standard Treasure Chests will require coins, Special Flaming Chests and Shao Khan’s Chests are unlocked by Hearts, and Soul Vaults are opened via Soul Fragments.

Standard Treasure Chests have randomized content inside so the rewards will differ from player to player. This doesn’t apply to Special Chests mentioned above including Soul Spires, Heart Chests, and Fire Chests.

It goes without saying, but the higher the cost of unlocking a normal chest, the greater your chances of getting a more valuable item.

Moreover, you can also respawn opened regular chests by paying at the Kronika Time Vault Machine situated at the start of each level.

All in all, if it’s not the tiresome and exhaustive grind that’ll kill you, it’s the RnG. With the particularities of the MKXI Krypt aside, let’s take a detailed look at the different regions within the Krypt of Mortal Kombat 11 for secret items and hidden routes.

We advise you to match the coordinates stated below for each item, to your location in the in-game map from the Pause Menu.

1. Palace Entrance

The end of the cutscene introduces you to the Krypt on the Shang Tsung Island along with two chests you can unlock free. You’ll obtain 100K Koins and 200 Hearts in total from them.

From there, proceed through the now unlocked big gate until you reach the end of the pathway. Here on the table, grab the glowing Shao Kahn’s Hammer at coordinates 4459, 250.

Use it on the wooden wall to the left of the table you find the hammer on to smash through it and enter The Dead Woods.

2. The Dead Woods

In this region, you can unlock special green-glowing chests called Soul Spires via 100 Soul Fragments for each of them.

Up to the path, you’ll come across a Flaming Chest that can be unlocked by drenching it in the liquid you acquire near the Flaming Skull in the gazebo at the top-right of woods.

Continue down until you reach a stairway that leads to the Shao Kahn’s Chest containing his Red Helmet. Hit the chest with the hammer and then spend 250 Hearts for the helmet.

To the top of The Dead Woods, interact with the puzzle revolving around misaligned pieces of cyborg and demon corpses. To solve the puzzle, rotate the left lever twice, middle lever twice, and then the right lever once.

Die at the hands of a skeleton and revive to pull the left lever and gain access to a Treasure Chest across a gate. Interact with the left lever again for a Shao Kahn Chest across another nearby gate.

3. The Central Courtyard

Now head back to where you first found Shao Kahn’s Hammer at the table. Instead of taking The Dead Woods to the left, smash the wall ahead of the table to reveal an entrance to The Central Courtyard.

To the left of this courtyard, past the Kronika’s Time Vault, smash through the wall at 948, 3843 using your hammer. Move ahead and hit the Gong here to unlock the gate that will give you access to the Forge and Bridge.

Head back to the entrance of the courtyard and pass through the unlocked gate at -3105, 164 to gain entry into the Forge.

4. Forge

At the Forge, you can craft Konsumables when you’ve got the specified ingredients in your inventory. These Forge Items carry a cost to unlock and you can collect them along your travels throughout the Krypt.

A useful item is created by combining multiple ingredients as described in a recipe, which again, you can find randomly in chests around the Krypt.

You’ll see yourself coming back to the Forge quite often, but as of now, let’s edge forward to our goal of completing the Krypt’s main story.

Moving to the right of the Forge, make your way across the bridge and to the Mountain Pass.

5. Mountain Pass

Spend 1000 Koins at the Shrine and then observe a meteor crash down by going right of the shrine and entering Goro’s Lair. Hit the meteorite with your hammer to collect Kronica’s Amulet or Gem of the Living, depending on your luck.

Interact with the destroyed statue of Raiden at 958,-6801 to collect Thunder God’s Shattered Staff.

From the left of the meteor, a staircase lies. Take it all the way down to reach a Gong at 1123, -8450. Hit it to open a new path in the Courtyard.

6. Lower Courtyard

Head back to it and move south to reach the Lower Courtyard where you’ll find a mismatched Dragon logo at -5178,-7681.

To solve the puzzle, interact with it such that it forms the Mortal Kombat dragon symbol. You can do this by hitting the left lever once and the right lever twice.

This opens up a pathway up to the stairs that will lead you to Courtyard Cavern and onto a Wooden Bridge.

Before you can cross the gate, head back to the Gong at the Mountain Pass and use the Gem of the Living to open a locked gate at 1562,5268, leading you to the Gardens.

7. Gardens

After crossing the bridge here, smash through the wooden barricade to the left to reach the Vault at 4877, 3576.

Interact with the levers here to open the room on the right and collect the Cracked Horn of Motaro. Use it at Goro’s Entrance, where the meteor crashed.

Fit the piece into a giant demon gate at 4054, -6198 which will allow you to move to Courtyard Cave and then to Goro’s Lair via an elevator.

8. Goro’s Lair

After reaching this dungeon, continue ahead until you reach the Throne Room where the corpse of Goro lies. You’ve three possible routes you can take from here.

First, go right to reach the Jails area where you’ll be able to collect Kenshi Takashi’s Blindfold at -8759, -12780. Press Circle/B to wear the Blindfold and look for a hidden breakable wall that you can smash through.

Now head back to the Throne Room and go forward this time to reach the Armory where Scorpion’s iconic spear is located at -7057, -5242.

You may choose to cross the Wooden Bridge from the Lower Courtyard area now that you’ve got the spear, but let’s wait upon it.

Take the path left of Goro’s Throne and pull the chains on the wall to gain access to a large Dining Hall. Move upstairs and pull another chain on the wall to open a gate, behind which an elevator can be found.

Take it up all the way to the Lower Pit where a cutscene is triggered. Examine the corpse at -7518, -3877 to retrieve Ermac’s Amulet. Breakthrough the debris and make your way to the dining hall where you came from.

Here at 1196, 3467, use a Skeleton Key (which you obtain from chests randomly in the Krypt) to open the metal gate. You’ll be in the cells of the Torture Halls area.

Avoid the swinging-ax traps and use another Skeleton Key to open the door at 2792, 6447. Use Kenshi’s Blindfold to see a breakable wall and smash through it with the hammer to reveal Reptile’s Statue and interact with it.

Head back across the cells to reach a gate at 5233, 4884 where you can use the staff you acquired from Raiden’s Statue earlier, to open it.

Avoiding the traps and fire in this room, cross over to the left platform and open the chest at 7453, 3189 to collect Dragon Amulet.

You need to collect three Orbs that you can only acquire from the Tower Challenges Mode, so exit the Krypt.

9. Tower Challenges

In this mode, you need to play enough matches so to secure x10 Brutalities, x10 Fatalities, and x10 Mercies. A decent shortcut to this feat is to perform a Mercy so your opponent can heal a little health back.

Now end them with a Brutality. Essentially, this will let you perform two of the three tasks in a single match.

Once you’ve reached all the three milestones, you’ll obtain the three orbs i.e. Mind of the One Being, Soul of the One Being, and Heart of the One Being.

Return to the Krypt and to Goro’s Lair entrance.

10. Goro’s Lair

At the start of the Goro’s Lair, offer the three orbs at the door situated at 3540, -6174. Move ahead and open the chest here to collect Heart of Blaze.

Return above the surface to reach the Sacrifice area at 781, -13554. Pull the lever and place the Heart of Blaze inside the cage. Use Scorpion’s Spear at the cage to get hundreds of Soul Fragments.

Head back to the Mountain Pass and use the Dragon Amulet on the locked door at -5142, -2234. Pull the chain to the left of the gate for a secret room that you can access by heading downstairs and into the Kytinn Hive.

To solve the puzzle here, rotate the levers so all the three slots are empty. Then interact with the slots to place the required Key Items.

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