Monster Hunter World Transforming Armor Guide

A new siege coming to MHW features a battle against a mature Xeno’Jiiva, a Safi’jiva as speculated by the fans. This Safi’Jiva is set to drop incredibly rare loot, which will take the form of Awakened Weapons, Transforming Armor, and Dracolites. For this guide, however, we’ll only be taking a look at the Monster Hunter World Transforming Armor.

Monster Hunter World Transforming Armor

In our Awakened Weapons guide, we talked in great detail about the ‘Practice Mode’ (Recon Assignment) available to players right now; go check that out to see what exactly lies ahead for you in the upcoming Siege.

However, to sum up: the creature is a Safi’jiva, a dragon-esque creature that syphons energy from the land, you’ll have to battle the creature in phases.

The bad news for newcomers is that you need to be Master Rank 24 or higher in order to even start the Safi’Jiva recon mission.

However, fret not as the developers have promised that the event will return in the nearby future.

What’s relevant to the article at hand is this: the creature will drop loot – Weapons, Armor, and Dracolite.

With regards to the armor, you’ll get a set of unique armor that, from the looks of the leaked images, seems to look pretty gosh darn cool.

But it goes further – by drawing your weapon, the armor will actually take on a secondary look, one that is equally (if not more) awesome looking than its previous form.

As of right now, the Stats, Resistance and Bonuses of the Armor set are unknown.

Really, the only thing we do know is what’s already been mentioned (that it transforms); whether it’s actually a worthwhile set of armor is yet to be determined.

Now, to expand on something mentioned earlier… the Recon Assignment is nothing more than a way for players to practice for the Siege, and only players who are at Master Rank 24 can participate.

You don’t gain any rewards for completing it, so if you so desire, you can go into the Siege completely blind.

As for the Siege itself, an interesting system is at work.

At any given point, a total of 16 players can participate in the Siege, in teams of 4. These teams are all separate from one another, but the efforts of one will contribute to the success of the overall team. This may prove to be a strange system but we’ll have to wait and see if it really works or not.

That’s all the pertinent information to the Safi’Jiva Transforming Armor in the upcoming Siege.

Please refer to the sister article (the Awakened Weapons and Dracolite guide) to get the remaining information that is relevant to the Siege.

Remember, the Safi’Jiva Siege begins on the 13th, so take advantage of the Recon Assignment and try to get as much practice in as you can before heading into the depths of danger.