Monster Hunter World Safi’Jiva Siege Guide

The Safi'Jiva siege event in Monster Hunter World has finally started marking a huge update for the Iceborne expansion of the game

Capcom finally released the mature form of Xeno’Jiva in Monster Hunter World which the community has taken to calling Safi’Jiva. The encounter with Safi’Jiva originally started a few weeks back as a recon mission but with the latest game update, the full Monster Hunter World Safi’Jiva Siege is also available to play.

Those familiar with the Kulve Taroth Siege earlier in the game will know the Safi’Jiva siege is going to be a very tough fight, but you will see the rewards that you get from defeating Safi’Jiva are worth the effort as you can craft some of the best and unique sets of armors and weapons.

The Safi’Jiva Siege in MHW is a limited-time event and in the guide below we will show you how to complete it.

Monster Hunter World Safi’Jiva Siege

Safi’Jiva Siege started on Dec 13 and will keep on running till four weeks. You can begin it by speaking to the Captain when he has a purple question mark over his head. Now, if you miss this event which is quite a difficult scenario, but still if you do miss it there is nothing to worry about as the developers have mentioned the event will return at a later date.

Safi’Jiva Siege Recon
First, complete the Master Rank 24 special assignment and you will unlock the Tundra region of Guiding lands and Stygian Zinogre as well as Practice quest. This new practice quest will be available from the clerk on Lunar Terrace. From there you have to select ‘Recon’ or ‘Safi’Jiva Recon’ and this practice quest will start.

This will be a mature version of the Xeno’Jiva that you have already faced, it will be a huge dragon and will stand on all four legs while also swiping, tackling and shooting beams of energy from its mouth.

It will also create cracks in the earth by slamming its tail and claws on the ground, so keep an eye for those cracks as they will explode after a while and can give large amount of damage.

Unlike Xeno’Jive though, you can mount the dragon, which means that Insect Glaives is a great choice for avoiding the ground attacks. You can get 100 siege points for your whole party by breaking its back spikes so it also favors the Insect Glaive selection.

After dealing enough damage to Safi’Jiva it will just heal itself by absorbing energy from the ground and will go to the new floors as well after eating too much. Don’t worry as it just means your fight I going through phases and you are progressing.

The layout is quite simple and unlike the Xeno’Jiva fight, this time the transfer will not be automatic and you will have to follow it down the lower sections by manually attaching to a wingdrake at the edge of the arena.

This huge monster will sometimes also focus its attacks on specific players and you will get the on-screen text log on the right of screen to tell who is the target of the monster. Safi’Jiva will also target the player with the red laser line. So the players who are using shielded weapons will draw more attention.

Keep an eye for an instant multi-directional energy beam as it can kill any player who is not behind those big black boulders, it is just like that ecliptic meteor.

The location of boulders will be fixed and you will see the blue energy spilling off from your character which is quite handy to indicate when and where the blast is coming to.

In the practice match, Safi’Jiva will leave after firing this attack but in the real siege, the monster will fire this attack multiple times and will also be able to destroy those rock at the third level and you will have to be very quick with your movements to get to the safe spots.

Siege Tactics and Weaknesses
Safi’Jiva is a unique monster and that makes its weaknesses quite unique as well. It has a two-star weakness to all the elements in the game. But it does get some effects from Elderseal. All fire, thunder or dragon damage will do the same effect but the muting property of dragon damage will have some heavy effects.

Safi’Jiva is also very susceptible to Poison damage just like Xeno’JIva and it takes almost 100 tick points of damage per poison tick. Blast damage has three-star damage while Sleep has one-star damage.

You can knock the big boulders onto the head of the creature, as the monster reels back a very large distance when you flinch it so just focus of getting it below the convenient stalactites and then use the slinger ammo.

Safi’Jiva also has a supercritical form that will come at the end of third phase. It is just like when Kulve Taroth removes its outside plating and become fully enraged in first MHW siege. It is also similar to Xeno’Jiva in its raged state.

In supercritical, its attacks can give maximum critical damage but also its chest become a weak point so keep an eye on that. Use this chest opening and attack with piercing ammo and dragon piercer to the chest and deal loads of damage.

Safi’Jiva head is susceptible to blunt attacks and cutting attacks while not very weak towards piercing attacks. Its wings are weak to piercing attacks and not very weak towards cutting attacks.

Keep in mind that even if you have all the right weapons, you need to continuously soften the beast by Clutch Claw attacks as its hide is very tough and it will reduce your damage and it also regrows every time Safi’JIva absorbs energy. Your attacks will have much more damage when its weakened.

You will be able to use aggro system and flinching to be able to drag Safi’Jiva into the gas pockets in the third phase.

You will be notified by the support NPC when these gas geysers are available. First, bait Safi’Jiva to hover over the gas geyser and just attack inside the geyser to ignite it. This will give you 1000 damage which is a healthy amount at the final phase.

Transforming Armor
This new Safi’Jiva armor comes with totally unique set bonus. It has some new unique armors and this Transforming armor changes state when you draw your weapon which indicates that you have activated the power.

You will get the bonus affinity in this state but your character will also take damage whenever they attack.

Siege Awakened Weapons
This is a quite new concept in MHW and you can think of them as randomized drops from Kulve Taroth in the previous siege.

They are like that but there are obviously different and better perks which they can be upgraded with. We have a special guide on awakened weapons from where you can get all the information about this new special concept of the MHW.